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Life Pscycle-ology
Now, Just relax arhhh Mr... errrrr
Eric, Eric Sun
Hmm, Ok now what seems to be the problem?
Well, I just feel, really worthless,
my career has only lasted for 1 year, I need a new life doc
I need a new direction, there has to be more to life than being stuck in a drawer?
Well, you have come to the right place
We will dial up your past lives, then we can see what you are made of
and what new life would be best for you.
Now may I...
Past life regression operator, connecting you call now
So, Eric, tell me where are you now?
I'm in all these little bits, I think I’m metal... ...metal ore
Or what?
No, I'm in South Africa in a gold mine,
No. Now I'm in Brazil and I am Palladium,
Ow ow I'm suddenly really cold, and I can’t understand what they are saying but I think I'm Platinum and I’m in Russia,
Wait, wait I’m silver in Mexico now and I’m Silver
And then, Ow no no no I’m in Australia and I’m in the desert and I’m Nickel
Ok, move forward now Eric, leave the mines
If we go through all of your metals we will be here all day
Tell me where you are now?
Ow it’s moving so fast and...
...I'm feeling a little bit sick!
Ow that tickles...
I feel so loved
Mummy, mummy is that you?
Lets move on to your childhood now Eric, tell me about that
Um arh, I'm being unwrapped....
ow I feel so alive and I can hear all these voices
So you got addicted to use. Then what happened to you Eric?
It’s my first birthday and things aren’t going so well,
I keep losing charge and
well my memory is just not up to scratch.
And then,
that’s when she came along she was so shinny, so new
she had a camera!
So he threw me in the draw.
Ok, Eric sun, I will dial you out now, just relax,
there is still hope for you yet.
Now Eric it would have been much easier if your parents had thought about your life options when they created you
but, some parents are very irresponsible.
So, this could have been avoided Doc?
Well, you could have been designed better
like design for disassembly, to last longer or to be upgraded.
But you are very lucky that you came here, usually only 1% in 1 billon
phones created will ever get a new life,
most of them in drawers, or they end up in a hole in the ground sometimes they get shredded into tiny pieces to try and recover all the valuable pieces.
Ow that’s horrible!
But you are very lucky Eric, I have friends in high places that can fix you a new life...
Because the regression it showed that you have very valuable pieces inside of you
the gold, palladium and silver are all rare rescores -
and now some smart companies see the value in recovering these and reusing them.
So I will write you a referral. You will go to a special facility
where you will be disassembled and transformed into many new products Eric
Ow why thank you doctor, Thank You Boy am I a lucky phone!