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The sermons of Moses Secrets of happy life with God
How to live and not to sin
Today I will tell you how to live and not to sin, or at least to sin less and to do less mistakes,
how to live to be in the Law of Life.
Here should get to know how a person is arranged, look at the anthropology of a person, which is the spiritual, internal arrangement of a person,
how a person thinks, feels and acts.
This is a head of a person. Both good and bad thoughts come to this head. Where do good thoughts come from?
Good thoughts always come from the Guarding Angel. Yes, He always gives good thoughts.
There is a bad angel – an angel of the evil spirit, from Satan on our left side. And he is really bad, you know?
He is so evil, sly, not satisfied, egoistic, and he gives bad thoughts.
And a person gets these thoughts fifty-fifty. But it also depends with whom a person usually gets on with more,
with Good Angel or with the bad one. That influences whom person will listen to more.
What happens with these thoughts that go into a one’s head?
Whether it is a good thought or a bad one it passes to the soul, the center of a person’s soul is here.
And a thought goes into soul, which includes feelings, knowledge, and habits.
And then a thought influences these feelings, knowledge and habits and develops into a wish. If it is a good thought it develops into a good wish. 00:03:06.700,00:03.16.762 The thought develops into a good wish. If it is a bad thought it develops into a bad wish.
Later one’s wish is realized into an action. A person acts it and by this he or she falls within the Law of Death.
And then a person inhales a breath of death. Do you understand?
So when one does something bad, he/she feels badly. For example, how do you feel when you have done something bad?
Badly, sadly, you feel blue, lost, don’t you?
And if we all the time let a bad thought get inside, that goes into the center of our soul,
it develops into a bad wish, a bad action and we fall within this circus of the breath of death.
We inhale this sinfulness.
And a person bit by bit works out a sinful habit, which is called “passion” by Church.
And this passion begins to invade a person.
This passion fills a soul greatly, and then the soul cannot listen to God decently,
it cannot do what it should, so be careful with what you do, because a bad thought is like a virus,
it is like flu. A person falls ill, he/she has to recover, it takes time.
If a good thought comes to us, it raises good feelings,
develops into a good wish, a good wish is being realized, we do a good action and fall within the Law of Life, in which there is God Himself.
And then we inhale the breath of Life.
How do you feel when you do something good for someone simply, without any profit?
Well, very well, joyfully.
And when you are hurrying home and at home there are some problems, it seems the soul troubles, but at this moment God will always send an opportunity to do something good.
And when we don’t refuse to do this good and do it, such impression appears that at home everything is okay, our soul is happy, Angels sing “Alleluia!”
So the breath of Life goes into our soul, we feel extremely well.
Tell me, please, can you buy in any shop such feeling of joy
as you feel when you have done something good, honest to someone?
Don’t listen then to a bad angel: “Why did I do that?”, but “I did well to the glory of God”.
Can you buy this joy in a shop?
You buy great wine there, you will get drunk, relax a bit, but you will not get such joy.
Because the Holy Spirit descends upon you every time through your good actions, so the energy of Life flows in us and does its circle.
And we try to accept only a good thought all the time, not bad,
a good thought flows in us and we do good deeds and our soul is filled with holiness, only a small per cent of dirt leaves.
And if we do it all the time, we will be able to clear our soul to a great per cent
and something not significant will leave there or maybe to clear it to the level of holiness. Do you understand? To the level of 100% holiness.
And now I will tell a secret what to do not to let a bad thought, but only a good one.
Different eastern religions teach how to control a thought, but do not give full knowledge.
And a person tries not to think at all, but a thought acts all the time.
It is almost impossible but we have to control our thought all the time every day.
So we have to use a peculiarity of our soul – mind.
Mind has to be like a guard which analyses a thought, whether it is good or bad.
For this you read the Holy Gospel that teaches you what is good and what is evil.
And you feel that a thought is not good, that it is sinful, a thought that brings you grief, twinges of conscience,
hatred, egoism in you, slyness and so on.
All these go from him, from a bad angel.
Your mind like a guard has to say: “Stand fast! Who is there? I will shoot. Say the password.
You have done that – you have analyzed.
And further what can you do to get rid of this bad thought?
When you recognize that you have a bad thought, ask immediately “My Holy Angel, clear me from a bad thought”.
And as the children see the Angel’s action that He passes his sword along a soul and clears the person from the action of a black angel.
So as a black angel together with a bad thought comes into a person and the Guarding Angel like with the help of a sword
clears the person from this evil energy. It is enough 2-3 seconds after appealing to your Guarding Angel
or Jesus Christ, if you don’t know how to appeal to your Guarding Angel,
appeal directly to Jesus Christ, to God. “Clear me from this bad thought”. It is enough 2-3 seconds for this thought to disappear.
But if this thought doesn’t disappear? For example some thought appeared and you did not control it, it went to your feelings, to your soul,
it is like a spark that falls in petrol and flames up, feelings flame up a desire to do something bad.
It means that when your feelings are flamed up, then you feel disappointment with the relationship with some person,
and you cannot forgive him or her. And you begin to quarrel constantly with him or her,
and think «I will say him/her, or “I will do something", "he/she offended me so much", you fell this offence.
Then you pray again to your Guardian Angel, because he is the Good Angel, he protects you.
He loves you thousand times more than your mother does; he is like your personal advocate before Lord.
He is the guard of your spiritual interests; he protects you from the evil.
When a bad thought strikes the center of the soul and then develops into the bad feeling, you should pray: "Angel my saint Keeper, cleanse me from a bad thought.
Pray to all Angels, all Saints, Holy Mother, so that they pray to God for me, they help me, cleanse me from bad feeling.
God, cleanse me from bad feeling." It is necessary to pray for 5 or 6 minutes, and then, feelings will calm down (5-6 minutes).
But when a thought has developed into desire, bad desire, and when you have a bad desire in you.
What should you do in this case, how should you pray?
But you do not want to pray, because you want to sin.
It is necessary to analyze what will be after your bad deed, what will come after that.
If I do bad deed, I will fall within the Law of Death.
And then according to the Law of Justice, which I showed you previous time, someone or you would suffer.
It means that the fear of God will help you to interrupt a bad desire, in other words there must be the fear of the results of our bad action.
I do not want something bad to happen with me or with my family, I would rather keep myself away from a sin,
but you, God, help me because I want to sin, to do something bad.
God, help me "Angel my saint Keeper, all Saints, the Mother Divine, Jesus Christ, God, help me, cleanse me" and it can be necessary to pray for 10 minutes
to become clean from this bad desire.
It can take 10 minutes, or 12 - 15 minutes, but this will be the great victory, not to do the bad action.
Out of all these things the easiest one is to control the thought, in order not to have strong desire.
But if you have a desire, because you are in passion, a desire to get drunk, or to smoke,
and you want to give up smoking, and then ask God to help you.
Maybe you have the desire to commit adultery, or to steal some things, or to lie constantly.
Desire of gluttony, greediness, you should pray and God will cure you.
If there is passion, then it appears from the inside, as an ordinary thought and then it became the feeling
but the Guardian Angel will help you.
It is very important to control thoughts «Guardian Angel, give me a good thought» Guardian Angel cleanses you from bad thought, and gives you a good one.
A good thought develops into your feelings, feelings pass to your desires, desires outgrows in good deeds
and if you do well you will fall within the Law of Life. And then life is inhaled in you, and you feel perfectly.
I will show you more detailed scheme: mind which controls your thoughts, Guardian Angel gives you a good thought,
it goes to the center of your soul, touches your feelings, your habits, knowledge and this thought develops into a good desire,
good desire passes into an action which you will do, you want to do good, you do good and then fall within the Law of Life.
When you have done well, life is inhaled in you; God gives you the energy of life.
You get such qualities as prudence, wisdom, the gifts of God,
patience, love – and you feel much better.
If you got a bad thought, it goes in similar way; the bad thought develops into your feelings,
then it passes to your bad desire which outgrows in a bad action.
Apostles said that the good deeds were the road of life meanwhile the bad deeds were the road of death.
In other words you walk along the road of death and you fall under the Law of Death and then energy of death is inhaled in you.
First, you feel very badly because of your bad angel,
second, you would suffer, according to the Law of Justice, if you did not repent,
did not ask God to forgive you.
For this purpose you have mind, you should use it constantly.
You should analyze your behavior, control everything in your inner world and cleanse it.
Because this is a process of cleaning, controlling yourself, the process of getting sanctity.
And while you live in this world, you would constantly have these good and bad thoughts.
A good thought from Angel usually comes only once and it is rather quiet, not obtrusive.
Bad thought from a bad angel usually prevails. You would think "there is no advantage for you to do this, you should behave in such way"
this thought is impudent, like an impudent person, like the bad angel himself, he is an egoist he always searches for emotional moments,
he has no justice at all.
Guardian Angel gives a thought once, he does not insist and when a person hears a good thought he/she should always realize it.
And if you haven’t heard the good thought, you should ask "God give me a good thought. What should I do in this situation?"
and God will give you a good thought.
You should try constantly to contact with the Guardian Angel at the level of thoughts, through the prayer,
you should sanctify yourself every time before the beginning: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
By this sign you benumb the power of bad angel. Do you understand?
You cross yourself with three fingers, as it is a Trinitarian God – The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
God is not an old man with a beard who is sitting somewhere in heaven. God is a perfect and holy Energy.
God the Father is the energy of wisdom, God the Son is the energy of love,
and the Holy Spirit vivifies, as we can understand from the Bible.
And when we sanctify and clear our mind by the energy of wisdom: “In the name of the Father..”,
cleanse our soul from aggression by the energy of love: “in the name of the Son”
and cleanse and fill our body and soul with the power of life for good deeds: “ in the name of the Holy Spirit”.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. The bad angel is benumbed and then we ask: 00:18:11.100,00:18:17.700 “Good Angel, help me, tell me what should I do in this situation?” Then we get the answer.
We listen to this answer and ask God to help us to realize it.
We ask to develop this thought into our feelings to do a good action and to fall within the Law of Life, and be blessed.
If you control yourself, you will be blessed.
You should control your mind, your thoughts and ask God to help you in this invisible warfare. 00:18:41.700,00:18:52.000 You should ask Him to help you in the warfare with the evil, with the Satan. May God help you.
Glory to Jesus Christ! To God be glory forever!