Terrell Suggs' "Ink, Not Mink" Photo Shoot

Uploaded by officialpeta on 30.12.2011

Hi, I’m Terrell Suggs for PETA. Once I saw what they do to the animals to get the fur,
it just seemed cruel and evil, and a lot of people don’t know exactly what people do
to get the fur from these animals. The animals don’t have a voice, so I’ve a lot of other
athletes are getting involved and I really wanted to get involved with it. It’s evil.
I couldn’t bear to watch it. I hit people for a living and even I couldn’t bear to
just handle the cruelty to these animals. It’s horrible.
If you can endure through ten seconds of the video, you have to watch it. I just don’t
think a lot of people are aware of what’s going on and how people actually get these
furs. I think if people knew just how cruel this thing is, they wouldn’t support it.
I couldn’t support anything that just seems so evil. I think people just need to be aware
of what exactly goes on to get the fur, and we can change a lot of peoples’ minds about
fur. To learn more about how you can help animals, go to PETA.org.