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Episode 12
You are leaving already?
It's late so just sleep over.
No, thanks.
I have some books to look over, so I'll just go.
You should stop, and move back in now.
I know you are living on your own to find your goal in life,
but what about my dream of living happily together, all of us, and living a bustling life?
Your being like this is making it hard on Ha Ni as well.
From her perspective she may be thinking that she is the reason why you won't come home,
so be a little more nurturing and caring of her.
Please allow me to make my own decisions regarding my life.
I do not want to be manipulated.
Seung Jo...
I did not want to stay in this house, that's why I left.
You brought Ha Ni back in without even asking, or considering my feelings on the matter.
Because of that, do whatever you want Mother.
Baek Seung Jo...
I am sorry. I am leaving now.
Dear, understand him...
It's not like I said anything about him not coming back.
He left in search of his dream and to change himself in the process.
But in the end, nothing has changed. We do not ever see him around.
He is still as cold as ever towards Ha Ni.
Dear, how about you sit down and have another talk with him?
He will at least listen to his father
Even if I talk, does that mean he'll even listen?
Let's just wait, and see what kind of decision he makes.
But, besides that, has he been eating well on his own?
Judging by what I am seeing it seems his face has sunken in.
Let's wait a bit.
At least, he makes his own decision. He should be fine.
You think so?
Enjoy the meal!
We will eat well!
Ah! It's hot.
What's wrong with your hand?
Housewife's eczema.
This is what happens when you wash the hair of 50 people a day. Oh my gosh...
Oh man does not it hurt? Yeah it hurts it itches, hurts, and is driving me insane!
But it's better than sitting in class studying boring material!
I am still happy!
Min Ah how is the web comic you are working on?
Well I am drawing characters, and working at a part time job now.
But, what about you guys always being busy and leaving me alone!
I really can not this time.
After messing up, I always end up writing reports.
Aigoo, you should try a little harder.
How is it?
Is it good?
Yes. Yes, it's really good.
But, what kind of noodles are these?
Nutrient filled noodles for you youngsters busy working and studying.
It's is especially made for you girls by So Pal Bok Noodles, and it's called Sam Gye Chi Jak Chopped Noodles.
It's a delicacy mixed with the world's best samgyetang and chopped noodles.
Sir, can I have one more bowl please?
But dad...
I do not see Joon Gu.
That kid has recently fallen in love with the art of cooking.
He's gone to the market to go personally pick and choose his own ingredients.
Is that really our Bong Joon Gu?
That's really different from back when he was in High School
Did you guys hear?
About what?
Our high school reunion thing?
They have a dress code with a theme of school look.
I heard it too.
I heard. But I am in trouble, because all my uniforms have gotten smaller because I've gained weight.
I do not know whose idea it is, but I love it.
Our memorable uniforms...
Seung Jo looked good in his uniform.
Especially the winter uniforms.
Baek Seung Jo again?
You heard about it?
That there's a high school reunion, and the dress code is our old uniforms. Isn't that a fun idea?
Who gave such a childish idea?
I heard it and I do not have any interest in it.
I am already excited about meeting my old school mates.
Are not you curious about how they are doing?
If you are interested then go.
Really that brat...
I just can not figure out what he is thinking.
Seung Jo said he would not go?
Yes, he said it was childish.
Why is he like that?
I totally miss those youthful days.
I had a blind date at a dduk bok gi stand in front of the school.
Omo! The Ddukbokki in that restaurant is really good! Many school kids go there.
What was I talking about?
Blind dating!
Aah blind dating!
It was blind dating! Until I ate the whole plate, that male student could not bring himself to say a word.
So I told him to have some.
He was like "Yes!" and started gulping down all the water.
You were only in high school?!
Yes, I am talking about your dad! Student Baek Soo Chang!
Back then he was so cute!
For me, I can not forget how Seung Jo looked at graduation night when he did his speech!
I am going to have fun and I am going to be happy.
I am going to live like that.
Everybody, where ever you going to be, live having fun.
Omo, Ha Ni! I have thought of a good idea that would make Seung Jo want to attend the high school reunion.
What is that smell?
Oh my!
What to do?!
Mhm! What is it? Ahh.. heh
The thing that allowed me to meet Seung Jo in my dream
was the leaf.
But still, he did not give me an F mark.
Parang High School's 14th Graduating Class Reunion
You have become much prettier.
Where are you going?
Did Seung Jo come?
Ha Ni!
Why are you so late?
Yeah! You do not even answer your cell phone!
My mother told me to leave my cell phone at home.
Hand phone? Why?
I do not know. I think she has something planned.
But, it's strange coming here wearing our school uniforms. Yeah?
Why? Is not it thrillng and fun as if we are ditching, which we never got to do in high school?
You never ditched?
I said I never was able to do it wearing my uniform.
Hey, what about Joon Gu?
Ah, there was a group reservation at the restaurant, so he could not come.
Oooo he is a real chef now?
But... Seung Jo... did not come?
Aigoo! If you are here to see Seung Jo, then why did not you search for him already?
He is already here. Over there.
He looks completely uncomfortable.
Oh! He is here! Then I am only going to greet him for a bit.
Only greet him?
You said you would not come, but you did.
Why did you leave home without your cell phone?
Mother had to quickly leave for Busan to meet her family and you left your keys at home.
She told me to give them to you, so I came.
Is that so?
I did not...
Ah.. sorry. Looks like you went out of your way because of me.
Thank you. Without you I would not have been able to enter the house tonight.
Well since you are here, spend some time with friends.
No need.
Baek Seung Jo where you going?
Sit down, Sit down. It's been really a long time.
Long time no see, how have you been?
You are the same as always.
You are making a statement that the school look is childish right?
That's just like you Baek Seung Jo.
Is not that Baek Seung Jo?
Have you been well? Yes
Punk, it would've been great if we went to Tae San University together. We could have enjoyed college life together.
I hear you are still being called the prodigy even at Parang University.
Do you know how regretful the head of administration is for losing you?
That's Oh Han Ni right?
Has she become your girlfriend?
Wow Oh Ha Ni, I guess personality does win it.
She's been following you around so long, and eventually even got into Parang University and made it happen!
Seung Jo is the amazing one. It probably wasn't easy accepting her as a girlfriend.
Girlfriends? How bothersome. I don't do that kind of crap.
Then again, I guess a girlfriend doesn't really fit with the almighty Baek Seung Jo.
I see, so Class 7's Oh Ha Ni.
But Baek Seung Jo, what's your major?
There's no such thing. I'm undecided.
You mean you still haven't decided on a major?
Not yet.
You can inherit your father's company.
Isn't the Chairman's position just waiting for you?
Parang High's best band!
Taking over the Hong Dae indie band scene...
Annyong Bada!
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It must have been fun seeing his friends after such a long time, but he left without a word.
Is he sick?
Seung Jo , I...
I would like it if you would take over my gaming company.
At first as my reliable right-hand man, and later on I would like it if you could take the company in a new direction with your own abilities.
If you wanted, you could easily become a doctor.
So kids like Nu Ri...
I think it would be nice if you became a doctor that fixed the illnesses for many people all around the world.
You forgot this.
May I have a seat?
As you wish.
Thank you.
Are you worried about something?
Tell me.
Don't they say sharing worries could halve them and sharing your happiness will double it?
I will help you.
When I'm worrying about something, or if something good happens, I let Min Ah and Ju Ri know.
Once I do that, it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
Then again, sometimes I tell them too much and that becomes a problem.
I'm going to go into the medical field.
I'm going to apply to the med program.
Though I don't know whether or not it's a good match for me,
for the first time I've found something I'm interested in.
Seung Jo ah..
Don't tell anyone about it yet.
Especially my parents.
Don't go around spreading rumors all over the place either.
Do you understand?
Of course...
Why would I spread rumors?
Then am I the only one who knows that?!
Well, members of the tennis club,
I have some really good news to tell you.
Next week is the 10th year anniversary of our Top Spin tennis club!
So we're thinking of bringing together all the past and current members to host a really great big party.
What do you think? Aren't you excited!?
Next week is a holiday, so do you think Hae Ra will come?
I got it cheaply because of the holidays.
On top of that, a party with past and current members?
I don't even think I want to go.
Then should I take that part out?
I think if you could just get Seung Jo to come somehow,
Hae Ra will just come automatically.
That's right! This is why you have the right to be the captain!
Seung Jo...Hae Ra... That's right!
Then I need to go ask for Ha Ni's advice.
So this is the medical department that Seung Jo is trying to get into.
I hear it's totally busy here.
Doesn't that mean it'll be even harder to see Seung Jo?
Ha Ni! I've been looking for you everywhere.
Sunbae! Sunbae, what are you doing here?
What about you?
At the medical department... I mean I came looking for you.
I'm here because of Seung Jo...
Seung Jo? What about him?
Anyway, why did you come all this way searching for me?
It's nothing big, but next week is our Top Spin's 10th year anniversary.
So I'm planning a party.
Planning a party? So why are you telling me...
For this party, if Seung Jo doesn't show up it becomes a real problem.
Senior, don't tell me you're trying to use Seung Jo again to get to Hae Ra.
You're not trying to use my Seung Jo as bait are you?!
Stop using that method now!
If you're not careful things might just turn for you.
I think you meant turn against you.
forcing Seung Jo and Hae Ra together does us absolutely no good.
I know...
I know, I know, but if not for this method I will miss the chance to confess to Hae Ra.
I need Seung Jo, so Han Ni, why don't you...
It's Seung jo!
It's Seung Jo.
Ha Ni! This is my last favor. I'm counting on you.
Do you understand? I'm counting on you.
Were you following me?
I really wanted to visit the medical department at least once.
I mean it may be the place you start attending.
But it's amazing here. I guess all the people here are going to become doctors in the future.
There are some that don't.
But why did you come here?
It's not time to choose your major yet.
I came to meet a professor.
Why? To talk about what?
What would you know even if I told you?
Omo, don't look down on me.
Oh yeah, today Dad and Ahjushi went to get a check-up at the hospital.
I don't know how things turned out.
Want to go stop by the house with me later on?
What presents will those two bring back this time?
What do you mean present?
Today is your birthday?
Idiot, I mean an illness.
I want coffee.
Not for you.
I'm absolutely sick and tired of hospitals now.
So how was it? What about the results?
Here it is.
Show me.
Health Examination Results
I can barely understand it.
Blood sugar...
It's a cardiac stress test.
It's to check for cardiac infarction or angina.
Let me have a look.
Your blood pressure is high.
Your heart rate is high too.
You've got a bit of cardiac stress.
Your cholesterol is high too.
you have to watch out for your heart.
I heard the exact same thing from the doctor.
Honey, you should be healthy.
You need to think of your family.
Hey, Seung Jo.
How are you so good at it? It's filled with cryptic words!
Though you're my son, you really amaze me.
Hyung could become a doctor too, since he's a genius.
Baek Eun Jo.
Being a genius isn't the only good thing to be.
Honey from now on you're banned from all things sweet and oily things.
Then what do I eat?
You came.
Did something happen?
He used to come running out screaming "Ha Ni" whenever you came.
But he's pretty uncaring lately.
Joon Gu?
Why? What is he doing?
Over there.
Take a look into the kitchen.
Today was the first time Joon Gu made a dish presented to a customer.
Then does that mean Joon Gu is going to become a chef?
he needs a bit more work with the foods presented to the customers.
That's right.
He may look that way, but his cooking abilities aren't bad at all. And he tries really hard too.
Let's watch him
Joon Gu..
I just thought he was messing around everyday.
But I need to look again.
See how hard working he is.
It's a bit early but he should do alright. But he's actually quite good.
He wanted to show you first.
Isn't he commendable?
It's my first time to see him like that.
He doesn't even know that I've come in.
It looks delicious.
Ha Ni, here.
Eat well.
I will eat well.
How is it?
It's really delicious, Joon Gu ah.
For real?
It's very delicious! It's the best!
Ha Ni.
If I cooked something well, I wanted you to be the first to taste it.
Wait a moment.
Try out this dumpling cut noodles.
It's got 3 colored dumplings of green, red, and yellow
and the chewy noodles are incredible!
If you try it, you'll definitely like it!
Joon Gu ah..
Eat a lot.
Now even I've found something I'm confident in.
There is more.
Wait a second.
Today I saw a new side of Joon Gu.
I had always ignored him but
I'm sorry, Joon Gu ah.
Are you....
waiting for someone?
You're not going to sit?
Are you going to go to the 10 year anniversary for the tennis club this week?
Why? Are you curious?
It's pertaining to the club and there are going to be a lot of Sunbaes coming,
so if possible it would be nice if lots of people attended.
I'm not really interested in a meeting where people gather saying things they don't really mean.
Why don't you go and enjoy it for me?
That should do it.
Do you have anything else to tell me?
I'm curious about something.
We already talked about the 10 year anniversary.
What is it?
You're undecided on your major, so have you picked one yet?
You're acting funny today.
Why are you curious about my major?
It's just...
To be honest ,you could go anywhere you please as long as you want to, right?
By any chance,
I was wondering if you were going to follow in the foot steps of Seung Jo.
Why do you think about these things?
You're really an idiot.
Just because the person you like is going, doesn't mean you have to go to hell with them too.
Though I'm interested in Seung Jo, I don't care about the major he chooses.
will do as I wish,
because it's my life.
You don't always have to be together to date.
Unnie will leave now.
See you.
She always ends it like that!
thinking that way is pretty cool.
Pay attention to what you're doing.
What are you doing?
If you're going, leave. If you're staying, sit.
Joon Gu
is still working hard to become a chef.
And Hae Ra has things to do.
And so do Joo Ri and Min Ah.
Even Eun Jo seems to be worrying about his future.
And you have nothing? Is that what you mean?
I envy you.
Your carelessness.
I, too...
have a dream.
Something you want to do with me?
Tell me...
about your dream.
I'll hear you out.
You know...
Seung Jo you're the doctor for a small village
and I'm the nurse that helps you.
You're famous so you're always at the hospital.
It's not a big hospital like the university ones,
but still, I try my hardest to help you.
Like attending to a crying child or something.
there's a problem within that dream.
For example, if you say you want to become a pilot, then I want to become a stewardess.
And if you say you want to become a pro golfer, then I want to become a caddy.
In the end...
my dream is simple
and does whatever it pleases.
am just moving in the direction of Baek Seung Jo, who is at the center of it.
There exists
no such thing as myself.
It's exactly as you said.
But when I decided to become a doctor,
I thought about it a lot too.
So what?
Even an unrealistic dream like that...
A dream is still a dream.
It fits you.
Is it really that unrealistic?
Do you really think
you could become a nurse just because I'm going to be a doctor?
Then again a dream
the harder it is to attain . . .
the more you want to try it out.
Have a seat over there.
Today someone from the university,
a medical professor, contacted me.
Ah, that?
Is it true that you're going to enter the medical program?
I'm planning on entering the medical program starting next semester.
Did you decide on your future without even discussing it with me?!
Have you been ignoring what I told you?
He seems to be angry.
I thought about your company too, Father.
But like you, Father, and like Ha Ni's father...
I've decided I want to put my life on the line in order to do something I want to do.
Seung Jo, what I am saying,
my dream is. . .
I have decided to become a doctor.
Even if you say anything, it will be of no use.
I will not inherit your company.
Seung Jo, what did you just say?
Dad, what's wrong? Are you in pain?
Honey! Honey, come back to your senses!
They said it's not life threatening.
The examination results are not out yet.
What exactly is wrong?
They say it's angina.
Then he should have felt symptoms in his chest, feeling really uncomfortable or something.
He must have been pushing himself too hard.
Lately company work has been really hard.
I see...
Most importantly his condition needs to stabilize.
He will have to stay at the hospital for the time being.
There are many good doctors here.
It must be very hard for you.
This person seriously... Even when he is having such a hard time he won't complain
Since he is always smiling, I didn't know either.
I'll be going back first.
Because Eun Jo is alone.
Right. Thank you, Ha Ni.
You have to be careful too, Mother.
What if you collapse too?
Ha Ni.
Seung Jo,
you go as well.
Will you be okay?
I'm alright. Go home.
Then, I'll come back tomorrow.
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Will your father be okay?
It will be hard since he'll be getting physical examinations starting tomorrow.
I'm going to use this opportunity to fully rest up.
I will have to take a break from school too.
It's really hard on everyone...
Even if for a little,
I want to help too.
Sunbaenim, aren't you going to eat?
We'll see.
Sunbaenim, you should eat.
Hae Ra.
You didn't come to the 10 year anniversary party.
I never said I was going.
Oh, so that's how it was.
I heard the only people that went were you and and the captain.
So I heard the party was a bit down in the dumps.
It turned out like that.
So I hear you had to use a lot of your own money.
I wasn't able to attend but I'll pay the fee.
Please accept it.
Is that what you're having for lunch?
Let's go together. I will buy lunch for you today.
Ah, no it's okay. I really like hot dogs.
And it's made from cow meat,
and it's really delicious, and If I have just one I'm full.
Is that so?
Is it not myocardial infarction (heart attack)?
I don't think it'll turn into a myocardial infarction.
But if he continues to overwork himself like this,
there's more than a chance for it to turn into a myocardial infarction.
If that happens the chances of surgery--
There's that method of using the femoral artery and doing a bypass graft.
Oh, you know well.
We would want to avoid that path.
So, with patience, we will treat him with medicine.
You came?
Who is he?
He is the manager from your dad's company.
Do you not know that he has to stabilize?
This is totally prohibited.
It seems to be really important work.
Even so.
It'll be hard for him to recover like that.
You know how your father can't be at ease if he doesn't make the decision on his own.
He's been dead worried about work, that is why he collapsed like that.
Chairman Dad!
Honey, what's wrong?
[No visitors allowed]
That was a close one.
There's not many days left until the game is released.
After your father collapsed
the game developer left and vanished.
He heard that and that's why he collapsed.
What should we do?
Your father is just laying there
and his company is not in good shape.
I will have to go.
Seung Jo.
I'm still young and have no experience,
but I'll take care of the company until Dad's health gets better.
Thank you Seung Jo.
Seung Jo said he would work in the company?
That's right.
Seung Jo's dad was happy and his condition is getting more stable.
He is getting better.
That's great.
And Seung Jo is returning to the house too.
He's doing as his father wished. I guess this is what you call turning a misfortune into an advantage.
Ha Ni I'm going to go to the hospital.
Will it be okay, that I'm leaving everything to you?
Yes, don't worry.
Right, I'll leave it to you.
Ha Ni this is your chance when there's no one to interfere!
Try experiencing what it feels like to be on your honeymoon!
Aigoo, you arrived?
Everyone, Chairman's stand-in is here.
Say hello.
How do you do!
A gaming company's atmosphere is a bit like this...
Ah, yes.
It's good.
This way. Please come this way.
Get up please.
Did you see him smile?
Ah, it's Yon-sama!
They say his IQ is 200.
Aigoo, he's not going to fire me because I'm old right?
You should get ready.
Here are the documents regarding our company as well as new games.
Please look over this material. Should we have the meeting around 11?
There's quite a lot.
Is that so? I'll try to read it fast.
Yes. Then...
When we're together, please speak comfortably.
Oh no, you are here as the interim CEO.
Then, I will be leaving.
Manager, he didn't talk about restructuring right?
Does he have a girlfriend? Is he dating anyone?
- Are we going to get fired? - How was he?
Aigoo, do not worry about other people is business and just focus on your work.
- It's because we are worried! - Get back to work!
No, have you looked through all those documents?
This is the data that is compared to last year's data?
Yes, that's correct.
It looks like the profit has dropped significantly this year.
I think we may have been affected by the large scale push by international gaming companies.
Simply put,
at this state, we are in a dangerous stage.
To add to that, the new game that was supposed to launch is gone as well. We're on thin ice.
If we continue like this it'll be an operational crisis.
We're in a situation where even a merger is impossible.
Without some major support we may just...
Eun Jo, you're really hungry, right? It'll be done in a few minutes.
Let's just order...
What are you talking about?
Restaurant food is high in calories.
With oil and salt,
you don't know how much they put in it.
And on top of that, they don't put much vegetables.
I got it, alright! Hurry up!
Next time, don't pretend like you know everything.
Why don't you studying cooking?
Oh. What do I do?
What are you going to do if you get both me and Hyung sick too?!
Seung Jo has arrived.
You did well.
Are you very tired?
Hurry and change your clothing. Shower?
What are you doing?
I am taking off your jacket.
Why are you doing that?
What do you mean? She is acting like a new bride.
What are you saying?
Ahjusshi is at the hospital.
How could I be thinking such indecent thoughts?
You really are an indecent person.
Go get changed quickly!
Today's menu is seasoned taro, grilled mackerel, and bean paste stew.
Eun Jo, eat it.
Oh gosh it's salty. Did you pour in the whole bottle of salt?!
Hyung, this does not taste good. So, I suggest that you do not eat this.
That sound...
The taro.
Taro makes a sound like that?
It's not fully cooked Hyung! Hurry and spit it out!
Do not force yourself.
He swallowed it. Hyung, you'll get a stomach ache!
Baek Eun Jo,
do not just complain.
Hurry and eat it.
Eat it? Which one?
Try poking it with your chopsticks and just eat the ones that are cooked.
Even with a horrible meal,
Seung Jo did not complain even once and just ate it.
Oh, Ha Ni!
It's Ha Ni?
What, packed lunch?
Why would you need to pack a lunch?!
Ah, Ha Ni's making packed lunch?
How in the world could she do such a thing with such soft hands?!
You're going to what?! I'm on the phone!
Yes, okay.
Seung Jo and Eun Jo's lunches.
Oh. Egg rolls?
- Egg rolls? - Egg rolls?!
How can you not be able to make something that easy?!
Our Ha Ni is making Baek Seung Jo's lunch?
You're out already. Did you grab your handkerchief? What about your wallet?
I have it.
Here. Take this.
What is it?
What do you mean? It's lunch.
I'm going to eat at the cafeteria, so it's fine.
No, don't eat that stuff.
I woke up at the break of dawn and prepared this.
The egg rolls are the point. When you open it, you'll be totally surprised.
See you!
See you.
You probably want to call him "hubby!"
What are you talking about?
Ahjushi is ill. That's so indecent.
New bride Ha Ni, a nickname given to yourself.
I, too, will see you later.
Goodness that youngster just says the darnest things.
Do a good job!
Ha Ni!
Come with me for a second.
Oh, I have class...
It'll just take a second.
Is it true that Seung Jo's father has been hospitalized?
But you can't visit him!
He needs to be stabilized. Visitors are prohibited.
How's Seung Jo doing?
I am assuming Seung Jo is not allowed to visit either, right?
He is currently working at Ahjushi's company.
That's why I have not been able to see him.
Are you eating lunch?
Yes. Why don't you join me?
No. It's okay. Enjoy.
It's a packed lunch.
Did your girlfriend prepare that?
Well then, I'll come back after lunch.
Alright, a delivery of a special lunch box!
Oh, hey, hey!
Do not eat that.
Bong Joon Gu. What are you doing?
I can not allow you to eat lunch that Ha Ni packed for you.
Instead, you...
eat this.
Grilled eel?
From now on, I will come to this company everyday for the packed lunch Ha Ni made.
I won't leave you alone if you eat the lunch. Ha Ni's packed lunch is for me.
Well then, thank you.
You did not poison this did you?
I do not play with fresh food!
I'll enjoy.
Do not waste any of the eel and eat it all up.
Let's take a look.
It's not bad.
Seeing Ha Ni's heart for Baek Seung Jo,
My heart is ripping apart.
But then again, I get to try out the lunch that Ha Ni made.
Let's try this.
Ha Ni, I'm going to relish this.
Oh Ha Ni, do you truthfully dislike Baek Seung Jo?
How can you possibly feed him this?!
But still, Ha Ni made it so I need to eat it.
Oh, I don't think I can eat this.
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What are you doing this late at night without the lights turned on?
I am thinking.
What's the matter?
What's bothering you?
I can help...
Probably not, right?
Then, I am going to sleep first.
Father's not doing well.
He might need surgery
Heart surgery?
That's such
a big surgery.
I might need to continue working at my father's company for the time being.
It's just too much for father to handle.
what about getting into medical school?
There is no reason that I have to go there.
There is.
This is the first time, is not it,
that you wanted to do something, your dream.
It's not much of a dream. Though I was smitten by it for a bit.
But once I do get into it...
I do not know how it's going to be.
Is it fun working at the company?
No, it's not.
Then, what should we do? You said that you are gg to live an enjoyable life at graduation day.
You promised in front of all those people.
I am not in the least bit interested but
if I work at the company, my father will be happy.
Then at least, it is a half successful life.
I am not interesed but
if others are happy...
What can you do?
What to do?
Really? Baek Seung Jo?
Seeing he stopped by the student administration offices.
It seems like Seung Jo is planning to take over his father's company.
As expected. I thought that if it were Seung Jo,
would not do that
His father's condition does noto be good.
How do you know that . . .
Oh my,
is that something to be surprised about ?
It's something you can figure out if you put your mind to it.
Especially how Seung Jo must be feeling right now.
I see that he is taken a leave of absence.
I understand.
What do you know about Seung Jo?
I'm thinking about how to help him, that's why I said that.
What can you do ...
Oh Ha Ni...
How are you helping Seung Jo right now when he's going through such a tough time?
Following him around everywhere and getting in his way,
or whining,
and telling him it's fine and that it's all going to get better...
Comforting him like that?
You should at least do that.
Because those are the only things that Oh Ha Ni could ever do for Baek Seung Jo.
I'm going.
Living in the 21st century and playing a 2D game is a bit boring,
but to play a different game, I mean there aren't many good games.
And when we do it's not that exciting.
Let's use the strategy of turning all the negatives into positives.
I think it would be nice if we create a game that's approachable, graphically appealing, and in 3D.
I heard your IQ was 200, I see you really are a genius.
It's not like that.
You just aren't utilizing your thoughts to their fullest.
Your brains are just a bit rusty because you haven't used them.
Now, shall we start deciding on the name of the game?
That's great.
See, see?!
Wow, it's great.
Let's up the skills, actions, and combos.
Yes that's right. The importance of the main character...
This is where it gets fun.
Mother, did something happen?
What would happen? There is nothing.
I just came to pick up some clothes.
Oh I thought...
Ha Ni, thank you, for filling in my empty place.
It's nothing.
It's something I have to do.
Even so, I'm really relieved.
Seung Jo is taking care of his father's company,
and you are taking care of the house,
I feel much more at ease.
Seung Jo goes out to work early in the morning, and keeps working hard until late at night.
Is that so?
Really? It must be hard.
Ha Ni, are you doing okay?
You have to go to school and do the housework.
Of course I have to do it.
Ah, but, Mother.
What? Do you have something to tell me?
I have something to discuss with you.
I'm going to be late, I'm going to be late.
Where are you going?
Seung Jo. Can you give me a ride today?
Where are you going?
To the same place as you are.
The same place?
No way! You. . .
I got the approval to work part time at your father's company.
Please take care of me.
Oh Ha Ni this Mr. Kim.
Hello. My name is Oh Ha Ni.
Oh, hello!
Everyone, she came in as a new employee. Say hello.
Hello. I'm Oh Ha Ni. I will work hard!
If you all look after me, I will work hard. So please take care of me.
Our investor, President Yoon, is waiting downstairs.
Baek Su Chan was always busy bragging about his son, but I see it was all true.
Not at all. You're too kind.
All right. How is your father doing in the hospital?
He is getting better,
but we thought this was an opportunity for him to take a break.
I guess I'll have to help a bit too.
Yes. Please do.
President Yoon this is a document regarding the game we're currently developing.
Oh, I've already read it.
The game's name is "Rusty", right?
The idea of the game is very fresh.
Thank you so much.
With an heir like you, I'm sure Baek Su Chang feels relieved.
You've got to make it into an even bigger company than what it is right now.
We've got to get past this hurdle and then think about that.
You have waited for a long time. It's coffee, right?
Oh right. Seung Jo-goon, how old are you?
I am 20 years old.
Oh, you're still young.
Don't you have a girl friend?
I don't have one.
Why? It seems that you are very popular.
Yes. President Baek Seung Jo is really popular.
But he doesn't pay any attention to them. He enjoys reading and listens to mostly classic.
He's also so very good at tennis, at which he's won many matches.
His IQ is 200 too! He also cooks as well as any chef!
He is all around perfect.
That is amazing.
Miss Oh Ha Ni...
Would you leave now?
Yes, President Baek Seung Jo.
You came?
Oh, yes.
Do you have a second?
It seems meeting President Yoon was quite effective.
His employees came by and
asked in detail about all the funds we need for the game.
Do you think they'll invest?
But that's...
The chairman has come to like you very much.
Yesterday, he called me and complimented you a lot.
The chairman has a grand-daughter. He asked me if you could meet with her sometime.
Are you talking about something like an arranged date?
Oh. Yes.
He was saying how it would be a waste to marry off his grand daugther to just anyone.
For our company, we're at a state where we need President Yoon's help.
I was a bit flustterd with his sudden comment.
How should I respond?
Oh! You're here early.
The stuff!
Thank you.
Let's have Bulgogi today. Lots and lots.
You seem tired these days so I have to pamper you.
And then everything that's giving you a hard time will all go away.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, you arrived Seung Jo-goon.
Hello, Baek Seung Jo.
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But still, it seems Seung Jo wasn't thinking about it at all.