DermTV - Essential Skincare for Your Twenties [ Epi #305]

Uploaded by dermTVdotcom on 21.04.2011

[music] Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz
and welcome to DermTV.
Regardless of your age, there are three essential skincare products that
everybody should use every day: a sunscreen, an exfoliant, and an
antioxidants. But your skin also has different needs in terms of care
depending on your age, and in this series of DermTV episodes, I’ll discuss
specific decades related issues relevant to healthier, more beautiful and
younger looking skin. So in your twenties, the issues that are most
important to you are first, prevention of premature photoaging from sun
damage… Second, exfoliation to help control and prevent breakouts, and to
keep your skin looking bright and lustrous… And third, starting a
preemptive defense against fine lines and wrinkles which are coming in your
mid to late thirties. Preventing premature photoaging and damage is easy
and by now should just be part of your basic daily skincare routine: you
should be using sunscreen every day, rain or shine, and a topical
antioxidant product every night. Your sunscreen obviously protects from
direct ultraviolet damage, and your antioxidant helps protect against
damage from both naturally occurring free radicals inside your skin cells,
and also the ones that come from the sun’s direct ultraviolet rays… which
somehow just got passed or around your sunscreen. Next, your glycolic
exfoliant will help to prevent and if needed, control acne breakouts… It
also helps prevent the accumulation of excess dead cells with extra pigment
which create brown-spots… And of course, glycolics help keep your
complexion bright and radiant. And last, the best way to prevent the
emergence of fine lines in your 30’s, besides preventing more damage by
regularly using sunscreens and antioxidants, is by starting to use peptide
products. They rev up your fibroblasts, which are your cells that make your
collagen. So as collagen depletion starts to occur in your next decade,
you’ll have your collagen building cells already online producing
additional replacement collagen so it’s there when you need it. Using
peptide-containing products every night will help ensure timely collagen
building in your skin. And if your cheeks are dry or feel tight, there is
no harm is using a water-based moisturizer in your 20’s to help hydrate and
even the texture of your skin. So there you have it for skin care in your
twenties.And in the next episode on Skincare by the Decades, I’ll tell you
about your specifics skincare needs of your 30’s.