How to Setup a Minecraft Server 1.1 with Bukkit and McMyAdmin - Essentials and Dynmap

Uploaded by zlmitchell on 13.12.2011

Hi everybody. This is a quick on how to
make a McMyAdmin Minecraft server with the new 1.0 addition
it has been a little while since my last update and this time
I’ll do a voice over so everybody should no longer hate that song.
Alright so first lets start off by going to the McMyAdmin website here
we're just going to go up here and click download
and from here, we're gonna still be doing a Bukkit server with Dynmap, and Essentials.
We're gonna add a couple other plugins here too along the way.
So we're going to get a Bukkit here first and right now they've already
got the recommended build up so you can just click download here
otherwise you can just go to their dev site.
Which I will put the link in the description. You can download it
down there. That’s what I had to do for the last couple weeks to get it.
Here you can go to get plugins. Which is linked right, up in the upper right
here. "Get Plugins" So you might want to just learn how to do this if your new to
this otherwise if you have been using my tutorials in the past you are probably
already used to doing this. You just go in in here and type in the plugin-ins you want.
We will start of with Essentials. Just hit return. It will pull it up on the top.
But I’ve already got it open, we're going to scroll down and go for the Pre-Release version
right here which is the 1579. Click on that it should open you up to a page. Here’s... There’s a ton of plugins
in here. We are only going to be using a couple but we are going to download the whole zip.
Click that right here. Start downloading it.
Then we are going to continue to the next one. Feel free to pause this video at any time.
I'm going to go a little quick so i can fit it in my Youtube time slot. Next one we are going
to grab is Dynmap, which is amazing if you have never used it before. Click download right here
right now. That should automatically download it. The next one we are going to want is WorldGuard.
This is so if you playing with a lot of different people you have never played with before you can
guard peoples houses, you can protect territories, turn off fire, you can do all sorts of stuff with it.
Its a necessity. Lets go ahead an click on this. Its going to a couple of different pages before you can
download it. Your going to click on the download link up here. Then once more up in the upper right.
Then your going to want WorldEdit, which if your an admin it adds a ton of different things and allows
a bunch of different griefing, editing tools, and a bunch of other things. It makes the game alot easier
if your on a big server. So click download and do the same process you did before with WorldGuard. And click
download again, and one more time over here.
So once you have all those plugins downloaded. You're going to put them all in the same folder.
Like I have here.
First you going to want to extract McMyAdmin.
What I use here is 7-Zip. Just allows me to right click on here and extract them all. So extract them all into
this folder. So right now I have all of my McMyAdmin going. So I’m just going to run it real quick. Just Once.
So that the first run through. We just have to run it once. All i had to do was start it up one more time
and bam it started right up. Now I can continue through the wizard and name your Minecraft server. Show on
public list I don't want to, it's going to be a survival server, player vs. player, then do I want to start from
a template, sure. Start from winter wonderland.
Allow Access
You've got this all going through, right now because I'm running a personal it only allows 8 players.
We'll let this run for a bit. Because right now its creating the regions, saving the chunks, starting
the Minecraft server again. So this is the first run through. So right now this is only running on the
Minecraft default server, it's not running on Bukkit. But we will just go into the preferences right now.
And... We'll go to About... Updates... and just do Update/Install Bukkit.
Lets see if its going to automatically install Bukkit. I haven't checked if it's already updated to the newest
Bukkit version yet.
I don’t think its going to do it. So i just going to close this out. So that’s going to stop the web ui anyway.
So from there I’m going to go back, we are going to rename this to just craftbukkit. I'm going to drag it right in
there, then drag it into the minecraft folder.
Lets try starting it up again. Lets go back to about and see if it's using Bukkit. Yup, it's using Bukkit. Now it's
using that jar I just created and dropped in there. So from there now we can go ahead and add all our plugins.
So I’m going to stop the server again. First I'm going to stop it Gracefully. Stop the server... Just close that out now.
Then I’m going too... Go back again. I'm going to extract all of these. So from here I've got these two.
These go in minecraft, and into plugins. Drop this in here.
Then open my 7-Zip.
Then into Essentials and grab Chat, GeoIP, Bridge, GroupManager, Protect, Spawn, and Essentials.
And the config I believe. Drop all those in there.
Lets go back up again. Grab WorldEdit and the craftscripts. Lets go up again and grab WorldGuard.
All you need is WorldGuard, I don't believe you need the blacklist. Lets go back again.
Start up McMyAdmin again, if you go into the chat. You can see it do a bunch of things.
From here now... Scroll down you can see it loading everything, WorldGuard loaded, Dynmap is loading.
Everything is loading. Dynmap is on 8123. Now if we go and type in localhost:8123 like this. its going to open up
Dynamp Right now there is nothing loaded, that’s because I haven't entered the server yet. And its got all three maps and you can
change it between 3D or seeing all the caves and then the three different maps, which is the ender world, nether world,
and normal world right now. So let me join the game.
So all I did was type I localhost in the servers. I'm out in the ocean somewhere even though I did choose the
winter wonderland. So right now I shouldn’t have any permissions, I don’t think on this server. Right there is the spawn point.
So if I swim down or try to dig. If this is on one of your maps. And that lets say somewhere in the middle of nowhere. If I tried
to beat up the ground right there. It wouldn't let me, all the blocks would disappear instantly and come back they replace.
Because there is a spawn protect. Because i put in WorldEdit or WorldGuard. There is a spawn protect of like 15 block radius
right there around the spawn so just in case let’s say someone decides to TNT your spawn area, when people spawned they
didn't just fall to their death immediately and respawn and fall to their death. That’s their on purpose. Um... Now... If I come
out here and... I am not permitted to build. So now what I’m going to do here is hit esc. Go to McMyAdmin, there I am zlmitchell.
Lets see... Lets go to my User groups. I can go to Administrators... and click add. Now in group Administrators.
That’s because I forgot to change... Server Features, change it to Group Manager. Might have to restart the server once for... Nope
Already works! Look at that, so all you have to do is go under Preferences... Server Features and change it to Group Manager.
And then... So that’s that plugin we put in... In the minecraft plugins under Essentials Group Manager, this allows us to under
users and groups to add people in different categories,
Regulars, Moderators, or Administrators. Add them to different groups with different commands. So lets say Moderators
they can do, change it do day. But Regulars they are not allowed to do that. They can come in, and they can build, but Moderators
are allowed to ban people and TP people where Regulars cant do that and Administrators can do all the commands under the sun.
So right now if I do /day. It tells me what time it is. But if I do /time day it turns it to day. So now I don’t have to worry about
getting beat up since I don’t have anything. But if i wanted to fly. Or turn to creative mode. I do /creative, yup /creative works to go
to creative mode. That’s a McMyAdmin feature, I can just fly with Space Space and hold Shift to go down. But that should get you all
set up with you McMyAdmin Server. And then all the other permission setups for Essentials you'll have to put in here manually. Like your
signs or any of that. Like Essentials signs heal use. That allows that user group to use he heal signs from essentials. Lets see...
Command Permissions. That’s like this. You'll have to go through here and decided whether or not you want those user groups to use these
otherwise they wont be able to use them. But that is your server permissions, not mine so you can figure that out.
So lemme go over one more thing. For Essentials there is a couple more config edits that you should know. Let me edit this with Notepad++.
If you want members to... Let me make this smaller so you can see it... to be able to sleep in their bed and save their home instead of typing
/sethome or whatever. You can go into this config.yml under plugins Essentials in your McMyAdmin folder. Under here there is a lot of
different settings which are key to how the game runs on your server you should diffidently go through and customize this anyway you want to
for example if you enable nicknames you can go in here and change it before the nickname you can add a period instead of a tilday or change
the nickname equals true. Teleport cooldown time. So for example I change this to 1800, which is 30 minutes in between teleports. Then teleport
cooldown... I mean delay. I do 30 seconds... or 15 seconds. Heal cooldown is 60 seconds. Item blacklists, spawn mob limit, so admins they can only
spawn 10 mobs at a time. This is where all the disabled commands are. Different other things. Afk kick.
So here is Essentials Home. Respawn at Home. Change that to True. Spawn if no home, no home is set. Do you want to change it so it automatically sends
them to spawn, yea. Update their bed at daytime, yea. If they right click their bed during the daytime it automatically sets their bed, yes.
I remember in Essentials or something like that there was one that did. That turned pumpkin helmets into Scuba helmets but check that out im sure
you'll like it. If you like this video subscribe to my channel, like it, and leave your comments in the comments below. That would be great thanks
for watching