MiWuLa News TV Oktober 2010

Uploaded by MiWuLaTV on 01.11.2010

Hello and welcome to the fall edition of the MiWuLa-News.
Railway technicians have commenced operation around the airport.
Tests are done almost daily
and the shadow stations are provided with new trains.
Hours-long tests prove that operation proceeds without major complications.
Over 700 meters of tracks were laid here during the past few months.
Up to 40 trains will make their rounds when the airport opens.
Because construction is still taking place,
there is dirt on the tracks that impedes the operation of the trains.
Thankfully we have Wolfgang, who also takes care of these little things.
Further details are being completed around the tracks and stations,
such as this small railroad construction site.
The lighting for the buildings, stations, streets and railways is also proceeding.
At the same time, Flo is implementing the signals.
Beneath the tables, amidst a maze of cables, lie Kenny and Matthias,
responsible for the wiring of the lighting, so it may be programmed later.
Stefan has developed an interesting new push-button action for the airport:
Heinkel's research and development hangar.
In this complex, every visitor may test the resilience of an airplane's wing.
There'll be further details and custom-made items besides the resilience simulator.
This another part of the Heinkel hangar: My little testing booth.
There'll be a regular propeller inside a wind tunnel
and from below it will perform actual flight movements.
Perhaps some day this futuristic vehicle or
this solar-driven plane will be part of our everyday life.
The electronics technicians are currently lighting the aiport's last few vehicles.
Many will be able to drive but some will have fixed places.
The airplane construction is in its last phase.
Klaas is testing the weight distribution of the Lockheed Super Constellation.
It still needs a lot of weight in the front to have enough contact pressure.
It's too tail-heavy at the moment.
Many new small models are being created that will be placed on the apron.
This JU52 is one of those special airplanes.
Some may recognize the pilot.
Other stationary models are this Lufthansa JU F13 with its own lighting,
the small Spirit of St. Louis
or the Nord Noratlas, built by Jens.
An important detail has been added: The passenger stairs.
Klaas has installed 15 of these small stairways,
that will drive up to the planes and adjust to their height.
Another highlight are the passenger boarding bridges
which are almost fully positioned around the airport and are ready for action.
The further the airport progresses,
the more detail work is required by the modelmakers.
Judith is recreating elements of various venues of the Hamburg Airport.
Custom made items ensure the likeness to the original.
She is mindful of every little detail,
such as the flower shop of the terminal.
Elke has been working for weeks on the fence for the airport's boundaries.
It's a demanding job because everthing is hand-made.
After the paintjob, the fences are mounted in various ways.
For example, magnets enable a quick removal in case of an emergency.
Many small and large buildings are already part of the layout.
Minor works are being done now, such as the ageing of the tower.
Another highlight is the veterinary station near the terminal.
An enormous amount of animals await their departure.
Many remarkable animals are present and some had to be painted carefully.
Elaborately crafted railings at the terminal's access ramp,
the glowing signposts inside the parking structures or for
the traffic routing are some of the distinctive features of the airport apron.
The waving flags of the airlines will also be part of the scenery.
Lastly, we have exclusive footage of the Wunderland's first vacuuming dog.
And that's it for this episode. Have a nice day.
Come visit us again soon.