The History and Evolution of Locks and Keys from SimpliciKey

Uploaded by SimpliciKey on 23.04.2012

Since the beginning of time, people have been looking for ways to protect their possessions.
Over 3,500 years ago ago, ancient Egyptians first used bolts and wooden pegs to lock up
their homes. Since then, we've seen several improvements in lock-and-key technology 1778
Robert Baron produced the first double acting lever lock, based on the principles of the
Egyptian Joseph Bramah soon followed in 1784 by patenting the unpickable safety lock.
This worked for a while, but people who want to pick locks are clever. so locksmiths kept
working. Linus Yale Sr. created the pin tumbler lock in 1848. and the world's first combination
lock came from James Sargent in 1857. Yale's son combined his father's and his and Sargent's
idea to create the modern day combination lock in 1862.
Samuel Segal brought us Jimmy locks in 1916 and holds 25 different patents on the technology,
proving he knows his stuff. Since then locks have stayed relatively the same. That is,
until the electronic lock revolution. Here at SimpliciKey, we're adding our own page
to the lock history books, with our electronic door-lock solution.
With our lock, you can enter your home with a remote control key FOB, hidden backlit key
pad, or traditional key. .com to add our bit of history to your home today.