Cooking - Squirrel (Skillet)

Uploaded by MOhunting on 26.09.2007

One of the most abundant game animals in Missouri is the squirrel...
and we've got an easy way to make it a tasty dish.
Cut two squirrels into pieces, dredge in flour, and brown the meat in an electric skillet, set at 350-degrees.
While it's browning, chop two large onions.
Mince a clove of garlic...slice half a large green pepper...and cut mushrooms in halves.
Add the chopped vegetables to the pan along with red wine...a can of cream of mushroom soup...
and sour cream. Salt and pepper to taste.
Turn the skillet down to 225-degrees and simmer until the meat separates from the bone...
about 45 minutes to an hour.
Be sure and vent the steam from the skillet...or it will get too watery.
Otherwise, the squirrel practically cooks itself!