[ENG SUB] MBLAQ's Sesame Player Ep 9 Part 3 (3/3)

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Last guest, Joon has something in his hand!
What's that?
Last week's spray!
That made all the smell go away
You want to use it when I put bomb in there? You have a nice hairstyle today
Keep quiet
Put 10
Do you remember last week?
I don't
Last week, you put so many bombs, but it doesn't matter... since the smell goes away(?)
You better don't do that
Whatever, make the smell go away~
This week's topic is family!
I hope you're prudent and respectful the moment you answer~
How is your family?
Appa, Umma, noona, joonie...
Do you have a motto?
There isn't.
Is your ability of singing and dancing inherited from your mother?
But your mother is a music teacher
That has nothing to do with it
But she sings well
Is not that she sings that well
Let's talk about good things
You know what happened with my mother?
LJ's umma: "Eh Joon, you, wherever you are, don't sing"
Being a singer
When I'm at home, I practice my singing a lot, and when I get excited and I get into the song, they knock my door...
Come in and say "Don't sing in any place"(?)
It hurt my feelings
What kind of boy were you when you were little?
Problematic kid
I totally agree, I think you were really naughty...
You think... as much as you were?
Should we put five more?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry...
Well, then, we'll hear an episode of your life as a problematic boy
I burn the house!
Why did you?
The gap between the floor and the sofa was a little big
And igniting(lol) the lighter... let's go the jungle forest ~ (...)
and right there, the sofa caught fire, I got scared, so I got out of there
So I just stared, and then the kitchen caught fire too!
The flames were so big!
And the rest of my family, scared, started to try to turn it off by throwing water
I began to throw and throw water, but the conclusion was that... everything got burn.
And... what happened?
We moved
What we've learnt today: don't try to explore the jungle under the sofa.
I think that, in your childhood, you liked hunting and recollecting things a lot.
What is the reason why Joonie liked hunting?
I bought a little bird that they sold next to my school... and to raise a chicken, I had to pick up a lot of bugs...
And to distinguish it from the rest, I raised it in the nature.
I always had it on my shoulder
I fed him with "Samagui" (mantis) and I also got him a really good space to sleep.
His way of raising a chicken keeps getting weirder...
And when Joonie finished the recollection, his chicken begins to run!!!
It was really difficult for me to feed him
So what happened to the chicken at the end?
What had happened to the chicken Joon raised?
I changed it for a dog!
Aigo... Changsun-ah....~
That's why I brought something
Joon brought G.O's childhood photos!
Excuse me, but where did you get it?
Eh? Where did you get it?
You don't have to know.
Wait, wait...
You've learned ballet?
Me, ballet?
Little G.O wearing tight clothes!
Scared, he starts to stutter.
I don't know the camera's focus...
To the left, little Byunghee!
G.O's childhood
It was here where the nudity addiction appeared?!
When I was little, I used to walk around naked.
So that means yes
It's not a nudity-addiction, it's that I wasn't embarrased at all in front of my family.
Baby Jjoon's childhood~
What's the situation that has caused more problems throughout your life?
To my family?
There are a lot
Among them, the most effective.
They are at the same level...
So, burning the house is included?
No, it isn't.
I was a really problematic kid, but my father liked me a lot.
How nice
Please, say something
Dear parents, you always tell me to believe in me, to do everything possible and to accomplish my dream...
I'll show you that I can make you even more happy than you are now.
I love you<3
Now... Do you miss your family?
You don't? You call it a question?
Do you want to see them (miss them)?
Of course, I do miss them.
Then... get out!!
Get out, fast.
W-what (babbling) You ask me if I miss them... (sfiudsgfiusgfd)
Hurry, go, go to your house.
To my house?
Remisnicing family memories, G.O's smelly interview is over!!