Introducing the +1 Button

Uploaded by Google on 28.03.2011

Have you ever come home to a note that made life just a little bit easier?
A tip from someone you trust that helps you find the things you care about.
When you have lots of options in front of you, it’s easy to find yourself wishing
for a bit of advice. That’s why we’re introducing the +1 -- a
way for you and your friends to help each other find great things in Google search.
When you click +1, you’re telling your friends, your family, and the rest of the world: “this
is something you should check out.” Since people will find your recommendations
right when they’ll looking for them, you can +1 things you might not send an email
or post an update about. And the next time you’re searching, you
might see +1s from your friends and contacts, both on Google search and search ads. So picking
the right coffee maker, news article or chocolate chip cookie recipe could get a little easier.
And soon you’ll be able to +1 more than just search results. You’ll also find the
+1 button on sites across the web, making it easy to +1 pages after you’ve visited
them. The web’s a big place. Sometimes it helps
to have a tour guide. So if you think something’s cool, +1!