Mblaq Hello Baby Ep 10. Full (Eng Sub)

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Mir: Wake up tiger!
Hello baby is here
Lovely babies and handsome papas'
hello baby's spring picnic
CD: Hyung, take care of babies!
G.O: How can papas abandon babies!!
Mir: Babies will be taken care of by G.O hyung!
Papas are having fun after abandoning babies
G.O: What? you have to pee?
G.O: Yes, that was the best way G.O papa's hard time! What will happen today?
G.O: This is a manner
The 10th Story: Hello family's spring picnic
Mir: Finally we came! What is today?
G.O: What is it? Why are mblaq papas so hyper?
CD: (What do you want me to do?)
Mir: Yes. We came to amusement park
G.O: Is today coming to amusement park day?
Mir: Since we started hello baby with babies, today is the first day coming to spring picnic!
G.O: When I was young, I still have memories of going to theme park with my family. It is just so much fun
Mir: We were all just so tired, but we came to forget all of stresses
Mir: I'm very excited. I prepared this microphone and flag. Hello baby's official MC, Bang Mir
G.O: We should not let him have that.
Mir: And also today I wore two sunglasses to look more handsome. To be more handsome!
Mir's rule #1 from random place Mir: Normally, if you wear glasses, you become 1.5 times more handsome and sunglasses make you 1.5 times more handsome too. So, I look 3 times more handsome than I am usually.
Is this Chulyoung with three times more handsome?
G.O: We came to theme park with kids, but they are depressed
Kids are not fully awaken from sleep
CD: So, I prepared presents and something cute
What is the present that Chundoong papa prepared?
CD: We came to picnic with babies. Here name tags! Just in case we lose
G.O: Yes, that's right
Mir: Did you already think about losing them?
Lauren: (Chundoong papa is bad~)
Kids' information is written in the name tags CD: There is everything, phone numbers and addresses
G.O: Okay. Let's put these on kids
CD: Well, I lost my mom when I was young. So I prepared the name tags. It has phone number and addresses. I am relieved
G.O: We finished putting the name tags on kids. What are we doing now?
CD: We put them, so we can just go hang out
Leo: (Chundoong papa, I'm disappointed)
CD: I'm sorry. I was over excited Mir: Look at this person
G.O: Guys, we are going to zoo. Tell papas the names of animals that you guys learned today. Okay(to Lauren)?
Mir: Oh she said yes. yes. yes.
G.O: Okay?
DY: Okay G.O papa
G.O: Okay?
Mir: Oh he said yes.
The power of amusement park, turning Leo to yes man G.O: This is the first time Mir: It will be easier today
G.O: It feels good
Mir: Well, we are not prepared yet. We need to have some decorations (?) on us
In fact, there is a rule to have some decos before going on rides
G.O: The world is warm. It is spring here
If you are at an amusement park this is a must.
Mir: Hyung, I look so cute~
G.O: I'm going to slap your face
What about Lauren and Joon papa?
LJ: My pretty little daughter
G.O: How do you put a hairband on?
Look at how Lauren did..
DY:(What is this)
G.O: Da young
2nd trial
Did he get it right this time?
Ha…. when would he be…
Papas are decorating with their tastes GO: Should I get this one?
G.O: I don't think this looks good on me.
At that time!
What is this…? GO: Your feet looks warm though.
G.O: Your walk looks so uncomfortable
LJ: No, it is really comfy
G.O: But you are walking like this..
G.O: It looks like we are more excited than you guys are
When did he find a cloak
LJ: We are going to see animals, so I wore like that to feel like animals
G.O: Nowadays, Joon has a unique taste. Like decorating his room with pink color. It's just his taste!
Lauren: Lee Joon papa is so cute. (Why?) Because he wore tiger clothes and tiger shoes
Leo: I cannot think Lee Joon papa is cute
Mir: What should I do if I get a proposal of ad from amusement park?
You don't need to worry about that one.
Mir: It fits perfectly for me
You might get an animal role
Flower boy, Leo completed fashion!
CD: So cute
Hello baby's 2012 zoo animal fashion S/S
G.O: wingardium leviosa (spell from the Harry Potters) Papas are excited
Mir: Hello~
Papas are over excited to see the rides CD: We will go later!
Mir: Wait for us a little bit
DY:(Is this your first time at an amusement park?)
Leo: (Daddies are very shameful)
G.O: Joon, you are so uncomfortable. Tell the truth
LJ: No, it is very comfortable
G.O: With those shoes, he walked weird. It made me uncomfortable just by watching him
Lauren: Do you want to go see tigers?
Lauren is excited as soon as they entered the zoo
LJ: Do you like tigers?
Lauren:I like doggies
LJ: I'm sure there are doggies down there
Lauren: I went(?) here
LJ: You came here? When? But, it's fun to come again right?
Lauren: Yes
LJ: Let's have more fun today
Lauren: I… I… I gave snackes to monkeys
Lauren: I fed bananas
LJ: She was really like my daughter. I never thought it as a TV show
Lauren: Lauren was very excited
CD: There are lions.
G.O: What is this sound? Isn't this dinosaur?
I need to answer these
Our Chul Young's brain is floating?
CD: Look, there are puppies
G.O: We can see puppies often. Zoo is very big
Mir: There are lions!
Please stop this guy~
Mir: Wake up!
What the heck is that?
G.O: Is there a rule for not shouting out?
Leo: Mir papa, you are so loud!
Mir: This is my first time to see tiger moving
CD: Me too. I'm gonna take pictures of them moving
What the heck.
LJ: Say hi~ What about Lauren and Joon papa?
Go to see Laurent's favorite animal, puppy!
Lauren:(Nice to see you)
Mir: I forgot to tell because I was too excited. I prepared this. A way of enjoying Safari world! To explain the Safari world, I am going to ask some questions.
Mir: Wait. The white tiger is awaken!
Who are you?
Mir: White tigers are legendary animals. There is a legend that tigers which lived more than 500 years or tigers which ate 1000 bad tigers will become white. White tigers are very rare. Actually, tigers were legendary, but one day white tigers came out saying hello baby~
Like this?
Mir: Actually, I am the youngest of Mblaq so I don't have many chances to talk. Hyungs get to talk a lot so I wanted to do it. I love animals so I researched about animals and guided people. I found a possibility to have a new dream
CD: Where is Safari?
Mir: Safari is located down there.
G.O: There is a long line so we cannot see if we don't go faster
CD: Do we get to go first?
G.O: Yes!
CD: Leo, let's hurry up. Wait, carrying and running?
G.O: I want to see early. I want to get there first
CD: We can ride Even Leo is running
LJ: Ah, do you want to run?
G.O: I'm the first
At that time!
What captured Mblaq papas' attention?
CD: What is that?
Prairie dog Mir: This kid is.. Leo: It's too small.
Mir: I prepared
G.O: Okay
Mir: It is called prairie dog because ..
G.O: There is poison in prairie? (dog sounds like poison in Korean)
Mir: No, it barks like dogs so it's grassland dog.
G.O: Okay
Mir: I prepared a lot right?
Good job Mir papa.
The oldest of the team, G.O papa. All of sudden got tired!!
G.O: Today I did not eat breakfast
Joon papa is walking like he wants to go to the bathroom(?)
LJ: Lauren, I'm sure you have never seen this before!
Lauren: Sure~
LJ: I'll show you something cool
Mir: Final the place we drempt for it
Mir: The place where we waited for it and waited for it to go
Mir: The reason why I became a singer!
Mir: The reason why I was born!
Mir: This place is "Safari world!"
Old lady: (swearing) WTF, he scared me.
GO: Mir! Mir! Halmonies(grandmas) were all surprised because of you.
Mir: Yeah I heard. She was saying "(swearing) WTF, he scared me."
However, Joon papa passes (the gradmas) with a happy vibe
Mir: The bus is here! Hurry, let's get on! Racing is over, The family gets on the Safari bus. CD: Let's go! Let's go!
GO: What about Joon?
CD: He'll come.
TourGuide: Hello?
unsteady steps
Joon papa & Lauren also got on the bus and not missed the bus Guide: Hello, Welcome!
GO: Hello!
Guide: Hello, Nice to meet you!
Hello to the bus driver
Welcome to the Safari world
Guide: Today we have special quests, they are Leo, Lauren, and DaYoung
Guide: Leo? Mir: Yes!
Guide: Lauren? Mir: yes
Guide: DaYoungie? Mir: yes
Guide: Great. Everyone is here!
Guide: Today, someone will help me to the safari world trip.
Guide: I will introduce a one day special guide to you
Mir: Who is it?
GO: Who is it? Guide: Who is it?
Guide: Please come out. Mir: Yes, now this is the time I waited and waited for a long time.
Mir: When we were picking a mom, I MCed and people liked it.
Mir: People said, "Are you crazy?" "What is wrong with Mir?"
Mir tries out for the first time as an MC
Mir: I think people who were watching had that much fun.
Mir: Today, I decided to volunteer as a one day tour guide
Heading to the Safari world. Mir: The place where we waited for it and waited for it to go
Mir: The reason why I was born! The reason why I am here!
Mir: This place is not ill(one)fari, not yi(2)fari,
Mir: not sam(3)fari, not oh(5)fari!
Mir: Where is this place?
Mir: Yeah this place is the Safari world.
Mir: Just for today, I am here to give you a safari guide, and I am the youngest of Mblaq, Mir
Mir: (suddenly so polite) Thank you
DY: (What is Mir appa doing?) Mir: Please clap your hands
Lauren: (Mir appa is funny) Mir: Now you guys will go with me
Mir: You will go around the safari world with Mir guide and I am gonna give you quizzes.
Mir: If you guess the question correctly, I will give you chocolates.
CD: That's great. Mir: The most people who got the correct answer will get the most chocolates.
Mir: But if you are in the last place, I will drop you off where the lions are.
GO: Really?
Mir: You just have to walk from there.
Leo: (scared)
CD: (what about Leo?) I wanna be in the last place. GO: Me too.
LJ: Are you trying to kill someone? What is this?
Mir: You just have to get off and live however you want.
Mir: Now we will head to the safari world.
Hello baby
Welcome safari world
Leo: The door is opening!
GO: Wow~ There are lions CD: A female lion LJ: look at that look at that
Mir: The first animal that we are looking at is
Mir: is the king of the animals, lion.
CD: Do the "Nants ingonya(ma)" (the lion king OST "circle of life")
Safari Tour Recommended Music
Chul Young's talent show (circle of life) Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba [Here comes a lion, Father]
Mir: Yeah, I'll give you a question. ?: Oh wow. It's really big.
GO: What in the world...
You here?
Mir: Wait, please listen to my question!
What is "SaJa" in English?
LJ: Lion CD: Lion
Mir: Daddies are not suppose to guess..
Mir: These were for the kids
GO: can the kids guess lion?
Now~ Again! Mir: What is "SaJa" in English?
LJ: What is "saja" in English, Lauren?
Mir: As a reference, I got this wrong when I was a trainee.
Lauren, Me
Mir: The question that I got it wrong when I was 18 years old trainee
LJ: Wow, you're smart of course Mir: Lauren got it right.
Mir: The first question, Lauren got it right.
Mir: Three chocolates.
Mir: And because I did a great job, I get 3 chocolates.
Mir: Lauren you are so pretty.
Lauren is really pretty.
LJ: She makes me crazy.
Mir: If I grew up and get a baby like Lauren,
Mir: My life would be successful, right?
People say that it is better to have a bigger dream but..
LJ: You told Lauren to merry you right? Mir: Yeah, I said that on the first episode.
LJ: (I cannot give you her) You are a such a badass.
GO: Seriously, looking at these kids..
GO: people say that you are full even though you don't eat anything.
LJ: Do you wanna merry Mir appa (when you grow up)?
What will be Lauren's answer?
LJ: She doesn't wanna merry you.
Mir: Usually, the kids want to merry their dads.
Mir: My sisters wanted to merry my dad when they were young.
Mir: Then do you merry Joon appa?
No no
CD: Do you wanna merry CD appa?
CD appa is also a no.
GO: Do you wanna merry GO appa?
Nope, GO appa is also a no.
CD: Do you wanna merry SH appa?
What about Lauren's best daddy SH appa?
No for SH appa.
SH appa Bye!
Lauren: I cannot merry daddies.
GO: Then who are you gonna merry?
Laurens favorite "Fart" ?
Lauren: No.. Elephant
LJ: You are gonna merry an elephant?
We've got merried.
Mir: Wow, that is the strongest thing in the world.
Mir: Lauren's boy friend is.
GO: Fedor Emelianenko can not even win him.
Q: Who are you gonna merry?
Lauren: I am gonna merry an elephant
Lauren: Lauren likes elephants.
Mir: There is an important animal here! What is this animal who made Mir papa so excited?
Mir: The animal that I was most surprised after I saw it.
What are you looking at
CD: Is it a liger?
rotten smile
Hey you!
Mir: That was the question.
CD is getting all the hates from Mir. CD: Okay, okay..
What a moron..
Mir: This is the animal that I most expected to see.
This one is a mutant.
They were born from a Male Lion and a Female Tiger
These animals are very very rare.
Mir: This is my first time seeing them, so exciting!
Mir: This lion's... is this a lion or a tiger..
Mir: What is the name of this animal?!
GO: Lovely
Mir: What is it? CD: Say liger. GO: HoJa ([Ho]rangee -> tiger + Sa[ja] -> lion)
L: (What is it? This is hard)
CD: He said liger!
Mir: One more time. Leo: Liger
Mir: Because Leo got it right, I will give you five chocolates.
Mir: Because I worked so hard, I get 7 chocolates.
ChulYung, what kind of calculation is that
Mir: Ligar is really.. there are not many of them in this world.
You should be honor to see me.
Leo: It was interesting.
Mir: I think I must see a ligar in my life at least once.
Mir: and go up there (die).
Mir: I was so happy to see it already
GO: It was my first time seeing a liger.
GO: oh... it wasn't that cool.
GO: It wasn't that cool and.. tigers? lions?... they should just live with their own species
CD: There's a bear.
LJ: Wow.. it's really scary
Chang Sun is a coward.
LJ: It was so scary looking them for real.
LJ: Other people say that they are cute but..
LJ: I was shivering
LJ: I felt like "If I was next to that bear, I would be in touble." The bear was different from a teddy bear
I won't hurt you
Bang Mir was fired. The bus driver got his job back as a guide
Guide: Now, YoungGye, will you turn around?
guide: Great great! One more turn!
L: (Young Gye is good)
Guide: Young Gye turned 3 times.
Leo: (I wanna be friends with Young Gye)
YoungGye Holic
guide: 1, 2, 1, 2... Young Gye doesn't wanna say bye to the family?
Leo: The bears were larger than daddies.
Lauren: Very very big! Not pretty.
Q: What is?
Lauren: The bear.
LJ: I was so surprised to see a bear that was raised in a zoo.
LJ: I heard that the bears a scary and uncontrollable
LJ: The bear was turning and so..
LJ: It was kind of shocking to me.
Guide: In front of us, the bears are wrestling
Guide: The bears are wrestling each other GO: (The bears look scary)
Guide: Hello
The bear waves.
guide: They are sharing the bread too.
guide: Safari world is now over.
Mir: Really I also enjoyed so much.
GO: Yeah, it's really fun.
Mir: How did you feel seeing the bears?
Lauren: I like it.
Mir: How do you feel coming here at the safari world?
Mir: (lier) Ah~~ you feel good.
Mir: Leo, how do you feel coming to the safari world?
Leo: Good.
Mir: CD kid, how do you feel?
CD: I feel so good.
Mir: GO kid, how about you?
GO: Good.
Mir: LJ kid, how do you feel?
LJ: I'm interested in the brown bear and it was very interesting to see them for real..
GO: This is not a documentary.
Mir: It became a documentary suddenly.
Lee Chang Sun (25, from SongPa)
Mir: It does not mean that we saw all the animals because we were on safari world.
Mir: Still there are 270,000 animals
LJ: Really? Stop lying..
GO: I think 270,000 are birds.
Mir: Ther are 270,000 ants
DY: (Mir daddy, this is not right)
Chul Young, we are a embarrassed.
CD: Why are we here? Mir: We are here to see the 12 Chinese zodiac
Mir: Do you know what 12 zodiacs are?
GO: I think 12 zodiac (yul ddu ddi) is a cute way to say 12 o'clock (yul ddu shi)
Right now is yul ddu ddi
They are so cute that I want to hit them.
Mir: A dragon is a legendary animal right?
Mir: There is a dragon here.
They have a imaginary animal, dragon here?
LJ: I just thought he's lying again.
LJ: I didn't even believe in dragons when I was in DY's age.
Finally, at the 12 Chinese zodiac animal exhibition
Mir: What's your zodiac?
GO: Rabbit
Mir: What's your zodiac? LJ: Dragon
Mir: What's your zodiac? CD: Horse
Mir: Sheep
CD: I'm actually a White Horse
What are our babies zodiacs?
LJ: What's your zodiac? Leo: I'm a duck.
Daddies can't remember. Is there a duck in 12 animals?
What are their zodiacs?
Everyone born in 2008. The babies are Rat.
Mir: They are rat. CD: They are all the same age
Mir: Then... Everyone go find their own zodiac by themselves.
Freestyle guide?
When we move to another place, Lauren and Joon papa automatically docks (like a ship)
Joon and Lauren are never seperated
Lauren: I like LJ appa today.
LJ: When I tell her to go somewhere she goes with me.
LJ: When I ask her to hold my hand she will
LJ: When I ask her to see the animals together she will see them with me.
LJ: Today she listen to me very well, so I was very thankful.
Found Mir papa's zodiac, sheep!
Ceremony for finding his zodiac?
Leo: Snake is here. Snake.
DY: Why is it not moving?
Mir: (just says anything) Sanke is.. it's currently time for a nap.
LJ: It's an anaconda. anaconda.. Leo: Yeah that's right.
Mir: Snakes have to sleep during the winter because it's cold. You know that right?
DY: What about in the spring?
Mir: In the spring, they want to move so they start the new millenium dance
DY: (Lier.)
Mir: 12 Chinese zodiacs have rooster, rat, ox, tiger, etc..
oink oink pig
The rabbit that Lauren wanted to see.
The monkeys that she gave snacks before
At that time! Finally, the best animal is here?
It's the dragon. Dragon!
LJ: Where is it? Mir: (sounds like something?) Bearded Dragon.
LJ: Where's the dragon? This is the dragon?
I'm a dragon.
LJ: This is a lizard!
Lauren: Mir appa, you shouldn't do that.
GO: What the hell..
GO: I hope he stops making things up..
Mir: Let's go. Africa~
This time they are moving to the Africa exhibition.
Moving This time is the Africa exhibition.
There's a crocodile, Crocodile!
CD: Leo, there's a crocodile
CD papa lead Leo to the animal that he wants to see.
Leo: Let's go fall in the water, then the crocodiles will eat us.
Look at my eyes~ you will become happy
CD: Wow a fox fox!
CD papa is having his lucky day.
CD papa are you that happy?
Mir: What you guys are looking at right now is the samllest fox on the Earth, the fox from the little prince, it's the desert fox
DY: (The desert fox is cute)
LJ: I've been told that I look a like with him.
They do look a like!
The family is into the desert fox
Q: Weren't you scard?
DY: It was cute.
At least for today, Lauren's number 1 dad is Joon
Mir: timon!
hakuna matata
Where's Pumbaa?
Pumbaa left.
Mir: These animals stand up and watch out for their preditors
Mir: They are very good at hiding. Leo: (CD daddy come over here)
Mir shouts out alone in the middle of the zoo.
Mir: If the members have listened to me a little better..
Mir: I could have done a little better.
Mir: I will not give up here, and try harder so that I can become Hello babies officail MC
Mir: Everyone!
Mir: Now our kids please gather up over here.
Joon, what are you doing?
The hello family move to another house (to the shell of the turtle)
Mir: Joon Hyung, please bring the kids over here.
I can't here you.
Joon papa and the daughters are having so much fun playing the turtle game.
Finally done palying with the turtle shell.
turt turt turt
Mir: Push the head.
Doesn't move.
Mir: Turt.
GO: Poor turtle.
in tears..
Leo: Huh! There are birds!
Nice to see you Leo
Birds VS Human being trying to communicate.
CD: Wow. It followed me!
CD: Leo say hi to him. I'm amazing.
Leo: Hello
CD: Try one more time. Hi
I'm not gonna say it.
Let's go see what Leo is up to.
Wow it's a parrot
LJ: Hi~ Hi~ HI~
Nice to see you
At that time! GO appa appears?
Trying to kidnap DY from Joon appa
GO: Hold my hand
She looks like she is forced to follow him
GO: Joon appa is getting popular
GO: He took Lauren
GO: Now he is getting DY's heart too.
CD: Leo, let's go over here
Where is this place?
You can try feeding the birds here
CD: Birds!
The macaws flys over to CD appa's hand
Wow it's amazing!
I wanna do it too
Do you wanna try it?
Will Lauren succeed in feeding the macaws?
Lauren succeeds
Leo: (Lauren is amazing)
CD: Leo, do you wanna try it too?
No way
I don't like birds!
The family is having fun with the macaws
However! Coward Leo is stepping back more to get away from it.
GO: Could you please give Leo a little bit?
Freaked out
CD: Even he is a son, his timid than the girls.
CD: That's a problem.
GO: I was hoping if Leo could have that kind of experience but..
GO: he couldn't do it.
One day guide, MC Bang MIr's noisy enterence
Other papas are in the foreign tourist mode
What is this?
Silmi Island Raccoon
Mir: Everyone, here's a baby lion.
Hello CD: It's so cute!
GO: Can we touch it?
For the hello family they will take it out just for today
Today the daddies are so excited.
CD: It is a lion.
What if he bites me.
Zoophilist Lauren, taps the baby lion with a big heart
I wanna touch it too.
At that time!
Leo bravely tries to tap the baby lion!
This time they tries to do a handshake with the lion
The family is so into the cute baby lion
But then.. Mir is very quiet for some reason?
Do you kids want to give him some milk?
Could our kids do it well?
Eat a lot my baby.
Mir: So this baby is only one month old? Yes.
MC Bang Mir's coward? He tries to stay away from it.
Where is that coward Leo go?
Leo: The lion was like a baby
Leo: So I gave him milk
DY taps the lion
CD: The babies are taking care of the baby
GO: To give him some milk all the kids were touching the bottle all together. It was very cute.
GO: Something was so beautiful about that.
This baby lion doesn't have a name right now
Will you guys make him a name?
LJ: How should we name them?
What should I name him?
LJ: Lauren, how is King?
When he goes to the safari he will become the king so..
should we name him king?
Q: Who named him King?
DY: Daddies
Do you like the name?
It's the best
The king of the animal, Lion
Mir: I hope the lion that we named "King" grew up and become a king in the safari world.
King bye.
CD: Leo is in love with him. Leo is the man
GO: He is gonna be the King
March 13, 2012. With the hello family.
Required course for the picnic
Where ever you go, you must eat. - Hungry Jung Byung Hee
Leo: I'm not hungry
Mir: Then Leo don't get to eat a single scoope
Mir: Appa is gonna eat them all.
Bad Mir appa
Joon papa and Lauren are best friends today.
Lauren: We are wearing the same thing!
They are even wearing same yellow couple t-shirts
GO: are you guys couples?
Here's our lunch
Lauren: (which one is mine?)
Leo: (I'm not hungry yet)
Leo get the hamburger steak
Because they are still babies. Leo doesn't wanna eat so that he can go out and play.
Mir: Leo don't eat. You can't eat.
Mir appa is scary.
5 years old Leo can't understand Mir appa's discipline
Today Joon papa is busy to take care of two daughters
LJ: Is it hot? is it hot?
LJ: Water..Water.. could you throw me a bottle of water?
GO: If you are in a hurry, take some.
GO: Not this..
LJ: DY, was it very hot?
LJ: Do you want me to blow them? (so that it can cool down?)
This time Mir papa takes care of DY
DY: It's too big.
Mir appa taking quadruple role today: Appa + MC + Guide + Youngest Mir Chul Young, you are the best
At that time!
Appa I want some too
GO~ Leo just said he want some
It seems like GO papa didn't see his action
GO: Leo, say ah~
Leo: I'm not gonna eat.
Leo: (I'm alreay upset)
This time they are heading the rides
They decided to take the lift so that they can get there as soon as possible
CD: You have to hold them tight.
Will the babies will able to ride this without freaking out?
Doong-Leo and Mir-Seung Ho papa(?) together.
hehe this looks fun
LJ -DY & GO- Lauren got on too
It's mblaq's hello baby!
During the short amount of time they don't forget to wave hands to their fans.
GO: Lauren, aren't you scared?
GO: Is it fun?
GO: DY, aren't you scared?
Not scary! The kids are pretty brave. LJ: No you guys are scared.
LJ: Oh darn.. I'm gonna go crazy..
LJ: Why did this stop? It was just stopping for a moment.
The daddies reactions are very different from the babbies
Mir: What's wrong with this!
LJ: Why did this stop?
He looks like he is gonna cry soon to let him get off of it
Mir: What is this?
Mir appa is a coward
Unlike Mir apps's worry, they got off nicely.
Brave Leo, great job
CD: Let's go
GO: Hello~ Let's bring the bar up.
LJ-DY & GO-Laurne survived the ride GO: We survived.
Guy: 1,2,3 please get off. GO: Let's get off.
LJ: Let's go
GO: Hand.. They are right there
LJ: Oh god.. I feel sick
Suddenly! Bang Chul Young(22 years old) found the first ride.
He was shouting all day and he shouting again.
The babbies are out of their attentions. Run to the ride.
GO: The daddies are weird right?
At that moment!
CD papa, you also..
GO: How can you just leave the babbies like this!
GO: DY, come over here.
CD left his child and ran for just a model car?! CD: I wanna ride this car.
However! Papas are running straight to the ride with crazy spead
Not opening
GO: No you can't ride this.
CD: (upset) no way..
Now he is going to the kids?
CD: Hyung, hope you take care of the kids for me!
CD papa was on the same side
Lauren: Where did all the daddies go?
GO: They all left their kids and ran to the rides to have fun that will only last for a moment.
GO: That is not right.
CD: We did not abandon them. GO Hyung did not look close with them so
CD: We just gave him a little time so that he can get close to them.
Mir: Honestly, you came to the amusement park
Mir: and not ride any of them is not an etiquette.
Mir: I thought if you do that you are making fool of the amusement park.
Mir: We should also leave some good memories.
Mir: I just wanted to ride them.
Smiley Smiley
Please take care of the babbies GO Hyung will take care of the babbies.
CD: Yeah, GO Hyung is taking care of them.
Mir is so happy that he is clapping like a seal
GO umma is mad GO: How can daddies abandon their kids!
DY: (Where are daddies?)
GO: Do you guys wanna watch?
GO: stand like this. DY: (I can't see daddies)
Nice babbies The babbies are behaving so well today.
Cute GO: I'm gonna take pictures
GO papa wants to leave a photo of friendly three kids
Mir: I'm gonna brag this to my mom CD: Wait.
GO Hyung will take care of the kids
Mir: daddy CD: GO Hyung will take care of the babbies well because he is the number 1 daddie.
Mir: Appa!
Mir: I'm at the amusement park!
Mir: The interesting thing with my dad is.
Mir: I told him that I'm at the amusement park and he asked "are you with the babies?"
Mir: So I said, "how do you know?" and he said that he is watching hello babby and told me to have fun so I was very happy.
Mir: I'm at the amusement park! Three appas lost their soul to the rides
CD: I looks exciting!
The ride goes up in the air
Two leopards roaring at the rides.
Leo is also excited like the daddies
GO: It looks exciting right?
Leo: Yes!
GO: Can Leo ride this?
Acts like he never heard it.
DY: I don't think I can ride it. It looks scary.
DY: We can't ride that yet.
Leo: I'm satisfied just looking at it.
DY: (Smart) We can ride them when we grow up GO: That's right
GO: It's already very noisy
Inside their minds, there are only rides
Three run to the ride
Finally we are here!
GO: Leo, there are your daddies
Stands up
DY: There is CD appa
Leo: I'm gonna play with CD appa
Leo: You guys play with Joon appa
CD: Hi Leo
Hope you survive. Hi daddies
CD appa, hi
Leo, Lauren, DY!
We are also excited if daddies are excited.
Finally, Let's go
It's starting
The kids are watching..
Appa I will be watching you
Leo: Appas went up to the sky
It was interesting
Everyone's mouth is wide open The speed is amazingly fast
It's already too late!
Those on the ground looking on without much concern
Lauren's thoughts : looks fun!
excluding G.O., the 3 babies who are forever cute in the appa's eyes.
it was like I was looking at 3 dolls in front of me(?)
I think it was actually interesting for the kids.
Because they saw their appas being dangled so they probably felt delighted.
It seemed liked they really liked it.
How was it when you saw the appas?
I was scared.
What were you scared of Dayoung?
The one that the appas rode.
Why was the ride that the appas rode a scary one?
Because it turned inside out.
Leo ah... Is it that fun?
Running and breathing with exhaustion?
GO: He is the one who is riding it. He is riding it
G.O appa aren't you riding this?
Oh... I'm okay
I don't want to die.
Just in time for the highlight, the appas who are in the midst of the 360 degree continuous rotation
turning and turning and turning again
The producers expressions are really hahahaha!!!
Save me please!!!!
OK kids now lets all get up now~
caption: kids, now our viewing is overrrrr!!!~~~
It was fun watching~
What crime did I commit…
That’s what I’m saying… ):
The MBLAQ papa warriors who are alive
Ya! Lets go~
We rode well right?
Lee Joon papa who immediately gets credit from the kids
Did you see? You saw? You saw? Joon ah… they heard you screaming already… stop~
Ya~ it was not even scary at all!!
Actually it was completely not scary at all.
A reaction of a guy who is not scared
I don’t think I screamed even once.
So this person is a doppelganger?
The daddies looked like they were scared though?
Shall we go ride a different one? Finally we are going to the kids rides?
Leo thought: Sounds good CD: Wait a minute!
G.O hyung said he would take care of them so lets go!
I knew it would be like this…
Wait… take Seungho hyung with you too
Already thinking of the Viking and getting excited the child-like Mir and Chun Doong
Viking Viking!!!
Lets go~
Run~ run~
Bang Mir you are looking so bright now
We can’t lose also, come let me hold you
Tiger spirit spurt!
Somewhat seeing a half-hearted back view of G.O.
Lauren lets go together with Seungho Appa
Lauren thought: I want to see the real Seungho Appa
Lauren did you see Appa? Appa looked good right?
*Nods nods*
Ah she said I looked good!!! I looked good! Hahaha!!
Ddal babo~ Does that make you that happy?
Appa was like a man right?
Yes! Like a man~
Lee Joon Appas happy heart is in a position to fly to the sky.
Wa~ awesome.
Ya! OH OH!!!
on this side, why does it seem like they’re out of breath?
Two of us can become pirate kings!!!
Where is Joonie Hyung?
In front of the Viking, the comradeship that disappears in 2 seconds
Thinking of Viking natural warning steps
LJ: This is fun right? This is comfortable.
Appa can go with you wherever you want to go.
Lauren: (I can go whereever I want?) LJ: You just have to sit like this
Lauren’s 1st suggestion Shall we go look at the elephants?
Go look at elephants? We haven’t seen the elephants yet right? So we have to go see them!
In front of the Viking straight away walks a few metres to see it.
But why aren’t the Elephants at the zoo?
It looks like the elephants have gone home
The elephants have gone home that’s why you’re sad?
The place that Joon Appa is bent on going to is?
LJ: Wait a minute.. what's this. isn’t this the Viking?
Lauren suggestion 2: So could we go look at Giraffes instead?
Bolt out of the blue
Lauren wants to see Giraffes…
Viking vs Zoo In the middle of serious internal conflict
Lauren just suggested that we go see giraffes
What shall we do? It seems like the giraffes have also gone home… what should we do?
Looks like we got no choice?
What shall we do?
Lauren’s 3rd suggestion: Then shall we go and look at other animals?
Long and winding road ahead.
Shall we go see elephants?
Shall we go see giraffes?
Shal we go see other animals?
Wherever it is, Appa can go there x3
Looks like I won’t be able to ride the rides.
Shall we go to the Zoo? In the end for his daughter, Lee Joon Appa changes his footsteps in the other direction.
Heavy steps
The Viking is just behind…
Lee Joon Appa bye ~
Looks like he is gonna cry soon
Leo: Lets ride this
that one, that one
Leo is looking at the rides and not even knowing that his biscuits are falling.
G.O. papa today is like a mummy and a busy daddy
Can’t we walk a bit faster?
Ok lets walk faster
Coming across the amusement park, Leo is like a fish meeting water. Lets ride this one!
Shock You want to ride this?!
You can’t ride this.
For you kids to ride this it’s still a bit…
very dangerous I think
It looks ok though?
You said it looks okay?!!
GO: No GO: (This type of things Appa can’t ride)
Lets go ride a more fun one. Jung Byeong Hee who wants to quickly hide from this place.
So cool~ Okay
A more fun one ok?
Which way should I go? At the same time, Lee Joon who wants to get on the rides but can’t
GO: Where are the other daddies? LJ: To see other animals?
I don’t know
wants to cry~ I have to go to the zoo now~
Where could the zoo be??
I need to pee!
You said you need to pee??!
How are we going to fix this situation…
You said you need to pee?? LJ doesn't know the situation
Do you want to go see the zoo with G.O. appa?
No way… Is G.O. going to have to take care of even Lauren now?
I could have brought her to the zoo at that time
but it was so far
and we already saw all the animals already
there was no choice I couldn’t go
Actually there are also things that I wanted to play/ride.
In the end all the kids are returned to G.O. Appa LJ: Since G.O. appa is here, you stay here I’m going to go for a while and come back
YA, you can’t do this to me!
G.O papa’s triple distress Lauren wants to go see animals, Dayoung wants to pee, and Leo wants to go on the rides.
Dayoung said she needs to pee ..
Ok there’s no choice, lets all go to the bathroom first
Dayoung ah, can you go into the men’s toilet?
That was the best way.
because I’m a guy and I can’t go into the ladies toilet
I was a bit worried but I had to try and go in first to see.
In the end, the best choice!
Bent on going into the male toilet is GO appa and the kids
Firstly must check If there are people inside!
Dayoung ah firstly here
don't fall inside the toilet yourself
You can do it right?
If its dangerous, call appa
Wait a minute let me cover your ears
Why must we cover our ears?
Oh… Lauren and Leo who are listening well Today G.O. appa’s words to the kids method (?)
I can’t hear~
This is manners
Because of the sound when she pees, I asked them to cover their ears
Instead of thinking that maybe Dayoung would feel embarrassed I told them it was part of etiquette
Question: Why do you think you had to cover your ears?
Leo: Looks like Dayoung was embarrassed!
Are you done?
Wa … you did well on your own!
I’m already big enough Appa
Ok come lets hold hands, Leo come lets hold hands
Ah its refreshing
Going to Appa to the toilet… weren’t you embarrassed?
Because it was Appa, it was okay.
Ah it is refreshing~
By the way, where are the 3 Appas that we have rarely thought about?
Those Appas are here Hey finally!!!
Joon papa who left Lauren behind and made a belated arrival
Hey! These betrayers!!
If this person heard you, he would scream and chase after you
Out of Loyalty No loyalty when you are playing ? goodbye for a while~!
What the, what the, when did you guys get on it?
Wish Fufilled Mir: My wish was fufilled
Next time when we come, Appa will give up my greed and do my best to play with you guys.
I wanted to play with the Appas…
The Appas have returned!
Finally the Hello Family that has united again.
Liberated from triple distress The person whose face is fresh
For the sake of riding together with the kids the HelloFamily who chose the kiddy train
This wouldn’t be scary right?
Leo ah, you have to lower this so you can ride
Shall we try to lower it? 1,2,3
After Chun Doong Appa comes, Leo listens better
Appa too, 1,2,3, HOI!
OH Appa has no strength
I will help you
Aigoo Aigoo…
Lauren ah can you ride this?
Preventing from getting a not nice shot Lee Joon Appa and Dayoung in the midst of preparing for photo time
Say hello, say hi to the camera
Why do they look like old (dusk) couples?
Ok ~lets go~!!!
This is for kids to ride but why is it so fast?!
Hello Family! Will they be able to return safely?
Hey isn’t this too fast?!
Leo is it fun?
Lauren are you not scared?
ByeongHee Hyung looks scared though?
Those who can ride scarier rides why are you acting this way?!
You’re really not scared Dayoung?
Its really fun~
Slowly going to the incline course…
Its so fast, but even so..
I’m okay-ayy…
What is this? this bad feeling I’m having?
Save me~
This side is also afraid.
You said this is not dangerous
Dayoung ah Dayoung ah AHAHAHA
Mir Appa was scared
Like a baby
Even after this, the papa’s screams continue…
G.O’s grumbling doesn’t end… Hey this is.. hey this is really, for kids… SH! SH!
Don’t know if the sound Chun Doong is making is because of admiration or he’s groaning
Dayoung ah, this is fun right? ‘ This is fun’ Lee Joon’s self hypnosis continues
Final Highlight!
Welcome for coming back alive
Before we know it the train has arrived at the platform
The rollercoaster that kids ride on is so fast!
Looks like our G.O. was really scared ?
You can’t disregard the speed of the kids ride
Coming down and the appas in front who are complaining
G.O.: Why are kids rides so fast?
Mir: Yeah why are the kids rides so fast??
The kids have all turned white now
Are you okay kids?
Dayoung thought: I found it fun
LJ: She just laughted. She liked it
(Stutters) you guys are a-amazing eh?
Lauren you weren’t scared right?
Lauren thought: I wasn’t scared~ it was fun~
(Disclosure) hey, I was a bit scared myself
Mir: Ah Leo's coward
I wasn’t scared though… LJ: wow... How can this not be scary?
At the same time Leo is? CD: It was so fast even Appa was scared!
Leo’s already in an out of body condition
Why are kids rides so fast even I was scared! Right son? To comfort Leo, Chun Doong Appa is venting his anger at the children’s rollercoaster ride
Leo thought: So scary~
So was the children’s train fun?
The train was sooo fast
And so?
And so the train went like POOONGGG
When the train went like that how did Leo feel?
I was scared.
Because I rode the scary ride it was fun
Welcome~ Time to check out the photo that was taken while on the children’s train ride!
Moth Mir
Complicated Mir: So this is how I look?
Lauren’s thoughts: Mir Appa looks better in real life~
Do you mind letting me see the picture of myself as well?
The person responsible for visuals
Chun doong: At least I look happy!
Dayoung thoughts: Where is Dayoung?
Transformed to Lee Joon castaway
Appa looks handsome right?
The Appas are too absent minded
GO: For my photo, please do some photoshop and do something about my fringe!
I am the truth (literally) Lady: We can't do any photoshop but we can zoom in.
GO: No don't zoom in. Sorry for not being able to protect you
It was really the worst
Moses miracle Impeccable elaborate 5:5 ratio GO: My hair was parted 5:5 and seungho looked so comfortable beside me
I was humiliated
Wow now its ended
Going in front of the avatar(?) the family that is huddled and gathered together.
It seems like such a waste to end our amusement park journey
All the time that the Appas and kids enjoyed together
CD: We did everything according to our kids.
GO: What are you talking about?
GO: you rode/play things that the kids wanted.. you basterds..
GO: Today, taking care of the kids, I even brought Dayoung to pee! G.O. Papa who has suffered a lot from watching the kids the whole day
Now I think I understand their minds a little more so..
Today was really meaningful
However, where are the kids going now?
Huh? Mir: We will end with our simbolic pose
Firstly lets go catch the kids
KIDS!!! If you aren’t supposed to go this far away!
Actually, I dreampt for this moment for a long time.
Oh god Byeong Hee G.O. Appa who is trying to create a solo ending scene while everyone is gone. GO: I can actually close the show on my own now
In this programme if I can come out by my own air time for a few seconds I think my parents will be very happy
So today I will try to close the programme by myself.
Hurry Hurry, We can’t let G.O. Appa have a solo closing to the show!
Ah today the amusement park…
I will do it again
Today Mblaq’s Hello Baby episode at the Amusement Park
you had fun watching it right? (the ending ‘jyo’, he made it sound like his name G.O.)
Ah … hey what
Lets do it together only 20 seconds left
Ok so lets go it together
We will be more hardworking Appas in the future
And increasingly more hardworking running Appas
We will become this type of Appas and the babies
Lets say it together~ Hellooooooo Baby!