Marmoulak -The Lizard- -Le Lézard- -Kertenkele- (2004) - Kamal Tabrizi

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Come in
Come on
Hi, there!
Hello, Mr. Reza Mesghali
At your service
Your record is really a mess
That's life!
It seems we have to spend a lot of time together
The rest of your life to be exact
Excuse me, Mr. Mojavez
but I am not staying here long, they've made a mistake
I've got me a lawyer, I've appealed
You have asked for an appeal, of course!
Whatever... you know, sir I ain't into armed robbery and all that!
No stealin' and no drinkin' in the holy months
I've never even held a blowgun in my life
- I've been framed - Are you finished?
I don't know you, do I?
I refer to the case in front of me
which says you're a disturbed person
It tells me you've been imprisoned several times for different crimes
but you have never reformed
It tells me that you are a danger to society
- Yeah, but... - Don't interrupt me, son!
I stated the facts
- But I think you're a good person - Cool, man!
Everyone is good
Even an armed robber like you
Don't interrupt me!
Do you know why people go on diet?
Well, to get thinner
To get thinner and for their health
I believe we have to go on a diet for our spiritual health
So this is not a prison, and I am not the prison warden
- It's a spiritual clinic - Wow!
And you are patients who come here to gain your spiritual health through my diet
I will send you to heaven even if I have to use force
- What was so funny about that? - Nothing
the part about how you wanna send us to heaven was a little cute!
Yes, it sounds strange, but it can be done
Provided that you follow the spiritual diet I prescribe
Although it is not so easy
Soldier! Take our friend to the solitary confinement!
Why to the solitary?
First, so you do not interrupt me again
Second, so you do not laugh at my words
And third, because solitary is good for people like you
You will thank me later
Take him away
Mr. Mesghali!
Welcome to your new home
- How long you're in for, colonel? - Take your hand off!
Keeps asking questions!
Hi, there
Are you done? Come on
Get out...
Get going
Oh, the poor thing is stuck!
Hey, can't you get it loose?
I tried, but my shirt got torn, look
Then shoot it and put it out of its misery
I've gotta answer for my bullets
Otherwise I'd shoot ten crows a day
If you don't shoot it, I'll come up and set it free
Come up? How?
- The wall - This wall? How?
- I'll grab it and climb up - Bullshit!
- I'll bet you - I'll take the bet
- How much do you bet? - Tonight's dinner
- Okay - Okay
Making bets?
I am willing to make a bet
Betting in itself isn't wrong so long as it doesn't turn into gambling
So you say you can climb this wall without a ladder?
Well, yeah
So we will make a bet in front of these friends
If you climb this wall, you won't
do any chores for a whole week
and if you don't, you'll spend another week in solitary, how's that?
You can't! It's impossible
I'm in
- Go on and show what you can do - He's lyin'
With your permission
Go! Go! Right on, man! Come on up!
He climbs like Spiderman
Hey bro, don't take it too far when we smile at you for five minutes
Get down now
Well done
Thanks man
You won the bet and did a good deed
Take him to the solitary
Solitary? Are you kiddin'?
No, you are going to the solitary to quit the bad habit of climbing
especially climbing prison walls
You coward!
No, I'm not going back on my word
You can rest for a whole week, but in the solitary
Don't make any noise
Your appeal was rejected
You're going to be our guest for a long time, get inside
I said get inside
I fell in love with my wife the first time I saw her
her, she stopped breathin' Now I like you
For now! You're an important guy
Don't worry about the bunks
You take the bottom one
And I'll take the top, I'm so tired
Not from there, can't you see I've cleaned it! From here
I changed my mind, I'll take the bottom bunk, you take the top one
That side is still clean
You seem angry with me!
You guys don't understand
I only want to cure you
Believe me it's a difficult task
Do you know how?
How what?
To pray?
Well yeah, but I've forgotten
Everyone's forgotten
Ain't nothing to it, just bend down...
A mosque is no place for this behavior, remember that
Take him to the solitary
Get up
Come on! Get inside
Come on!
From now on it's going to be like this
Why don't you eat?
If my late wife could cook like this, she'd be alive now!
Okay, it ain't the end of the world
You should thank God you've got your health
Would you rather be free but have no?
It was my fault, I started it, should I go?
- Where? - To the solitary
No, son
All inmates who are sentenced to life are rowdy at first
But soon they get used to it
I hope it will be a happy life together
Sit down, son, sit down and eat
Take this one to the solitary
Let's go
- He said that one - Move
My teardrops fell
My eyes became seas
in my teardrops your shadow appeared
Colonel, let me clean your glasses
Mind your own business, get on with your work!
Come on!
To hell with it, I'll appeal again
- What are you doing? - Nothin'
Are you going to kill yourself!?
I said I ain't doin' nothin'
Look the other way, put that glass away
I said I ain't gonna do nothin', go and watch soccer
So you can go kill yourself in peace? I won't let you
Damn it, leave me alone
You coward, suicide is a sin
If you take one more pill, I'll kill you with my own hands
Look what you did? I cut my arm
You cut it? Where?
Hello, brother -Hello
Looks like you were very hopeless to want to...
Say whatever you want, but don't preach me
I didn't intend to preach you
I just wanted to say that at such times you may rely on God
Rely on God for what?
I live like a dog, I get no respect they beat me on the head
and then they say rely on God
The heaven and hell that everyone says...
Sorry to interrupt, but heaven and hell are nonsense
It's for foolin' folks like you and me They say these things to fool us
The Mullahs
Of course the Mullahs have bad and good among them too
Yeah, they bought the good ones at a high price
they're waitin' to sell 'em in the right season
Colonel, you didn't tell me how long you've been here?
Ah! How many times do you ask? Get going
Look at these muscles, dude
Get inside
I see you are much better today
My health doesn't get any better or worse
Sorry about this man, we didn't have any empty beds
It's okay! Actually we became friends right away
our friend has a lot of respect for the clergy
Oh, how nice
I'm really ashamed, sir
Neden? Düşmanların Utansın.
İnsan işte! Bazen yüreği gamla dolar ve bunu birinin üzerine gidermek ister.
And who better than us, Mullahs?
My name is Reza
My name's Reza too
You know, Hajji
if I hadn't seen your clothes, I'd never think you're a Mullah
How come?
Your hands don't look like the hands of a Mullah
Because being a Mullah is not my profession
What d'ya mean?
I'm a plaster-moulder, traditional plaster-molding
It's my forefathers' profession
- Is that possible? - Why not?
Man is worthy of honor for his soul and humanity
Beautiful attire do not reflect his worth
Right on, man! Humanity!
How is it, doc?
Good, I think you can be released tomorrow
But, Doc, I ain't feelin' well yet
I feel weak, my arm hurts
Do you want me to recommend that you stay here for a week?
I'd appreciate that
No way, I'll tell them to take you tomorrow
I don't wanna go back to that hell-hole
If I go back, I'll cut my artery
Have you lost hope again, Reza?
Do you know what, Hajji?
Even if there is a hell I'll end up in the worst part of it
No, dear brother!
There are as many ways to reach God as there are people
I said there are as many ways to reach God as there are people
What does that mean?
It means that God doesn't close all his doors on his people
Don't lose hope
Excuse my language, but do you Mullahs have to preach all the time?
No, we're not the only ones who preach
People buy everything from stores
But since there are no stores that sell friends
they can't buy friends and they feel lonely
if you want a friend, tame me
He asked: What does tame mean?
The fox said: It means make me love you
and this is something that is totally forgotten nowadays
He asked: How can I do that?
The fox said: You have to have patience, a lot of patience
So they've got preachers all over the world then
That's right, my dear brother
Say hi to him for me
Peace be upon you too...
I'll take a shower before they come to get you
I had a great time Hajji
I had never hung out with a cool Mullah before
I had a great time too
I had never hung around with a cool prisoner like you before
- Hello, Hajji - Peace be upon you
Fereshteh Street!
Fereshteh Street!
Damn it!
Fereshteh Street?
I didn't wanna trouble you
No trouble, Hajji, we owe you a lot more than this
Thank you, I've been hangin' there for a long time
Yes, people have become very bad, they have no respect any more
Unfortunately, that's how it is
Dear brother, this is the wrong way
What wrong way, Hajji? This is a reserved lane for special traffic
and I have a special passenger
Hello? Hello? Yes? I'm coming
I'll be there in two minutes
I'm taking a shortcut
Oh fine, now the cops are here
Registration and drivers license
Hello, officer Hajji is in a hurry, and that's why we came this way, Hajji
Hello, officer, how are you?
We apologize and promise it won't happen again
It better not happen again, go ahead
Pardon me, but Fereshteh Street is not this way!
Oh! Fereshteh?
Hajji, I thought you said Ferdowsi
Sorry, but I'm late and I have to make a turn here, I'm sorry
No problem
Have you heard the poem
mother took me by the hand and taught me to walk?
This two G's for Ferdowsi street
This two for Fereshteh street and two for the one way street
You left your wallet in my pocket!
All right!
Are you Brother Jackson?
You are under arrest for smuggling and purchasing stolen goods
- Uh! Hajji you are making a mistake! - You jackass! It's me! Reza!
You idiot! What's this?
I've become his hollyness Mullah Reza
So everything's cool?
I don't have to say it again now!
I don't want him to get into any trouble
Is he a cool dude?
This Mahmoud Motazedi is sharper than you think
Don't look at his age
He can forge passports
that even the passport office... can't tell if it's original or fake
His hang out is Mozafari teahouse
He'll pick you up at the train station
You'll just get your passport it's all been paid for
Thanks a lot, man
For instance, one of the unique
capabilities used in the internet is chatting
Internet, chat, multimedia
What are you talking about?
Mullahs don't talk like this
- Look! Then what's this? - This is an exception
You better talk like regular Mullahs
We will continue our discussion of salvation in ultimate darkness...
by reviewing the movie Pulp fiction
Jackson, they talk about everything
Like this... what did he say? Pul fiction?
- Pulp fiction - What does it mean?
It's the name of a movie, eat your dinner
As Tarantino says: I want to be where God wants me
What a hell raiser! God bless him
Hey, Hajji, your turban is backwards!
Shove off...
God bless you all
Give my regards to your mother!
Welcome, Hajji, peace be upon you
Peace and God's mercy be upon you
You should be comfortable here
Please come this way
I'm flattened by your kindness
God willing, during the trip, we will use your grace's presence
Yes, yes, may God accept
With your permission
Peace and God's mercy be upon you
Peace and God's mercy and benevolence be upon you
Hajji, is it okay with you if a passenger
sits here temporarily, until the next station?
- Please, no problem - Go on in
I'm really sorry, there were no empty family compartments
and I thought next to you would be the safest place for these ladies
Yes, they'll be safe here
They will only bother you until the next station
What bother? It's an honor
With your permission
Please sit down, Lady
- Forgive me, Hajji - No problem
My legs were falling off from moving from one compartment to another
What can I say, Hajji?
He was this big, but his... was only this big
Oh, my God! What are you saying?
Dear, Mullahs are like doctors, you can confide in them
Yes, if you don't tell these things to us, who're you gonna tell?
Yes, you were saying, Lady
Yes, forget about his problem, he hit her, Hajji
Oh God, we ask for your forgiveness and...
To you we repent
To you we repent, some people are really bad
Yes, Hajji, Faezeh's body was always black and blue
Faezeh, show your bruise to Hajji
But I can't, mum
i want Hajji to see what you have been through
He thought i'm soared of him because he is a bully
I filed a complaint and got my daughter's divorce
Oh my God, what hardship you've been through
He still wants Faezeh he keeps asking her to o back to him
But I said shut up, over my dead body can you have her
Don't you make that mistake, Lady Faezeh
No, Hajji, the three years I lived with him was enough for a lifetime
Please pray for her, Hajji pray she finds a good husband
God willing, a hot dish...
I mean a modest, smart lady like
her, won't be hard to pass off...
What happened?
Nothing, she fell asleep
So fast?
Yes, she always falls asleep all of a sudden
How nice, poor child
What has that degenerate man done to you?
May God punish him
Yes, I think he loved me you know!
But he was a brute
Yes, they should cut off the hands of a man who'd hit a lady like you
Thank you, Hajji, can you close that window?
My mother is not well, she'll catch a cold
- Are you okay? - Yes, yes
Thank God, okay, I'll get the window
Uh! What happened, Hajji?
Nothing, I'm stuck
I'll get it out right away
Do you want me to pull the emergency breaks?
Don't touch the brakes, I will fix it myself
Thank you, God bless you
Forgive us, Hajji, the windows are rusty and they get stuck sometimes
No problem
Okay, sisters, take your stuff
Hajji wants to be comfortable
No, I am comfortable, where are you taking them? Let them stay here!
We have an empty family compartment now, let's go
Goodbye, Hajji
You know how we Mullahs are
We love having company
Please stay
I've thought about finding you company too
Go right ahead, gentlemen
Peace and God's mercy and benevolence be upon you
I bear witness that there is no God but the one and Only God
I have gone there 15 times already this year
The good thing is that you don't need a visa, you only need a passport
Right colonel?
I don't know much about there
What's the meaning of that, colonel?
We want to provide a service to people
Those are customs regulations, I don't know about them
Where do you work?
I am in the criminal investigation department, we catch thieves
May God reward you
You're providing a service
Prayer Time. We'll only stop for 20 minutes.
Looks like we have to get off for prayers
We will hold a mass prayer because of your presence Hajji
We'll get two pence more out of it
Me? But I, if you allow me...
So you said you are a preacher Hajji?
With your permission
You are going to your mosque then?
- If God accepts me - God willing
They say you have to pull your hand down to the hairline
How far should I go?
Do what "Rostam" did, my dear brother, come on, it's getting late
Hajji Amiri, come do your ablution, the train will leave soon
Which mosque are you going to, Hajji?
Al-Amir mosque, if I'm not mistaken
Al-Amir? Where is that?
It should be around here
You see, Hajji? A train full of people
and less than 20 people come for prayers!
There are some folks who don't even know how to pray
Shall we line up, Hajji?
Line what up?
Hajji is kidding, please, Hajji
When I'm praying I totally forget the time
Please pray for us, Hajji
That's what I meant
May God accept our prayers, Hajji
- Exactly - Please pray for us, too
Okay, I hope you all, God willing
Dear brother, I didn't want to trouble you
What trouble, Hajji? We were taken by your virtues
Don't say that, your virtues were much better than mine
I wanted to ask you something in private, Hajji
Excuse me!
I am constantly traveling and I'm always away from my family
and that puts a lot of pressure on me!
I understand, get to the point
What are the temporary marriage laws for people like us?
You don't know what a heaven they have there!
-Unlawful -Unlaful?
You mean there isn't any other way? Any exceptions?
No, that is totally unlawful
And it is written that whoever does that
the angels will spit on him and he will die a terrible death
and Satan will personally service your mouth to his mouth
Better to just have a pleasant trip!
- Let's go, Hajji - Where to?
I will drop you off at Amir Mosque
I don't want to trouble you
No trouble at all, Hajji, let's go, the car is waiting
Actually they are going to pick me up
Really? You're not just saying that?
No, I think they must be right around here...
Hajji, they have come for you!
Welcome Hajji
I am Hajji Fazly
This Hajji is a very great man and a true believer
Don't take him for granted
I can tell just by looking at him
I think there has been a mistake I'm supposed to go to some mosque
That's our mosque, Hajji
We knew you were coming a week ago
We wrote so many letters to the prayer organization that we finally got results
Well, thank God
Excuse me, what's the name of your mosque?
- Amir mosque, Hajji - Didn't I tell you?
Everything is correct, Sir! I leave Hajji in your hands then
- Allow me - Good luck, Hajji
How nice! This was our Hajji?
Why? Do you know him?
Yes, we were in the same train come up, Hajji, welcome
Then why didn't you tell us, Hajji?
I didn't? I thought I did!
Anyhow, I hope God gives me the service to offer you my strength
Please Hajji, please sit in the front, Hajji
I want to get some fresh air if you allow me
- No way, please take the front seat - I just want some fresh sir, please
With your permission we'll be going now
Why don't you leave?
We've got a flat tyre, you go on, Hajji
- Take care of yourself - Good luck
Excuse me can you tell me where the border and customhouse is?
The border patrol station is 5 km from our village
Right, And can people cross the border from there?
Yes, but the regulations are strict
Because there are too many smugglers and thieves trying to cross this border
they only allow people with passports to across
I see!
May we be excused, Hajji?
Come this way, Hajji
You go on, I'll escort these dear souls
I also ask your permission
We live right around here, please come and visit us
Thank you, I sure will, God willing
Peace be upon you, sir
Well, the new Mullah, hi there
- Leave him alone, Javad - I won't bother him!
My name's Javad Delangiz, at your service
Glad to meet you
It shows on your face
Are you comin' back from Tehran now?
What's it to you? You're not her husband anymore
Let me carry your bag
No need! We don't need your help, let's go Faezeh
Excuse us, Hajji, goodbye
Are you leaving?
God be with you
Hajji Ahmadi, this way please, they're waiting for you
- I'll be seein' you, Hajji - Yes, do so, I'd like that
This way, Hajji
It's been more than a year that our mosque hasn't had a clergy
but I've kept its light burning
As you see, this is the roofed summer time altar, the main section is on the other side
We have a few chambers around here
We hold the 'Komeil' prayer every thursday
We hold Koran classes for the youth and I teach them myself
Unfortunately very few people come to the mosque, Hajji
Now that Hajji has come here, God willing, our mosque will prosper like old times again
You're practically a Mullah yourself
You lead prayers, you teach Koran, you've got it all down
Actually my father was a Mullah
But certain turns in my life made me unable to continue
Thank God, Gholamali has chosen to follow his grandfather
Thank God
He knows four sections of the Koran by heart, Hajji!
- Six sections, Hajji! - Wow! Praise the Lord
God willing, he is going to memorize all the Koran this year
He's going to enter the national competition
God willing
But he has to work hard at it
When you love the Koran, it won't be hard at all
God willing, he'll become a champ and join the national soccer team
- May I ask you a question, Hajji? - Sure
You have done studies in theological cognition?
No, I've spent my whole life in Qom
These are your quarters, Hajji
You must forgive us, but this was the best we could afford
Don't mention it, it's a great place!
You have put up a lot of effort
- Is this the getaway? - Pardon me?
- I mean the gateway - Yes, sort of
I have a question, Hajji
Don't ask so many questions, Mojtaba
Hajji is tired, ask him at prayer, with your permission
God be with you
I want these two handsome youngsters to stay, I want to talk to them
As you wish, Hajji
At your service, Hajji
Well, dear ones, now tell me how you do your ablution
and how many sections does each prayer have?
Yes, hajji, in the name of God
Morning prayer has two sections, noon and evening prayers have four
and the night prayer has three sections
Don't be so upset, Mojaver
A prisoner's job is to escape
and ours is to catch him
You don't get the point, Major
This had never happened in my prison before
This man has ruined my reputation
Look, he can't go anywhere
We've put out an A.P. B on him
We have put surveillance on everyone who has been in contact with him
their phones are tapped
One mistake and he will be arrested what else do you want?
Think about it, Mojaver
If none of the prisoners escape, what's the use of a warden?
Hajji is here, praise his holyness
- Please lead, Mr. Fazly - Please, Hajji
I mean it, makes no difference, I'd be more comfortable that way
Thanks, Hajji, we're at your service
Well, call the "Azan" so we can begin
- I already called - Called who?
- The "Azan", sir - Right
Why are you standing there?
I'm here to say the praises, sir
- Deliver a sermon for us, Hajji - A what?
These folks haven't come to the pulpit for a long time
Give us a sermon
You mean pray again?
No, I mean preach for us, Hajji
Oh, you mean up there
Umm... in the name of God
Today, that for the first time
I am with you respectful citizens
I am very happy to be
present in this radiant crowd
I want to tell you what
we are going to discuss today
It's about the different ways of finding God
Which are as many as there are people
Well, what does that mean?
It means that for you, for example,
there is a path for you that leads to God
And there is another path for the person next to you
- For you... - Me?
No, the man in the blue coat behind you
- Me? - Yes
There is a path for you that leads to God
For Mr. Fazly there is a path that leads to God too
For the baker, the butcher, the prisoner...
Yes, pay attention to this word
There is also a path for that miserable
criminal prisoner that leads to God
Now that I mentioned prisoners,
I want to tell you something
Imagine you want to enter a house, okay?
There are several ways for that
You can use the key and open the door, okay?
But if you don't have a key, the other option is a master key
If you don't have a master key, you can
use a piece of wire, clippers, a screwdriver
Or you may climb the wall use a rope, and so on
Now sometimes you may want to climb the neighbor's wall to enter the house
In my opinion that's okay too that's another way that leads to God
Of course provided that you don't bother
the neighbors, in my opinion that's alright too
Anyhow, there is no person in the world
who doesn't have a path to reach God
I mean God has given people
lots of paths and they all lead to...
God! Well done, that was so cool
Okay, that ends today's sermon, as simple as that
May God be with all of you
- That was an interesting sermon, Hajji - Don't mention it
- Inquiry, Hajji! - What?
Question, Hajji
The value of "Al-Qadr Night" is more than 1000 months, why?
I'll let Mr. Fazly answer this question
because I want to see how much religious knowledge he has
Please, Mr. Fazly
No offense Hajji
Because on this night God sends the angels down
and determines the events of a whole year
praying on this night is more valuable than praying for 1000 months
Applaud him
It's truly amazed!
Well done to all of you for being such
knowledgable and literate believers
- Well done - I have another...
Allow me to answer you in the next session
I want to go for a pilgrimage to the shrine
Let us be together tonight, Hajji
We have prepared a simple dinner
God willing, tomorrow I will take you wherever you want
Thank God, I hadn't had such good chow in a long time
You must forgive us, Hajji
I'm sure it wasn't as good as what you eat at home
It was much better
- Inquiry! - Yes?
Hajji, in the North Pole we have six months of nights and six months of days
How do we say our day and night prayers over there?
You look at me as if you have a bus ticket for the North Pole
and you want to leave right now!
Actually, there are differences among the clergy over this issue
Some of them believe that we Muslems should never go to the North Pole
because we are used to warm climates and the cold weather will bother us
Why should we go to a place where we might freeze to death?
Then, if a war breaks out between the Muslems and North pole
What would happen to a Muslem who might be taken captive?
Yes! Actually this is what the other clergy say
All the prayers that you say during the six months of night
will be considered as night prayers and so...
To hell with the North Pole
Say your prayers according to the local time of your own country
Then if we take that...
Case closed, eat your yoghurt!
One of the locals has a very good voice,
he wants to sing a song if you would allow it
Of course, why not? Actually reciting a song helps your digestion
I have sprinkled water in the streets
so there is no dust when he comes
Well done
Excuse me, Hajji, but I hope this music is not profane
There's nothing wrong with it actually it is very good
But a mosque is no place for singing!
Mr. Fazly, who says a mosque is only a place for mourning?
Actually sometimes it's good to cheer up and raise hell
Well done
That really hit the spot after the dinner we had, well done
One move Hajji!
God willing, in good time!
- Hajji, peace be upon you, Hajji - Peace and God's blessing to you
- Do you want to go to the city, Hajji? - With your permission
Do you want us to come along so you don't get lost?
No need, I don't get lost
Excuse me, Hajji, I have a question about virtuous acts
Listen, dear brother, I don't have time to answer your question now
But it's like you two you're sticking to me like bloodsuckers
and you follow me wherever I go
This is not...
- Virtuous! - Virtuous!
Where are you going, Hajji?
To hell! God forbid!
God willing, I want to go to the shrine for pilgrimage
I had a vision last night and he asked for me
How fortunate you are, Hajji
Please pray for us, Hajji
- He looks like a saint! - Braveheart Shojayi!
Please don't get up, go on with your work
What have you done, Reza?
At your service, Reza the Lizard I missed you so much
Café Mozafari Drug addicts not allowed
- What do you want? - Hello
Who do you wanna see?
I wanna see Mahmoud Motazedi
What do you want?
I've come from Tehran, Jackson sent me
Are you Reza the Lizard?
With your permission!
Mahmoud was waitin' for you at the train station, but you didn't show up
The cops are here!
Get out! I said come out!
- What a pleasure Hajji! - Peace be upon you, sir
What are you doing here?
Answering nature's call! But be careful, there are no ewers here
It was a pleasure to see you again
Why don't you join us for prayers?
Pray for me!
I'm still thinking about the paths that lead to God
Please continue, I'm sure you'll find them if you keep thinking
Hajji, heads or tails?
Of course I don't know where Mojtaba' gets these questions!
But anyhow, it's important for Muslems to know...
how to conduct their religious duties in space
I will tell you now, since people are floating in space
if the body of a female astronaut
touches the body of a male astronaut
that would not be a problem
But it is necessary to join them in temporary wedlock
before traveling to space to be on the safe side
In such cases, due to the shortage of water in spaceships
Ablution won't be needed
Excuse me, Hajji, this is true for space,
but since there is gravity on earth
the relationship between a girl and a boy is problematic
No, Mr. Fazly
Excuse me, but it seems to me that you have had all your fun in your youth
and now that it is these youngsters' turn
you are being more Catholic than the Pope?
Don't we youngsters have hearts?
Okay, don't get carried away and abuse what I say now
Let me finish
Yes, Mr. Fazly, at that time you married a woman with 10000 tomans
but nowadays they don't even curse you
for that amount, let alone give you a wife!
So what can the youth do?
Not all people have the facilities to go to space
Mr. Fazly, I wanted to say something to you
At your service, Hajji
Can I borrow your pickup for a couple of hours? I want to go to the city
The pickup is yours
We know the city quite well, do you want us to come along?
Where do you want to go, Gholamali?
Have you memorized the "Ankabout" verse?
Not all of it, but I will
You don't have much time before enrollment
Go do your work, if need be, I will take Hajji
Thank you, but it's a personal matter
- Personal? - Yes
It's something between me and God
Good for you Hajji, don't forget to pray for us
- How are you, Hajji? - Thank you, what's up?
- Are you the sheriff? - No, I just asked
Then leave, it's good to keep your finger in your own pie
Well, well, Hajji, did he behave?
Yes, and how! Give me the money, Hajji's alright
I oughta tear him to pieces and...
Nothing, I said peace be upon you, Delangiz
If only Islam hadn't tied our hands
Now you're talkin'
Why do you let those thugs do whatever they like with you?
What could I do?
My dear brother, under such
circumstances it is necessary to...
- I mean to beat the hell out of them - It's not s simple as you thinka
Hello, Mahmoud, it's me, Reza
I'm not Mahmoud, where do you wanna go?
Isn't this number 15?
Eighth Street, no. 15?
No, this is Ostovari street, eighth Street is up ahead
I'm sorry, but the last one was Seventh
Yes, but the streets go in this order
Fifth, sixth, Ghaderi, seventh,
Ostovari, Bolbol, ninth, eighth
- Who is it? - It's Reza
Reza? Come on in
You're not Reza
Is this Mr. Motazedi's residence, no. 15?
Isn't this no. 15, Eighth Street?
This is it, but recently municipality has changed the numbers
Mr. Motazedi's residence?
God damn cowards
Don't get so worked up, mother
How can I not get worked up?
They handcuffed and took my lovely son in front of my eyes
Do you expect me to dance?
Do you know where he is? Is he in jail?
If they don't let go of my son, I will curse them
Listen, mother, Mahmoud was keeping something for me
- Do you know where it is? - No
He never brought his work
home because he was a bastard
He deserves whatever happens to him
- Thank you for your help - Don't mention it
Visit me again, you remind me of my bastard son
Hello, are you over there?
No, I'm still here!
Why didn't you go?
They have arrested Motazedi, he's in jail
Poor guy, what are you gonna do now?
I don't know
Everything's such a mess
I gotta see if I can do something myself
Don't you think of crossing the border without a pass!
You're dead meat if they catch you
No, God willing!
Why are you talking nonsense?
Good bye, God willing, goodbye
Hello, Hajji, how's your family?
We hope for the best, I had a question, Hajji
This is what I do not call a virtuous act, go ahead
Is the fear prayer required after watching a horror movie?
Since you might piss in your pants after watching a horror movie
ablution is in order for you
Go and wash up
Don't write, go wash
Hello, Motazedi?
That was great news, colonel
No offense hajji, but where were you last night that your clothes smell so much?
Well, actually I had to go on a mission last night
and as you know the streets have lots of holes and puddles
So I fell in the gutter
Empty promises till when?
I swear our people can't tolerate it any more
If they don't say anything, it's because they are modest
I speak out because it's my responsibility
I am talking here, Mash Ali, my God!
Today everyone is Mr. Shojayi's guest
Praise him for his success in the election
What should a parliament member have?
He has to have a cutting edge
The rest will take care of itself
You got foam in my eyes, oh God!
Who is he, Mr. Fazly?
He is engineer Shojayi
He wants to become a parliament member, he's spending a lot of money
Who's that?
He wanted to cross the border illegally
the border patrols arrested him and cut off both his hands
What happened, Hajji? Did the steam get to you?
Go get two sodas, kid
You'll feel better in a minute, Hajji
We followed Hajji and he went to bad neighborhoods!
In the name of God
I want to open an important discussion with you loved ones
and that is about the issue of cinema
If brother Gholamali allows me...
please be quiet, I want to have an important discussion
Yes, Hajji
Yes, today we are going to talk about Pulp Fiction
Mojtaba, do I have to call your names one by one?
Be quiet!
Both you and Gholamali, be quiet, we want to talk
Okay sir, okay
Yes, this move is made by brother Tarantino
He is one of the great Christian filmmakers
and I've heard he has won a few prizes
Mojtaba and Gholamali, I asked you to be quiet
Yes, Hajji, I just have one question
Stop whispering, you have already asked all your questions, son
I won't continue the discussion
because I can't concentrate anymore
- Yes! - It's me Hajji
How nice
Thank you God
Excuse me for bothering you this late, Hajji
No problem, I'm at your service anytime
- Come in, dear - Excuse me
Come inside
Hello, Hajji
What's going on here?
We have come to help you
To help me?
We know everything Hajji
Excuse me, what is it that you know?
Gholamali and I followed you last night Hajji
Excuse us but when you said you had a vision
We became curious
We were so moved, because
of your greatness and your glory
Hajji, I promise your secret will be safe with us
What secret?
That you go to poor neighborhoods in disguise
You visited the family of prisoners
She prayed for you a lot
You mean that old lady? Of course, that's one of my duties
What duty Hajji? If it's a duty, then why don't the others do it?
Oh, please
Helping one needy person in secret is not that big of a deal
That night he went to at least twenty houses
Hajji's bag was full at the beginning then it got empty at the end
I'm so upset... that you found out
Alms are rewarded only when done in private
At first we didn't want to mention it
but we thought it's not right to look the other way
I just die for you charitable people
That's why we thought we can accompany you tonight
This humanity and kindness... what? Tonight?
Yes, Hajji, tonight
But I'm not going anywhere tonight
Hajji, we know the needy people of this town
That's right, but no!
We have even brought our donations, go bring them
Hajji, we have never had a true man of God here before
We have never paid our religious debts
Take these and distribute them as you wish
Look, Hajji, don't you want us to take part in your good deed?
Okay, let's go and do
some good deeds in private
One, two, three, four...
God bless you
We haven't done anything, pray for Hajji
Dont mentioned it.
I was ashamed to face my children we didn't have any food at home
What do you do, my dear brother?
I am unemployed, Hajji
The factory went bankrupt and I got laid off
Sit and eat
Your daughter seems to be sick
She's so hot, does she have a fever?
She's had a fever for three days
Why don't you take her to a doctor?
We took her, she has to have some tests but it's too expensive
Don't you wanna eat dinner?
Hajji, this is not right, let me come back there
I have a few questions
No need, this is no time for questions
I want some fresh air
He asks so many questions
that it has become a pain in the... neck
4500 is all that's left from all that money
God bless you, Hajji
You make people happy
You must be very happy, huh?
Yes, I'm happy, but I don't know why my
ears start ringing when I do a good deed!
It's very strange
I envy you, God loves you a lot
Please pray for me
You don't need my prayers
You are such a great girl and true believer...
No Hajji, I haven't been a good person
Have you sinned?
My dear, confess to me
and unload the burden of your sins
Damn these clothes!
You can't make a move in them
What was your question?
Let's go, they are waiting
Bring some tea, boy!
What brings you this way, Mr. Reza the lizard?
I was just passing by, I didn't think they'd release you
I haven't done anything
Did they release Motazedi too?
I don't know, it's been a long time since I heard from him
Any of you guys heard anything about Motazedi?
They say he's been sent to prison
There! Your tough luck, I guess!
I wanted to tell you something in private Lady Hajji
Lady Hajji yourself! My name is Ozra
Okay Ozra, do you know anyone who smuggles people?
For whom?
For me
Look at this, don't you love it?
I take a 20000 Tomans check and I change it into 200 thousand Tomans
Is this your own work?
I'm in the traveler cheque business I haven't done such things for a long time
Well done
- What about passports? - You're Mahmoud's friend, right?
- You got a picture? - Yeah
Bring me 200 thousand Tomans and take the passport
200 thousand Tomans!
Money doesn't grow on trees, you know
That's the fee bro! Even if Mahmoud were here
he would've charged you the same, you have to pay 50 thousand in advance
That's not fair
If you want to leave the country, that's the only way
Hello, Hajji
Hello, strength to you, what's all this for?
Our saviour's birthday, Hajji!
Great! We'll have a ball
With your presence, of course, Hajji
Excuse me, Hajji
I have a question about ablution in space
It is written that questions have to be asked at the right time, not now
It is written?
It is written that questions have to be asked at the right time, not now
I asked you to do one thing
What could I do? He just came all of a sudden
- Hello - Questions after prayers
I don't have any questions
I just wanted to say we intend to get married!
Congratulations, God willing
But our parents don't know, they are very strict
Don't worry, my lips are sealed
Hajji, now I know how you think about me
I don't even think about you
No Hajji, I won't make a good clergy
- Why not? - Because my heart isn't pure, Hajji
Actually I'm just like you, but I made good use of religion
Hajji, I'm not a true believer!
When I say my prayers my mind wanders off
memorizing verses are very difficult for me too
But, damn me, when bad things come my way, I get tempted
I know what you mean
Hajji, I shave my beard with a razor
A student of theology doesn't
Who says I have to become a clergyman?
I have burnt my hand with a cigarette to stop smoking, but I still smoke
No rational person would do that to himself
Even God doesn't want me to become a clergy
You sap! Don't blame God for your stupidity
Look at me! You are a man and all human beings are attracted to mischief
It's human nature
God is not as strict as they say
If he was totally against these things, he wouldn't give us the tools for mischief
Go live your life
As the representative of God in this area and all other areas
I am telling you that God has forgiven you
Now go and have your fun
But be careful!
About the issue... of there being as many paths leading to God as there are people
Hajji, I have lost my path
Can you show me a shortcut?
Oh, my God! You're looking for a shortcut
and I'm looking for a getaway I need someone to help me...
You good for nothing baldie! May filth pours on your head!
What's going on here?
Oh, God, Hajji, he's killing my only daughter!
But why?
He says if she doesn't go back to him, he'll kill her
I hope you haven't called the police
No, he says he'll kill her if the police comes
Then let's go and get him!
He says he'll kill her if anyone goes up
Over my dead body!
Why doesn't she go back to her life? Who better than Delangiz?!
Shut up! Over my dead body!
Open the door, brother Delangiz!
Open the door
- Why doesn't this open? - Sorry, it's locked
Where's the key?
My boss has it, you can go up and get it from him
I have no other choice, with the landlord's permission
You have no right! Eh! Hajji!
What are you doing here?
I have come to talk to you
I have nothing to say to you
Get out from where you came before I break your bones
- Damn you! - Shut up!
Let my dear one leave and I will stay here to guide you
I got no use for you, Mullah!
You better not insult the clergy or put a price on them!
What'll happen if I do?
Listen Prince, violence doesnt solve anything.
Wouldn't be better if we solve this problem rationally?
Move aside or you'll get it!
Wait a second
Looks like you don't understand!
Wait a second, dear Delangiz
I want to give you a piece of advise
Wait! I'm talking!
Don't ever try to hit a man of the cloth
specially if he is from downtown Tehran!
Oh, my God! He's killing Hajji
Don't Worry, As I told you before,
the paths leading to God are?
As many as there are people!
Well done, now you can add three other paths to that list
hitting with the palm of your hand, kicking below the knee
and a blow with the head you can use them in cases of emergency, they're sure to work!
Well, goodbye dear one
Now go clean up your boss!
Thank you, Hajji, that made me feel better
My boss's pride!
God damn your boss
As they say, Lieutenant Nemati is our mole in narcotics
Tell him, Nemati
Yes, I was sitting in Mozafari teahouse
on detail, and the man you said came in
Did you see his face?
I wasn't facing him, but the teahouse owner called him the Lizard
Did you hear that with your own ears?
Yes, I'm sure, they were whispering
they were talking about passports, then they left together
Of course, the teahouse owner's husband used to smuggle people across the border
But he died four years ago
Now the teahouse has become a hangout for criminals
We haven't shut the place down to be able to arrest all of them
You mean the woman might be in the same business?
Or she might know the smugglers
- Hello, Hajji - Peace be upon you
Excuse me, Hajji, but is prayers accepted with these wounds?
It's got nothing to do with that, you have to have a pure soul
- A lot of people came to the mosque - We are going to the mosque too
- I have another question, Hajji - Ask me after the prayers
He don't look like he can beat anyone
Not at all
Ain't it a little embarassin', boss?
They might say we've come to the mosque because we're afraid of the Mullah
Let 'em say what they want
This is one Mullah that Delangiz is willing to stand behind for prayers
Praise for all of Muslem clergymen!
Please sit down, please, please
In the name of God The Merciful
I am glad to see that a lot of
the locals have gathered here
I think it's the effect of that famous
sentence the paths to reach God
Because I can see two brothers who were worthless thugs
have joined Islam as well, thank God
I hope they have felt this from the bottom of their hearts
Actually I am only recently beginning to understand the depth of this sentence
Instead of sitting up there and preaching
I should sit here and really think about this sentence
God's peace and mercy and benevolence be upon you
Father, you weren't there to see how the guy, who had 6 children, felt!
Tell him, Hajji
Yes, actually I was really moved
Of course I'm sure you're doing good deeds, Hajji
But you, when you left and came back in the morning
do you know how far behind you got in your main duty?
Which one is my main duty? Helping people or memorizing the "Koran"?
Don't shout slogans, kid!
You are not here to serve people
Get up, get up
I'm talking to you, Gholamali
- I won't enter the competition - What?
I won't take part in the competition
I am not able to memorize
You say something, Hajji
Mr. Fazly, don't pick on the youth so much
You can't force people into heaven, dear brother!
You are pushing so hard that they might fall off the other side into hell
- Hajji! - What?
- Everyone's waiting - What are these?
Bread and dates, my mom prepared them
All my cousins have come
Two pickups are waiting at the front door, please come
I'm not coming with you tonight
- Why Hajji? - Because...
But that's not possible, Hajji
Dear brother, I have a mission
Please give this money to the needy on my behalf
It's obvious that the guy is very needy!
I have a question about need
This is no time for questions
Those are God's mysterious ways, now leave
You go on too
I have to leave myself
Do you like it?
Not bad!
Not bad?!
You're so out of it!
Do you know I went through hell to change this number?
Thanks a lot
But this corner still needs some work
Your work is very delicate!
They call me Ozra Shapoury!
Master Yousef Shapoury's daughter!
Really? How interesting!
Do you even know him?
No, but when you say the name...
Everyone in this region knows Yousef Shapoury
He was a master miniature artist I was also his student
Then why did you turn up like this?
Destiny, poor thing thought
I'll become a famous painter one day
What delusions!
What do you want?
Here you go
- What the hell's this? - You tell her what this is
This means there are as many paths leading to God as there are people
Oh go on, dude!
Don't forget, goodbye, let's go
Don't people have better things to do?
He has brought these and says there are a lot of paths leading to God
That's ridiculous!
- Have some bread and dates - Thanks, I've Iready had somea
- What was the number? - 20
What happened, Ozra?
Tonight, after so many years I got reminded of my parents
Then all of a sudden they ring the bell and bring me bread and dates!
So what?
God hasn't forgotten me
Well, that's cool! Now let's get on with our work
Ozra? Forget about it, what repentance?
I have repented, I've returned
I know those guys they don't have anything better to do!
Come and fix the passport so I can get on with my miserable life
What are you doing, nutcase? Eh!
You better repent too, God will forgive you
Crazy lady!
Hey, what's with you? God bless the cows!
- Mrs. Shapoury? - No!
Aren't you Mrs. Shapoury?
I said no!
Isn't this number 20?
Who are you to ask questions?
Isn't this no. 20, Shirojan Street?
No, officer
This is no. 2, you've made a mistake
Is this no. 2?
Eh! What happened to our number?
The pigeons have done this
There you go, now it's 2
God help me, what
have I done to myself? God!
You have to repent too
God will forgive you too
There's room for all of you
Ozra isn't here anymore, She repented, God forgive her
The 50 thousand I paid her!
The woman has found time to repent!
Get back, move aside
Repent, repent and God will forgive you
See the posters we have printed?
Engineer Shojayi with ready to punch out deceit
This one shows that engineer Shojayi
is a thoughtful man, who thinks about the future
Engineer Shojayi standing in front of the people with ultimate power
Sir, I love this one
Shojayi has turned his back to all the
money in the world and he doesn't care!
Thank you, they are great, have them printed
Sir, with these posters, God willing, you're as good as elected
Your breakfast is ready, sir
The fresh bread got here at last
Follow the printing process I want them posted by tomorrow
Yes sir, don't worry
Why are you so late, Safoura?
I've been waiting for fresh bread for an hour
Forgive me, something had happened
I hope it's nothing bad
My aunt is a bit of a con!
She repented last night and the neighborhood is in chaos
How did she repent that it caused a chaos in a neighborhood?
They say, Hajji Reza has spoken to her
I didn't understand what she was saying she just kept crying all the time
Who's Hajji Reza?
Haven't you heard? The sheikh of Amir Mosque
Every night he goes to the house of the needy and gives them money
And you know how he does it? In disguise!
If he goes in disguise how do you know it's him?
He uses a disguise, but now everyone knows him
He gives money to the poor and dowry to the girls who want to get married
He cures the sick...
He cures the sick!
They say a dumb boy has eaten the beard
and dates that Hajji Reza gave him and now he can talk
I see!
Peace to you, Hajji!
Peace to you!
Hajji, are you on another mission?
Yes, private mission, with your permission
- Good for you, Hajji - Hello Hajji!
Hajji! You brought light to our humble hut
God knows how much I wanted to see you
Now that I've found you, I won't let go
Thank you, but I've already told our friends...
No, Hajji, I'm the host and you are the guest
And as they say, a guest is the host's what?
The host's dog?
Don't say that, you are our master the apple of our eyes
Do you know why I wanted to see you?
Because I'm a charity worker just like you, sir
- I see! - I do good deeds
I build mosques and schools
God bless you
I'll come and visit you tomorrow for lunch
Hold on, hold on, Hajji, I want to take you somewhere
I'm sure it's going to make you happy
- Where? - Prison
No, we're coming, we'll be there in ten minutes
Excuse me...
Hajji, we have the good fortune on our saviour's birthday
to pay the debts of a few prisoners who were arrested for bounced cheques
and have them released
It's a private gathering and I want you to come
Well, it would be an honor for me, but I can't come today
Listen, Hajji, I have a bad temper and if anyone disagrees with me, I will get upset
Safoura, can't you get us two cups of tea?
She keeps answering back
Releasing prisoners is one of the most important affairs
Please, go ahead
Safdary, 150 thousand Tomans,
Vakili, 150 thousand Tomans
Maghareyi, 150 thousand Tomans
This poor thing is here for 50 thousand Tomans?!
He's a good kid too, God will really reward you
Yes, Saneyi, 500 thousand Tomans...
No, this was not on the list
Here, look
Eh! I thought it's 50 thousand Tomans!
Forget it, any man who owes 500 thousand Tomans belongs in prison
How much is the total?
A million 430 thousand Tomans
Don't we have anyone with 70 thousand Tomans to make it even?
No, there's one who owes 100 thousand Tomans
No, that's enough!
Mr. Mojaver is one of my colleagues
God willing, engineer Shojayi is going to be our representative
Hajji Ahmadi, one of our greatest charity workers
-My pleasure, Hajji -The pleasure is mine
What happened, major?
You mean Ozra? She doesn't have any information
She seems to have gone crazy, she keeps talking about repentance
Let's go for the ceremony together Hajji
In the name of God The Merciful
Greetings to all you respectable folks
and especially to my dear inmate friends
Of course we all know that
people... sometimes break the law
because of need and misery
and they say that outlaws are not believers
Well, what does that mean?
Allow me to explain
First of all... don't think
that God has forgotten you
The prison gates might be closed to you
but... the gates to God's
blessing are always open to you
Stop thinking of ways to escape!
God doesn't only belong to good people!
Our God, is the God of the criminals as well
And it is only God, who doesn't look upon people differently
Actually God is the heaviest dude in gentleness, in kindness
the heaviest in the forgivness and frendship
A good friend, will give everything for his buddy
If people live by the codes
they will never steal anything
But unfortunately, some people want everything for themselves
and this is very bad
We have to do something to tame people
Taming means... creating love
and that's the only way leading to God,
this is very important
I don't aim to preach because it's useless
and no one can be forced into...
that's why mankind should...
Allow me to finish my words with a poem
Man is worthy of honor
for his soul and humanity
Beautiful attire do not reflect his worth
I hope that all of you be released from here very soon
and that you can find your path
Please pray for me to find a path as well
I hope I don't see you here and you don't see me here
and we see each other in other places
May God be with you and bless you
Thank you for your time
Forgive me for talking so much
But this is very cruel Mr. Mojaver
Prisoners don't come here to have fun,
they come here to get reformed
As they say, the schoolmaster's punishment is better than the father's kindness
Don't you agree, Hajji?
Yes, you are right, I agree with you
Didn't you have a T.V. Program a few years ago
called Knowledge in television, Hajji?
Well done, Knowledge in television
Didn't I tell you? I've seen you on T.V.
How nice that you remember
Mahmoud Motazedi to the visiting room
It was a fruitful program
It was on Monday nights, right Hajji?
Yes, you're right, Monday nights, excuse me but I have an excremental problem
and I have to find some water, excuse me
- Mr. Motazedi? - Yes?
I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes
Are they gonna execute me?
No, it will only take a few minutes
Please, Hajji
I'm Reza Mesghali
Reza Mesghali? I don't know you
Reza the lizard
Who sent you?
You were supposed to smuggle me across the border
Don't disgrace me
Cool, what a nice disguise!
I'm in deep shit, Mahmoud
Why didn't you leave?
I tried to see you, but they said they've arrested you
Why didn't you get your passport?
- Passport? From who? - From my mother...
Your pass was ready when you gave us your picture
Don't lie, I went to her
Did you tell her who you are?
Well, how could she know it's you?
Go tell her who you are, get your pass and leave
You ain't puttin' me on?
Why should I? I owe Jackson a lot
Well, goodbye, you may take him now, brother
Please pray for me, Hajji
It was a great program and we had a nice time Mr. Moshaver
I'm Mojaver, Hajji
I hope to find another chance to...
I hope to see you on T.V. Again
Of course they insist a lot but because their programs are of such low quality
I don't accept, goodbye
Goodbye, Hajji
What are you so suspicious about?
There was never a T. V program called Knowledge in television
How could I know it was you?
You looked like undercover cops
Did you say it was a passport?
I believe in right and wrong and I don't swipe the customer's money
That's how I've raised my bastard son!
You look better with a beard
Yes, thank you
I'm mourning for my father
No problem, but the border is closed now
Come back in two or three hours
Okay, I'll wait for another two or three hours
I'll come back
You went on a mission in broad daylight?
Missions don't have any special time
Finish your work, we'll start the evening prayers early
Is that possible, Hajji?
In cases of emergency it is allowed
Well, Gholamali, what's up?
I want to enter the competition
Well done
After you, Hajji
May God accept
Hello Hajji, what are you doing here?
Hello, Faezeh, my dear one, may God kill me, what are you carrying?
It must be very heavy
It's greens for tonight's celebration
Allow me to help you
No, I swear to God, I won't let you
I have come here to serve you
By the way, isn't your mother coming to the mosque?
She sends her regards
She went to the upper village to wash the fruit
Oh! So she's not here?
Although I don't have much time, but allow me to guide you to your home
Then you have to come up and have tea with me
Come up?
Damn this temptation
I would love to, but...
- Delangiz? - Yes, Hajji?
Come, help carry Faezeh's load
I am at her service
I don't need your help
This Delangiz is not the old Delangiz!
God willing, he's become much better
It's been a while that he regrets how he treated you
He has done that before, he's lying
No, I swear to God, it's different this time
Nonsense, you can't fool me any more
- I won't do anything to her - I said carry these stuff and don't talk
He keeps explaining himself, he talks like a chatterbox
I said take these and shut up
Yes Hajji
Thank you Hajji, goodbye
From police headquarters to the station
this is to inform you that Hajji Reza Ahmadi
who was recruited to be... the prayer leader of Amir mosque
passed away due to severe illness before he could go on his mission
You mean this Hajji Ahmadi is the armed robber?
Reza the lizard
He wasn't armed
We arrested his accomplice last week
and he confessed that the weapon belonged to him
But this man has done so many good things here
People swear on his name
Well, they are making a mistake
Let's go
Hajji, he's going to sing, aren't you coming?
Tell him to start
Yes, Hajji
These clothes are supposed to tame people
It's good for people to become tamed, isn't it?
No need for that anymore
There is no one in this world who doesn't have a path to reach God