The Amazing Spider-Man Australian Trailer

Uploaded by FilmIsNowEU on 29.05.2012

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Here’s today’s video clip, movie news are coming up!
The 5th of June 2012 comes out the paranoid thriller The Collapsed Noises,
where in a wake of an unknown event that has lead civilisation to chaos,
a family tries to survive and flees to the country.
But something much more terrifying awaits them also in their old hometown.
Casting John Fantasia, Steve Vieria, Anna Ross, the movie is directed by Justin McConnell.
If you appreciate horror movies or splatter thrillers, would you go in see this?
What other horror style movie do you prefer?
Is this enough terrifying or does a movie like Shining inspire you more?
There is a video clip on web if you would like to check a preview.
See next time!