A Tropa (Tropa de Elite Satira)(English subtitles)

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In a town called Campos. Crime grows so subtle and dangerous ...
It is difficult to imagine that the common police will prevent with the small salary.
The government of the state created a group of super Cops. (Not so well supers ...)
They are called ... BOPE (good for them)
This is the night of his greatest test.
-Nobody is going up! Nobody! Damn! -Put the drink, man!
-That will kill you!
The Crazy Squad.
-Listen skulls! Received a complaint anonymously
-This building has traffickers.
-We invade and holds them!
-Zero two! What is the tactical system?
-Yes Sir! We invade and explode everything!
-Yes! Good thing you studied in the USA.
- Twenty two! Where is your uniform?
-I dress him! -This is not standard skull.
-Is yes. -Ok 22! Where is your hat?
-The hat came as toast. Look! -Fuck 22!
- What? - This is the gay hat!
-Joe Coffin of the dresses! He is the man! -Ok. Ok. 22.
-What is your idea for the invasion?
-We use the tactics of second base. To leave no one injured.
-Fucking twenty-two! Talk seriously! -So let's blow it all!!
Meanwhile, the bandits ..
-Skulls! let's go!
-It is for you to move! Damn!
-Twenty two! Care! It is only that the government sent!
- Wonderful!
-Drop your weapon! Freeze!
-Check them!
-Who are you son?
- I am only the extra ..
-Speak up!
-I extra, man! (crying??) -What??
- You are a criminal! - Stop man!!
- Speak! Who is the boss? - I do not know!
-What? Six nine! Place the bag in it.
- Yes Sir!
- No! That bag!
- Ah ... Too bad...
- Extra for the bag! It is their role.
- Put just 69!
- Who is the boss? - He is laughing, sir!
- You are laughing at us?
- Twenty-two! You can clean he!
- Affirmative. sir!
- Not twenty-two! It is to take the light.
- Where you going?
- Twenty-two!
- Skulls! Fire!
- Cease fire.
- Six nine! Check the evidence. - Yes Sir!
- What do you find?
- Chocolate... - What??
- Cigarettes from chocolate and mint! Sir!
- Zero two! - Yes sir!
- This is a crime? - No! Sir.
- Come on! We did shit.
Time of Extras
- Do not speak ill of my battalion! Do not talk badly of my battalion. Damn!
- Sorry! Flat wrong.