The 40 Year Old Virgin (7/8) Movie CLIP - Why Don't You Want to Have Sex? (2005) HD

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Wow. Yeah.
Really? Uh-huh.
Seriously? l think we're at 18.
'Cause there were a couple of dates there...
that don't really count as dates. No.
l'll give you a free pass on those other ones.
Thank you.
Listen. What?
Listen. Mmm-hmm.
l really like you.
l think l'm falling for you.
l don't know. l kind of see this going somewhere.
l do, too.
l iust think we should iust go crazy on each other.
Okay. Okay?
Oh, thank God!
Okay, l should.... l gotta pick those up.
Don't pick them up now.
No, l have to pick those up right now.
Wait, we'll get them later. Listen, no, l can't, no.
Listen, it's really important because...
once the integrity of the box gets compromised....
This is original packaging and that's why these things...
are so valuable. So you don't screw with that.
You really don't screw with that. All right.
We can wrap them again later, you know.
Yeah, l know. But you know what...
this is very important that we don't lose the value...
and compromise the integrity of it.
Andy, l'm throwing myself at you and...
all you can think about is a fucking toy.
They're not fucking toys! This is Iron Man, okay?
l got this when l was in second grade.
Do you know how hard it is for a kid to not open that?
This is important.
These are my things...
and you are trying to make me sell them and l don't want to.
No. And you're making me.
l'm not making-- You are encouraging me...
to quit my iob. l'm not! l'm not trying to--
You want me to open a store. You want me to sell everything.
You know what, l'm gonna tell you something.
l don't iust change like that. l can't just change for you.
l don't.... l'm not trying to change you. l like you.
l'm iust.... l'm trying to help you grow up, Andy.
Well, thanks a lot.
l mean, my God, you ride a bicycle to work in a stockroom.
You know what, l'm not in the stockroom anymore.
l'm a floor manager. Okay.
And l ride a bike because l like to. Einstein rode a bike.
He had a wife who he fucked, by the way.
What do l have to do for you to have sex with me?
Do you want me to dress up like Thor? l'll dress up like Thor.
l'll dress up like Iron Man.
What do they do? l'll do it.
What? Everything's always about sex.
Why don't you want to have sex with me?
Why not? Tell me. You tell me the truth.
ls it because l have a kid who has a kid? Is that why?
No, it's cool that you're a grandmother.
l love the fact that you're a grandmother.
Oh, God! You are. You're a hot grandma.
Oh, my God!
You are so mean! Get out!
Okay, fine. Good! Good, fine. You're gonna go.
l didn't ask for any of this. You asked for all of it, Andy.
Okay. Great.
[door slamming]
That's the way you want it...
that's the way homie's gonna play it.
Yeah. Truth be told.