Hang Out with Beth LIVE! - 9/6/12 (Full Ep)

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BETH HOYT: I have no more words.

Hello, little darlings, and, whoa, one big darling.
Hello, this is My Damn Channel Live, I'm Beth Hoyt.
I'll be your host, and your friend, until
the end of this show.
And then, hopefully longer if you come back, and you watch,
and you keep leaving comments that are nice or cool, and
then we'll develop a relationship.
Something's happening, technological problems.
Nate, are we OK?
Necklace, is one in the way?
We want to make sure this is proper before we start this on
the wrong page.
I'm just going to hold the necklace here the whole show.
What was I talking about?
How I want to develop a relationship with you, I just
made it worse.
This is all going--
code red, code red, trouble on the set.
Just leave it.
You guys, anyway, someday, I want you to keep leaving
comments, and then like, and then you keep being my friend.
And then, you know, maybe then we'll meet one
day, or maybe not.
And then, when maybe one of us will get invited to the other
person's wedding.
But that requires one of us to meet the other person of our
dreams, and then like fall in love, and then get engaged.
And then still you and I be friends enough to invite the
other person.
And for that person to be available that weekend, and
have the money to fly wherever the wedding is.
So there are some iffy factors, but it could happen.
Anyway let's indulge those friendships right now, let's
look at comments.
Here's some comments from you guys.
Here's one from YouTube and that is
from um, Caitlin Kelly.
Is it bad that I'm in classrooms right now?
Oh, shh be quiet.
The way I see it, if I can't watch live, I damn well
deserve to be part of the chat.
I love that you're in class right now.
from your laptop.
This is so cool.
What class are you in?
What-- are you learning anything?
Umm, not from me.
Definitely not learning anything from me.
Umm, and I love that you're watching it live, and you're
part of-- so I'm glad that this is hopefully makes it a
little worth it.
And, uhh, it's totally fine from class, just shh.
The next comment from YouTube is from Caitlin Kelly.
Well, I'm in Criminology class right now, it's your major.
So technically not studying, but it still counts.
That's so much cooler than any class I thought you
were going to say.
Crime, mysteries, that's exciting.
Is that what cimi--
so you're learning about that.
That's really cool.
Good luck to you.
This must be your first or second class of your semester.
Maybe you should pay attention, in the beginning.
Umm, anyway, still definitely counts, and I appreciate you
are obviously up for disobeying the law.
So maybe you're in Criminology because you want to break a
lot of rules.
So you're going to learn all the rules, and then you can
break them.
Like watching this during class.
This is good.
OK, next comment from YouTube.
It's from dynamicpeace.
Do you play video games, Beth?
I don't.
I love watching people who are really good at playing video
games play.
I am not, I'm not just trying to be the ultimate girl.
I do enjoy watching people who are good at it play any game.
And I will sit and watch that for hours, as long as
there is junk food.
But I play only like girly games or like old school games
that I grew up on, because there's so many new buttons on
all the controllers.
But I'm down to play anything on Sega Genesis or did, did I
just say that full word?
That felt really weird.
I Super Nintendo, anything Mario, Donkey Kong, anything
li- with live bask MBA '95 Basketball.
I'm into that.
I've talked about Lion King.
I'll play that game any minute of any day of any week.
Let's look at another comment from YouTube.
And that is um, Sean Alexander Matthews.
Question, what do you do to get rid of nerves?
I love when I'm nervous, because I think that helps.
Like the adrenalin, and it makes things um, bump along.
It's good to be nervous, I think.
But it's not, it's not going to be too nervous.
And this is actually what I do do, I do a
handstand because I--
A, it's good, it's like a shot of espresso, because it brings
the blood to your head.
I heard this, I don't know if this is true at all.
I might be--
I'm not making it up, because someone did tell me that.
But they could be making up, and I've been
believing it all along.
But I do a handstand, because it helps calm my nerves
because it requires some--
I'm going to do one.
I'm going to go.
Is this a safe corner?
Here we go.
I don't always need the wall, but just to be safe, there's a
lot of valuable things in here.
OK, let's do it again, I was trying not to use
the wall, and then--
oh no, oh god, oh gosh, you guys, this is so dangerous.
So then see you do things like this, and then you're less
nervous about what you're about to do, cause you're
like, I almost just got killed.
Did the rubber ducky get me?
How are we doing?
Oh no, he's still up there.
So, about a minute of this, where are we at?
Can we do a minute?
I'm coming down.
Everything's, everything's going to be OK.
Oh, there he is.
I'm sorry, listen, it was you or me buddy.
We both made it out alive.
I'm a little dizzy.
So we're gonna play a video while I gather myself again.
This is one of my favorites, you guys it's Mortmer
Exterminators Let's see it.

FRANK MORTMER: Hi, I'm Frank Mortmer, owner and operations
manager of Mortmer Exterminators.
Mortmer Exterminators has been servicing the Portsmith Ohio
area for over 40 years.
Here at Mortmer, there's no pest too big or to small.
We guarantee you'll be completely satisfied--
hey, whoa, was that thing there the whole time?
It's just a little bug, right?
Well, you give us a call and we'll make sure your
house is pest free.
I feel it like it's sitting on the back of my [BEEP]
Can someone else--
can someone just get a paper towel and smush this thing?
Get it.
You got it?
I'm Frank Mortmer.

I can't even think anymore.
I'm going to get bit, and I'm going to die, and then you
guys are going to life with my [BEEP]
We guarantee you'll be completely
satisfied with our service.
Give us a call and we'll make sure your house is pest free.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Eww, get me Frank Mortmer.
FRANK MORTMER: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Frank, for the commercial.
I can say whatever I want.
Don't you touch me.
It's OK.
FRANK MORTMER: You touch those rat.
You've got to make sure you have the right tools.
And, ahh, no.
No, Phillip.
Don't wait, pick up the phone, and call Mortmer
Exterminators today.
And you'll be extrem-- that's a [BEEP]
That's a real rat!
Call an exterminator.
I don't like their little fingers!
It's coming this way, Phillip!
Get it.
Oh Phillip, rip that gun of the shelf.
I'm going to shoot you, you bastard.
Oh, I'm going to [INAUDIBLE]
no, no, no.
I shot my.
Take me to the hospital.
bit me.
I'm going to [BEEP]
Tell me son--

that I'm dying.

BETH HOYT: I love that.
I'm OK, you guys.
Let's get into your comments again.
I want to talk to you some more.
Minecraftdaily11, question, do you like twink, twinkies,
twinkies, twinkles, twinks, or hot pockets better?
Twinks or hot pockets?
Umm, hell- twinks, OK we'll just say it's twinky, twinkies
and hot pockets.
This is a savory and a sweet option, this is, you can't
compare these.
But definitely twinkies.
So I guess, we did, and that's my conclusion.
Next comment is from David Chow, want to talk us around
the studio?
Do I want to?
I'm so glad you asked.
Over here is my umm, turquoise animal friend that's, you
know, his family said, sure you guys should take his
remains and remember him forever.
This is a, an old camera.
Do you guys know what this is?
It shoots Polaroids.
These are all people that my--
on my Olympic team.
These are candies that I ate once and they turn your mouth
blue very quickly.
This is a big metal lobster, it scares me.
This is a globe, this is our earth, you guys.
This is--
we and we all live all over this thing.
Tommy Wyso I made this doggy.
It has--
it talks.
I over here, just did a handstand stand and I knocked
this down and almost killed myself, but I'm OK.
This is a bunch of other-- this is a lava lamp.
Here's another camera.
Here's some mice that are like DJing.
This is a voodoo doll of Christian Finnegan.
He's still alive and doing very well.
This is a fish bowl.
Here's my lobster.
And here's some more cameras.
And here's some cowboys, here's some cowboys with
chopsticks for guns.
I'll show you guys that.
That's enough.
Are you still with me?
And then all this fun stuff.
There's a LITE-BRITE.
Can you show them the LITE-BRITE?
Look at, here's the, here's the cowboy with
chopsticks for a gun.
Thought you'd want to see that.
All right, another comment from YouTube is from
Any tips for high school?
Oh boy, yeah.
Are you in high school, are you in class right now?
On your laptop?
That's a--
tip number one is it's good to keep your mind like refreshed
and like constantly working.
So of you need to take a break from class and watch this show
live during school, I recommend it.
Umm, and then just jump back into it.
But it'll keep you fresh.
Always make sure that you're eating enough at lunch so
you're sustained throughout the day.
But not too much sugar cause you'll crash.
And be nice to your teachers because they're people.
And they'll be nicer on you if you're good to them.
Another comment, is from Iloveheatherjean.
You should do Beyonce Run the World choreography, haha!
Are you laughing cause like it's going to be embarrassing?
Cause I'm going to do it.
I know this video.
So, I'm going to do, how about the beginning when she's like
in the animal hide feathers thing?
It's like, dun dun, she does a lot of this, right?
For a long time.
She does it.
Beyonce has this thing where she can do
anything and look cool.
I don't, I don't possess that quality.
And then she does, and then there's like this part.
Can you--
so she does a lot of the in and the outs.
And I did this in my workout classes this morning, too.
And you go like this.
And then she does like this kind of thing.
That was my show that farted.
It's true.
And then, and then she gets all the girls around her, and
she's all just like girl power.
And that's how that goes.
So that, that was, that's pretty much, you don't have to
watch that video cause I just did it.
That's how it looks.
Next comment is from Donut8Danggs.
Are bears more fearsome than alligators?
It's a tough call.
I think, no, because with bears can't you like stand
still and then they don't, they don't come attack you?
I'm not the person to ask.
I have no, I have noth-- no facts.
I don't know why you are asking me this question.
Because I don't, I'm not going to help
save you in this situation.
I would assume, if I was standing in front of a bear
and if I was standing infront of an alligator, I'd be more
afraid of an alligator.
And I'd be pretty positive I was about to die if I was in
front of an alligator.
Whereas if I was in front of a bear, I'd be like, I'm pretty
sure if I just stand still I'll live.
So that's why I think alligators
are, are more fearsome.
Next comment is from That2ndGirlLily, what's your
favorite part of New York?
I totally love, I live in Brooklyn.
And my favorite, favorite thing is when I'm going out at
night like, if I like dressed up and look nice, and like,
talked myself into getting a cab.
Because I'm like, these heels are too high, I can't walk in
the subway, and also just I deserve it.
I take a cab into the city, and going across the bridge at
night-- the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge, and
looking at New York is my favorite thing.
It's so cool.
It's the best feeling.
If you put like a good song in your phones
while you doing it.
I love it.
That's all our time for today, but on Monday, which is not so
far away, let's continue this conversation.
I'll be talking with you guys all show, so come
hang out with me.
I'll be here tomorrow too with the Beth of the Week.
Grace is hosting next Tuesday.
And set your calendars for Wednesday, because we have a
big show with Pete and Pete and Kitty Pride here.
It's going to be crazy.
Hasta pasta, you're my favorite.