Amr Khaled Interview: Muslim Green Guide

Uploaded by imuslimtv on 20.01.2009

In October of last year,
I had the great opportunity
to interview the well-known Egyptian speaker
Amr Khaled
He was in London to promote the launch of a free,
20 page booklet, titled:
"Muslim Green Guide to Reducing Climate Change"
This was a joint publication between UK LifeMakers
and the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences
in association with the charity, Muslim Hands.
The Green Guide is a practicalÊhandbook
that looks at different aspects of the average Muslim household
suggesting small alterations
that could lead to large improvements
in both annual energy expenditure
and the size of your wallet.
I asked him about his views on Muslims,
the environment,
and how optimistic he was about the future of both.
You need to ask, first...
what the Muslims want to do...
in the West.
I suggested three years ago...
this slogan...
to be a new iniative for Muslims in the West...
especially in Europe, especially in the UK.
So, the slogan is:
"Yes" for the positive integration
in the Western society.
We're proud of Islam.
You are a British citizen.
How you will deal,
with your situation...
as a British citizen,
and at the same time...
as a Muslim?
We don't want any conflicts...
to happen between both of them.
So, what we suggest...
let's find where is the overlap areas...
between us...
between Muslims and society.
Because we don't want Muslims...
to be here, just to take...
not to give.
And we believe
that our Prophet Muhammed (sallalahu 'alayhi wa salam) said:
the upper hand is much better...
than the hands who will take.
So, with all the thinking in LifeMakers...
and this is my opinion...
Where we can find...
a project...
practical projects...
to say: "Muslims are giving..."
"not only taking".
And to make the society here in the West...
I'm talking about the people...
I'm not talking now about political issues.
This is not my issue.
I'm talking about...
the people.
How to make the people in the West...
respect Islam?
Respect Muslims?
My aim...
to make the people respect us.
Through what?
Through talking?
They will not listen to us.
Look where the people can listen to us.
Where is the overlapped area?
So, one of the issues... Drugs.
To make anti-Drugs campaigns.
This is one of the issues.
One of the issues... Environment.
So this is a type of new ideas, intiatives...
to find this overlap areas with societies...
to show them that Muslims are helping.
And at the same time,
to make us respect ourselves.
To make the next generation -
By the way...
Do you think that the next generation,
will find their parents
coming to these countries
- first generation, or second generation -
to take, and didn't give anything.
Who will the next generation respect?
Who will listen to whom?
So, we need our next generations
to respect themselves...
through something like that.
Unfortunately, to be honest with you...
Environment is not...
something in the priorities of the Muslims,
in the World.
And, I claim...
that it was one of the very important points
Islam has given to the World.
Which means, the philosophy of Islam...
that happiness coming...
from a peace between you and the World.
The environment.
You are not in a clash.
And you remember in Hajj...
what we doing?
You cannot kill any animals.
You cannot cut any trees.
This is part of Hajj.
If you didn't do it,
you have a problem in your Hajj.
You have to pay; to make 'Damm' (sacrifice).
So, what that mean?
That mean...
Environment is something in the philosophy of Islam...
to make you...
in harmony with the Universe.
So, it's a very important issue.
And one of the...
Make the Islamic civilization in the World
something unique.
But, unfortunately...
Muslims now, don't look for something like that.
And to be more honest with you,
it is not the priority in the Middle East,
in the Arab countries,
to be its number one.
It's one of the issues.
But, maybe here, it has a priority.
But in our countries...
The poverty...
The education...
The health...
But, at the same time, we say
environment is something very important
Not only in the West,
in the World, also.
So what we're saying that:
let's Muslims give the World some solutions
for these matters.

To get more understanding
between all of us, of the meaning of co-existance.
Because when we're working together on something like that
the meaning of co-existance became huge.
And the understanding of co-existance
became more practical.
So I think Muslims have to do something in this issue.
It will be better for the future for all of us.
Let's not talk only about the environment.
I'm very optimistic about the...
Muslim youth future.
Very optimistic.
I believe that...
this generation of the young Muslims...
will do a lot for our countries,
and for the World.
They are very well educated.
They have enough intention.
And they have enough courage.
That they want to do something
as a benefit for the World,
and for our countries.
So I'm very optimistic, because...
I am between youth,
and looking what they doing.
And they give me the hope.
Not: I give them the hope.
They give me the hope.
So, I'm very optimistic!
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