UNC Charlotte IN:49 - Student Orgs Showcase

Uploaded by unccharlottevideo on 16.05.2012

>>We are the Asian Student Association.
It basically shows our community and our campus and educates them
about our culture.
We actually welcome whatever race and background
as long as you're open and willing to learn about our culture.
I'm the president and founder of the Laser Tag Corps.
Sundays at 5:00 we meet in the lobby in the Student Union and we play
basically around campus anywhere we feel like.
I'm the president of Potter Watch, the official Harry Potter club
of UNC Charlotte.
We have discussions, we play games, we have food.
We do a lot of stuff, we're very busy.
And if you're a Harry Potter fan, we'd really love to have you in the club.
I'm part of the UNCC Bellydance Club.
And we teach them basic bellydance moves to advanced bellydance moves.