How to Punt a Football : How to Receive the Snap in Football

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

I'm John Miller here with Expert Village to teach you how to punt a football. First how
to receive the snap. Before you can punt the football you have to catch the football, you're
out there lined up about 14 1/2 yards behind your center, you want your feet about shoulder
width apart and directly underneath your hips, your right foot will be set just a little
bit behind your left. You have the weight on the balls of your toes, so you are ready
to move in any direction, if the snap is bad that ball comes out over here you can get
your body in front of it and then with your steps you can move back to the center line.
If the ball is out to your left step to your left and go and get it. You are going to use
your fingertips to catch it. You want your arms fully extended you don't want to catch
that ball against your pads; you want to be all the way out here. I will turn to the side
so you can see, there is just a little bit of a bend in the elbow so you can still use
your arms so they are not rigid, but you do not want to bring it in towards your pads.
It takes more time for the ball to travel to your pads; you will catch the ball faster
with your arms extended. It is also an inconsistent motion, you want to be consistent with your
punting, the more unnecessary motion you have the worse it is.