Google Developers SXSW LEGO Rumble

Uploaded by GoogleDevelopers on 11.03.2012


MALE SPEAKER: We're here in Austin, Texas, where teams
have gathered from all over the world to test their skills
of conquering a custom-built obstacle course using nothing
but a LEGO Mindstorms kit and an Android
powered phone or tablet.

Live from the Google Developers' House at South by
Southwest, this is the Google Developers
LEGO Mindstorms Rumble.

TYLER HANSON: Let's get ready to rumble!

Are there enough geeks in the house?
Give it up for the geeks who have been playing
with LEGOs all day.
All right.
Do I have all of our teams?
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live on the interweb.
I don't know who's watching this.
Hi, people.
So what we've got going on here is that these guys have
all been building furiously since-- well, some team was
here at 10:00 in the morning--
making all these LEGO bots and putting all that stuff.
We have an obstacle course that these guys are going to
go through, a round robin.
Now, the rules.
You guys want to know what the rules are?
They're very simple.
Rule number one, you don't tell anybody that you did
this, since it's secret.
Right over here where I'm standing, this is the starting
line, imaginary starting line.
There's a couple ladies here who are going to drop flags,
and it's a very imaginary course.
So the first rule right here, you see this black tape?
This line on this side you cannot have your bot on the
other side of it.
Does that make sense?
You're not allowed to have your bot.
You can do whatever you can and can figure any way to sit,
this is your box and this is your box.
Now the driver.
Each team gets one driver.

You can't do any more.
I guess four people could handle a tablet at once,
probably not.
You can have your pit crew on your sides.
Now one driver, one driver, pit crew The challenge is that
you've got to get from here all the way over to there.
Now, you have to get all the way into the box in order for
you to be equal.
Now, if they're hanging over at all, then
that's not a win, right?
Now, what if you got these big guys that are going to stick
out no matter what?
TYLER HANSON: What about in there, though?
They got to park it?
They got to park it sideways.
So get your parallel parking mind inside.
Now, the other rule, I'm just going to keep
moving through here.
The other rule is that if your bot flips over, i.e.
A turtle, you have to start over.
OK, now your teammate can help you pass
your bot back to here.
Or it gets stuck.
OK, so stuck or flipped over, quicksand or turtle.
We can come up with other euphemisms.
Now, what else are we missing?
So that's basically it.
That's pretty much it.
Now OK, does everybody know what you're going
to be judged on?
First and foremost, we're going to be judging on style.
Now I have an expert secret panel of judges who I'm going
to reveal to you, who are going to take notes and look
at all of this wonderful flair that these guys have taken on
to give a little study.
And then I'm also going to go through and actually talk to
each team and get your guys' name.
Now, do I have all of our teams in here now?
Has everybody had a drink?
Ah, there we go.
Very nice.

You can see by its design that it was late.

We have 13 bots total.
Are we missing one then?

TYLER HANSON: It's OK, he tried.

Now we also have Trevor Jones.
Hi, Trevor.
TYLER HANSON: Trevor's coming from the magical world of--
what state are you in?
TREVOR JOHNS: I'm pretty sure I'm in Texas still.
TYLER HANSON: What state of mind are you in?
TREVOR JOHNS: A very different one.
So I'm coming to do you live from our broadcast studio here
in the corner of the Google South by
Southwest Developer House.
So yes, these teams have been battling blood, sweat, and
tears to and bring us their bots today.
They've been here since 10:00 AM in the morning hacking both
on their Mindstorm kits and their Android tablets.
It's looking like it's going to be an exciting competition
and lots of fun.

TYLER HANSON: This is some people's South By experience,
absolutely amazing.
Trevor is going to be giving us technical analysis from the
amazing wonders of Studios One, Two, Three, and Four.
We have a crash studio, we have a lab studio, we have a
ground zero studio, amongst others.
Who's playing music?

We're going to start with you, then.
How are you?
DAVID: Good, how are you?
David, what is the name of your team?
DAVID: We're with Ology, and our robot is Eye of the Tiger.
It's an ode to Stallone.
TYLER HANSON: This is Eye of the Tiger, it's an ode to
Stallone bot.
OK, where are you guys all coming from?
DAVID: Orlando, Florida.
TYLER HANSON: Orlando, Florida.
Very, very unique city in America, right?
It's like the Vatican but different?
DAVID: Very different.
TYLER HANSON: Disney owns it.
Who's here?
What do you guys got?
Step over here.
MALE SPEAKER: We're Buckeye LEGO Bot from Ohio.
TYLER HANSON: All the way from Ohio, Buckeye LEGO bot.
you guys?
All you guys are from Ohio?
OK, did you guys have fun?
Was this worth your day at South By?
Well, my friend, welcome, welcome.
Please, come over here.
I like this one right here.

Oh my God.
That looks like Star Wars.
OK my friends, where are you from?
MALE SPEAKER: We're from Nantes in France.

TYLER HANSON: Nantes from France, but not from--
no, that doesn't work.
These guys were here the first. These guys got here at
10:00 in the morning.
And look at the amazing wonderful [INAUDIBLE]
they invented.
And why did you guys decide to do LEGO--?
MALE SPEAKER: We like this.
TYLER HANSON: You like robots?
TYLER HANSON: Well, you guys have done a wonderful job.
I wish you really good luck.
That's from the bottom of my heart.
My friend, which one is yours?
MATT: This is me.
TYLER HANSON: What is your name?
MATT: My name's Matt.

The Curious Creature.
TYLER HANSON: Curious Creature.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a very curious creature.
Matt, where are you coming from?
MATT: Australia.
TYLER HANSON: All the way from Australia, but you don't have
a very thick accent.
MATT: You know, g'day mate.
Don't do that.
Geek Dad, I know this guy.
All right, what do you got?
TYLER HANSON: We got the Geek Droid.
The Geek Droid, and I see that it sees in 3D?
MALE SPEAKER: Oh yes, 3D vision.
TYLER HANSON: We have 3D vision on here, and we have a
little [INAUDIBLE].
This guy drives everything.
And this is his branding right here.
We got Geek Dad and Geek Mom in the house.

It's a family affair.
We're very proud of you, proud parents.
Do you have parents--
do you have children?
MALE SPEAKER: We do have parents, yes.
TYLER HANSON: And children?

TYLER HANSON: OK, who am I missing?
Who's there?
Who's trying to brand with Google?
MALE SPEAKER: Google Earth.
TYLER HANSON: OK, what do you got here?
MALE SPEAKER: This is Team I Fix It, we're streaming live
on straight from the floor.
How many people are watching that?

And testing.
Oh, there it is, he's got one signal.
TYLER HANSON: I Fix It, that's you guys.
OK, judges take note.
Is this you?
This is you.
You are awesome.
What's your team name?
MALE SPEAKER: We are Punching Muffins and the Unlimited
TYLER HANSON: OK one more time, real slow.
MALE SPEAKER: Punching Muffins and the Unlimited Sandwiches.
TYLER HANSON: Punching Muffins and the Unlimited Sandwiches.
Where are you guys from?
TYLER HANSON: That makes a lot of sense.
I love Jersey.
What part, Trenton?
Who am I missing?
Way over there.
Who's this?
That's you.
Step right in over here.
OK, who's going to speak?
CAMERON: This is Cameron.
TYLER HANSON: Hi, Cameron.
JOHN: John.
CAMERON: We are from Santa Barbara, California.
TYLER HANSON: Whoo, Santa Barbara.
I hear Oprah hangs out there.
CAMERON: She lives there.
TYLER HANSON: It's awesome.
OK, what's the name of your guys' team?
CAMERON: Pelagonians.
TYLER HANSON: Pelagonians.
You guys are definitely from the beach.
TYLER HANSON: The flare--
CAMERON: --bringing his offering to EVE.
TYLER HANSON: Bringing his offering to-- where's EVE?
Is she here?
CAMERON: You know what, our [INAUDIBLE]
She'll be here later.
TYLER HANSON: All right, WALL-E, all the
way from Santa Barbara.
Where are you at?
Who's here?
Hello, us.
How are you?
MALE SPEAKER: Very good, thank you.
How are you?
TYLER HANSON: And you guys are coming from a long way.
Are you guys from New Jersey as well?
MALE SPEAKER: We're not.
We're from London, England.
TYLER HANSON: I've heard of London.
Is that like--
it's a country?
What is the name of this guy?
MALE SPEAKER: He's called Ralph by Southwest.
TYLER HANSON: Ralph by Southwest. Fair enough.
And I see you did a great job of doing another branding.
Is this kind of like the Street View or different?
Fair enough.
What have we got here?
Whoa, whoa.

Come on over here, stand right up.
What is your name?
ROB Z: I'm Rob Z, and my team is Team Zed, or Team Z.
TYLER HANSON: Team Z, Team Zed, and you look fierce.
ROB Z: I'm trying to be fierce.
I'm leaning on fierce, I understand it's a fierce
TYLER HANSON: There's a fierce slash style.
So you can notice all this technical stuff.
This is very nice, the decor, the flames, it'll definitely
fly fast.
ROB Z: Thank you.
TYLER HANSON: Nice one, Rob.
My friend, how are you?
My friend, how are you?
JAMAL: I'm fine, how are you.
TYLER HANSON: Not too bad.
Where are you coming from?
JAMAL: I'm coming from San Antonio.
All the way from San Antonio.
And you've been here a long time.
What is the name of your bot?
JAMAL: Cute Droid.
What is your name?
JAMAL: [? Sinu Jamal. ?]
TYLER HANSON: Sinu Jamal. ?]
Jamal, thank you so much for playing.
He's been here forever too, man.
You have a very technical bot.
And these blow up things?
Supposedly, maybe.
We'll see what happens.

Hey, we're almost there.
OK, where are we?
Who's left?
Who hasn't talked about theirs?

FEMALE SPEAKER: Good question.
TYLER HANSON: Good question.
Who's here?
TYLER HANSON: Team GB, we haven't done you, right?
CHRIS: Hello.
I'm Chris, and this was called WALL-E until they named theirs
TYLER HANSON: Those bastards.
Wait, are you guys both English?
Is this random that the English guys decided?
You know, there's a joke somewhere there in England.
If I was English, I would be able to make fun.
But you could be EVE.
CHRIS: I don't know.
TYLER HANSON: You don't have to be.
It's OK.
Maybe you guys could talk?
No, no, it's OK.
Somebody's going to have to remind me all these names.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Good question, Scott and David.
TYLER HANSON: Good question, Scott and David?
No, they came in.
Where's Scott?
Where's David?
Oh, did they bail on us?
Come on.
Scott and David, paging Scott and David.
How much time have we killed?
Trevor, you've had to look.
What do you think of this madness?
TREVOR JOHNS: I think it's quite the
selection of robots there.
I've got to say, my personal favorite is the one with the
phone on it, even though it's not an Android phone, I do
love that they're streaming YouTube.
That's pretty cool.
TYLER HANSON: We're talking about this one.
TREVOR JOHNS: Yeah, that's the one right there.
TYLER HANSON: That feels pretty good, right?
You see all that motion?
TREVOR JOHNS: We saw that one there that posted online to
Twitter, right?
TYLER HANSON: There was another one
that's doing Twitter?
Who's doing Twitter?
Oh, you didn't tell me about your Twitter.
Where's your Twitter feed?
MALE SPEAKER: Well, we didn't quite get it done.
TYLER HANSON: Oh, that's OK, but it was a good intention.
TREVOR JOHNS: OK, they tried.
TYLER HANSON: Ah, the free bar won I see.
All right, so now, my judges.
No, secret panel of judges, exit.

We're going to give an award for style, for
all your nice flair.
Do we need to have a pow wow?
MALE SPEAKER: Right now?

TYLER HANSON: Before they get wrangled.
OK, I'm going to kill some time.
You guys pow wow.
All right?
Do you guys need another drink?
FEMALE SPEAKER: So they're going to pick three finalists.
TYLER HANSON: OK this is right.
So check it out.
We're going to pick three finalists for the flair, and
then we're going to do a crowd-sourced win.
Does that makes sense?
So these guys will decide who the top three are, then I'll
let you, the audience, and internet land.
Are you stealing LEGOs?

You can only win once.

FEMALE SPEAKER: Don't forget about these down here.
TYLER HANSON: No, we did those guys.

We're good.
OK, so what we need to do now--
all right, listen to me.
Who wants to race?
We've seen the show, this is like the auto show.
Now who wants to race?
Not at all.
We have to still get this done?
Well, we pick the three.
They're still thinking.
What I'm thinking now is that we can start putting them over
here on the tables, and then we can start getting for our
actual race.
By the way, my name is Tyler Hanson, and I like LEGOs.

Ah, so these guys have been going like mad building all
these little robots, and the amount of brain matter--
Trevor, how much brain matter do you think we've used up
today inside the Developer House?
TREVOR JOHNS: Honestly, I think we've only actually used
a little bit, just because there's so much here already.
We have an incredibly talented group of developers.
Everybody here has been doing an amazing job.
So many, so many great designs.
So I think there's actually been an incredibly large
amount of effort that's been put into this, but there's so
many smart minds here too.
TYLER HANSON: The caloric brain matter that's been used
up at South By is unbelievable.
This is a very interactive panel, as you can see.
Now what fascinates me is all the people who are
watching us do this.
Now, if you're in internet land and you're watching, why
are we doing this?
We're trying to explain that.

You guys have an idea?
You got your three?
OK, now can we just pocket that thre come back to that at
the end, and then we'll do a crowd-sourced win?

Or now?
Well, we don't really have all the crowd.

Let's do it at the end.
So you guys go ahead and get me those names written down.
You got the names?

Ladies and gentlemen, in case you were wondering, we're
making all of this up right now.
This is real, this is now.
This is not yesterday.
There was no spreadsheet for this.

TYLER HANSON: Which team?
MALE SPEAKER: Curious creatures.
TYLER HANSON: Curious creatures.
Is that a go cam?
Does that thing skydive?
TYLER HANSON: OK, this one?
TYLER HANSON: Whose is this?

TYLER HANSON: Nansters, all the way from France.
Nice job.
The French have a lot of style.
I don't know if you guys knew that.
TYLER HANSON: And WALL-E, there goes my awesomeness.
This WALL-E The Santa Barbara WALL-E.
MALE SPEAKER: Pelagonians.
TYLER HANSON: Pelagonians, Pelagonians.

And who's the first?
Who are we going to start with?
Where's my board?
Ah, let me explain this.

OK, since it's a race, we have to have a bracket.
Look at this officialness.
Now there wasn't a spreadsheet, but there was a
DIY made bracket board.
We're going to start right up here.
So Curious Creatures, you guys are good.
You're going to stay right there.
And do I have Rubix?
Rubix is gone.
So what we do?
We fill in?


Now we move them up to here.
Got it?
Geek Droid.
Curious Creatures.

You know, this is where it gets technical.

Do me a favor, now, for on that side here, if we can
let's go ahead and set our little happy droids on that
table right over there.
Let me cross the stream.

Excuse me, sorry, excuse me, sorry.

Let's get all the alcohol out of here.

All right, clear the runway.

I don't know what's more absurd.
MALE SPEAKER: We're going to talk about how they were built
and stuff earlier today, OK?
So [INAUDIBLE] you're going to see it here.

I want you to start by saying, you know, earlier today, these
guys were building stuff, and let's take a look at the
things [INAUDIBLE].

TREVOR JOHNS: So earlier in the day, these teams have been
gathered at 10:00 AM to go and put these bots together.
We gave each of them a LEGO Mindstorms development kit, as
well an Android tablet, and told them to basically come up
with the most creative design they could.
So they started out just putting together the sample
tutorial bot, the most basic design, and they had no chance
of winning the competition if they just stuck to the most
design, because our course is filled with tons of obstacles.
And they might be small, but these bots are small, too.
So it was their job to come up with creative ways to go and
make sure they could overcome all of these.
So whether or not it was levers that pushed them over
it, unique wheel designs.
We also told them to go and come up with creative
mechanical and software solutions.
So they've been trying to go and come up with the most
innovative ways to go and clear this course as fast as
possible, as innovatively as possible, and with the most
style and finesse.

TYLER HANSON: Style, innovation, speed.

That's what we're all about here,
in case you're wondering.

Now, do I have a flag girl?

Or a tissue?

TREVOR JOHNS: So I should also point out the hardware
platform these folks have been using to
remote control the robots.
So each team's been given an Android tablet which has a
Bluetooth connection to the LEGO Mindstorms NXT brick.
Each team can then use whatever control software they
want to use.
We gave them a sample program.
But from there, it was up to them how they wanted to go and
modify the UI, modify the algorithms that control the
robot, what their strategy was for going
and controlling these.

Each tablet, most of them are using a touch screen where
they can go and either individually operate each
motor, or just give forward, backward, left, right
controls, and tell the robots where to go.
From there, they'd have to modify it if they added extra
controls, some of them modified it to go and use
sound, add all these options to the UI.
All of the software is open source, so they just
downloaded it, opened it up, modified it using the Android
SDK, and basically just went and customized it to their
hearts' content.
So really, it was up to each team's creativity to figure
out where they went with all of this.
And they had a lot of options, a lot of directions they could
go in, both using the power of LEGO Mindstorms and the power
of the Android SDK to go and remote control all of this.

Thank you so much, Trevor, for explaining
exactly what we're doing.
Now, do we have somebody who's got the time?
Hey, and it's illegal to control somebody else's droid,
so stop doing that.
Don't even think about it.
Not allowed.
Do I have a timekeeper?

We're good.
I we missing?
Where are we at?
How do we feel about this live performance, internet land?
All you wacky people out there in internet world who don't
have anything better to do than watch kids--
I mean grown-ups--
race LEGOs.
TYLER HANSON: What's that?
Ah, thank NewTek, who's doing all of this.
You guys are amazing.
So we have some awesome people who are doing the live stream
and helping out with all of this.
NewTek, is it, is that right?
Out of San Antonio, and they have this whole live streaming
TV studio in a box.
It's unbelievable.
I haven't seen anything like this.
TYLER HANSON: Oh my god, it's there.
That's freaking-- no, no, no, don't cross the streams!

TREVOR JOHNS: Not to mention, they built this awesome studio
for me over here.
TYLER HANSON: Trevor, did you feel that?
TREVOR JOHNS: I did, I did.
You know, you ought to be careful.
You can't get that too close.
Who's know what will happen?
TYLER HANSON: That was like a reverse deja vu, or something.
Is that a vuja de, from France?
Very similar.
All right, enough silly.
Now, race, race, race.
OK, ladies and gentlemen.
Where' s my timekeeper here?
Oh yeah, we've got to get technical.
He has to put his drink down.

Where's my flag lady?
Drop it and pick it up.
OK, watch her.
On your marks--
TYLER HANSON: That was a test run.
I'll do the on your marks.
On your marks, get set, and go, and then
drop, and then drive.
OK, you guys got it?
Very simple.

On your marks, get set, go.

We have [INAUDIBLE] giving out.
[INAUDIBLE] is looking good, technical challenging, over
The droid [INAUDIBLE].
Oh, full monty, coming all the way through.
Stuck here.

OK, you're not stuck yet.
Until you're stuck, then you can switch.
That's good.
OK, mentally put your mind into it.
Very nice technical driving.

Unbelievable, going through.

OK, Team Go Pro Camera is having a hard
time finding its way.
Geek Dad navigating the keyboard.
All right, give me five.
I've got five here on this guy.
OK, look.
Watch his--
OK, wait for it.

We would like to thank our sponsor.
OK, there we go.

OK, very nice, very technical.
That was a swirlydoo, that's a LEGO term.

You're looking good, OK.
Very nice, OK, you have to come over.
It's very hard to watch both.

Oh, what's our time?
TYLER HANSON: One minute, 19.9.
Geek Dad.
Nice win.

Trevor, what did you think of Geek Dad, that technical-- did
you see where they did that [INAUDIBLE]
around the corner?
TREVOR JOHNS: Yes, so this was an excellent example of how
even if you've got a good design, driving skill is just
as important.
That being said, their design certainly helped them as well.
They had a back-heavy robot that allowed them to clear
right over those obstacles.
They didn't need to rely on any mechanical action, they
just pushed right through it, which gave them a speed
advantage as well.
I think both robots had a great chance there, but in the
end, it just came down to superior driving skills.
TYLER HANSON: You know, with a name like Geek Dad, it's kind
of hard to compete.
Where's Geek Mom?
TYLER HANSON: Yeah, nice job, Geek Mom.
I'm very proud of you.
TYLER HANSON: If I had parents, I might want you guys
as parents.
OK, Allogy?

Frame store, you guys take lane one.
And then who are we missing?

MALE SPEAKER: It's on YouTube forward slash developers.




TREVOR JOHNS: So we're also pulling the video feed off of
the Go Pro on that last robots.
We're going to see if we get that to you live.
We'll have to see if we can read it, but we're sending a
team over there right now to go and try to extract the data
off the robot, and we'll let you know how that goes.

TYLER HANSON: Which teams was it?
Max and--
FEMALE SPEAKER: These are the names of the people from their
TYLER HANSON: That was a big one.

Where did they go?
They go to the bar?

MALE SPEAKER: Frame store.

TYLER HANSON: You guys get it by?
Yes, you [INAUDIBLE].
OK, we're going to swap.
We'll move you forward.
This is how it works.
If you get drunk at the bar and you're not racing, you
lose, just so you know.
I just made that rule up, too.
OK, we're going to go with Nantes, Nantes from Nantes.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Pelagonians.
TYLER HANSON: And Pelagonians.

Yeah, you're good.

That's totally fine, that's legit.

And Pelagonians.

How's the instant replay coming along?
Have you seen a slow motion cross into
the finish line yet?
TREVOR JOHNS: I haven't seen it yet, no.
TYLER HANSON: OK, you tell me when you do.
OK so now, you can see who we got coming up.
We got all the way from Nantes, France, which is an
amazing, creative, unbelievably artistic town in
France, for all you people who don't know.
And just wait until you see how it moves, he tells me.
And then all the way from Santa Barbara, we have--
what did you call yourselves?
MALE SPEAKER: Pelagonians.
TYLER HANSON: Pelagonians, how could I forget?
It's like a Patagonian, but a Pelagonian.
What's the opposite?
You guys made it up on the fly, I like
that, really creative.
All right, we have a flag dropper.
You always have to have a pretty lady to drop the flag.
And we have a start?
OK, give me your thumbs up when you're ready.
You guys feeling good?

Wait until you see how it moves.

OK, silence on the set.
Pay attention everybody, this is really serious business.
On your marks, get set, ride!

Oh yeah, that's good.
The Santa Barbara guys--
TREVOR JOHNS: Looks like a little bit of technical
difficulty there at the starting gate.
TYLER HANSON: Yeah, Trevor, can you see
what they're doing?
TREVOR JOHNS: I can see it from here.
I've got a monitor, I've got nice display here.
TYLER HANSON: Show them--
what is that?
Trevor, what exactly are they trying to do?
TREVOR JOHNS: So they're trying to go and use those
extra large wheels with the arms on them to try and clear
right over any obstacles in the path.
Now the problem, though, is that they're just not getting
the traction needed to go and pull the robot forward.
So they're making a little bit of headway.

Now, there should be motors that are used to go and push
that robot forward, and I'm not sure what's happening
here, so maybe they're having some technical difficulties.
should be trying to push them forward, so I'm not sure
what's happening there.
TYLER HANSON: Over here in Santa Barbara, in Pelagonia's
land, we have a free-wheeling, unbelievable technical skills.
It must be the head and the leaf.
Is that the California state flower?
OK, I was just making sure.
This is a PG-13 show.
Man, this machine is rolling.
Nantes, with all its artistic creativity, this is why
socialism doesn't work.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.
Unbelievable technical [INAUDIBLE].
So close!
Almost there.
You can get EVE!
You can do it!
Oh, take a droid out.

TREVOR JOHNS: Now you do get some bonus points, at least as
far as style's concerned, for extra destruction.
TYLER HANSON: Absolutely.
You're getting technical advance from other people.
OK, unfortunately, you can't really see, probably.
You're doing good.
Nantes, how are we looking?

The suspense is killing me.

You're close.
TREVOR JOHNS: So the problem is, [INAUDIBLE] wheels just
aren't able to clear [INAUDIBLE] obstacle.
TYLER HANSON: You know, it was that great flair
that they put on there.
You see how they put that Terminator wheel thing on?
That's killing them.

We got a few technical skills trying to come in.
You're so close, but unfortunately, I don't think
you're going to be able to get around that way.

OK, slide it, looking at it, OK, good.
Holy cow, you guys got it, the monster's coming.
This thing is going to eat you up.

Never count out the French.
Come on, you can do this.
Unbelievable, the technical skills.

MALE SPEAKER: Little more left, Cameron.
TYLER HANSON: Little to the left, he says.
Nantes, I love your creativity, it's unbelievable.

You've got to parallel park.

Straight, shoot the gap.
Almost. You know, Nantes could still win, because these guys
might get stuck.
Oh, no, Nantes might not win.
What do we do?

Unfortunately, this is what happens.

You have to start over.
OK, pass the Holy [INAUDIBLE].
Because you got stuck.
If you get stuck, it starts over.

All right.

TYLER HANSON: I have no words.
TREVOR JOHNS: Yes unfortunately, without those
actuator arms in the front that are going to push it
along, I just don't see any way that
robot's going to recover.
TYLER HANSON: Yeah, you know, it's a tragic situation here.
It's a tough day for France.
Buy those guys a round.

OK, five minutes.

There you go.
OK, this is a single race.
I want everybody to cheer in their mind right now for this
little robot.
Don't clap, don't scream.
Now, these guys do have a little bit of
AI, don't they, Trevor?
There's a little bit of AI in there, and a little bit of a
mental relay system that I think that
people can link up on.
So if you guys give this a little hope in your mind.

Now, you don't have to scream and yell because
they are deaf still.
LEGO's working on that, their new 3.0
version of this Mindstorm.
I don't know what's more ridiculous, me talking about
what this LEGO's doing or you in internet land watching.
MALE SPEAKER: You've got to go around this blue brick.
TYLER HANSON: It's the blue brick.
It's always the blue brick.

OK, there you go.
TREVOR JOHNS: So this is precisely what that second
robot was designed to go and overcome with those long arms,
just push it right over those walls.
But again, it was just too heavy.
It wasn't able to go and propel itself and push it
across the field.
And if you just can't move, you're not
going to make any progress.
So even though this first robot is having a little more
trouble getting over those obstacles, it still has enough
speed and enough agility to go and launch itself over it.
So it might not be the most elegant solution, but they are
making progress in the race.
TYLER HANSON: Now they still have to get this last part,
which they weren't able to do.
So I don't know, Trevor.
I have faith, but--
oh, no.
You're good.
You can still do this.

Oh, man.


TYLER HANSON: The natives are getting restless.

And coming from behind, Nantes, out the gate!
It reminds me something like Aliens or something, like such
a unique design.

All right, I think it's time to go get a
round of drinks, everybody.
What are we burning on?
MALE SPEAKER: Almost ten.
Two minutes.
TYLER HANSON: Don't worry, it's only been seven minutes.

You might want to charge your batteries.

I would like to thank our sponsors.
TYLER HANSON: Unbelievable.
Over around the corner.
Of course, if you haven't figured it out--
that's very nice, he just side tracked all of that.
MALE SPEAKER: Slow and steady!
TYLER HANSON: Slow and steady, you've got all the time in the
world, clearly.
OK, over the hurdle nice.
You're almost there, you're home free.
TYLER HANSON: I don't know, this could work.
This could work.
So close.
There isn't a lot of punch.
How many horsepowers are in this thing?

TREVOR JOHNS: So we did give each team three
motors to work with.
So in this case, they're just using two to go and drive
those wheels forward and back.
If they'd used that third motor to go and try and build
some sort of arm to go and vault themself over their last
obstacle, they might have had a little bit
more success here.
They still might make it, but it's going to be a matter of
driving skill and not technical ability.
TYLER HANSON: Yeah, it really does come down to the
technical-- hey!
Nantes the--
oh, turtle.
Oh my God.

Are they pulling the plug?
So who wins, technically?
You guys are out, OK.
My god, in my 25 years of telecasting live LEGO
[? races ?]
that's one of the most bizarre races I've ever seen.
That one's for the books, people.
France, unbelievable.
I'm going to say a joke, don't get hurt, but you know
what a camel is?
It's a horse designed by a committee.
You guys get best design award.
I'm really proud of you.
You've been here all day, unbelievable.
Thank you guys.
OK, Santa Barbara?
You guys might want to charge your
batteries after that race.

I don't know if you'll have enough.
So we have an instant replay.
Trevor, tell them how they won.
TREVOR JOHNS: So I don't see instant replay over here.
I hope maybe they can launch it for me.
Oh, there we go.

Actually, I think we actually have the video
from the Go Pro now.
So we're watching the video from the last race, with the
robot in the back, and you can see it slowly trying to make
its way back up to the front.
But just getting--
actually, we've changed video again here.
But you can see how they were able to almost make it.
They got blocked by that first robot right out of the gate,
which put them at a disadvantage, and they just
weren't able to get enough speed to go and clear that
first obstacle.
Now, it would have been interesting to see if they had
used the pulleys in the front, the treads in the front, to
try and actually pull themselves up the ramp, and
you can see them trying to do it right there, but just not
getting the traction they need to actually get over that
second obstacle, and that's really where they got slowed
down too much and couldn't win the race.
TYLER HANSON: That's absolutely right, Trevor.
That's unbelievable.
I'm really excited about this next team, we have I Fix It
and Team Z. I Fix It, where are you at?
You're there.
Grab your little bot.

Ladies and gentlemen, in case you're wondering, we're live
from Austin, Texas.
This is really, really, really happening.

Are there actually people inside watching on TV?

Oh my God.

Hello, people who are watching TV. Unbelievable.
Are you guys having a good time?
Yeah, it's a brilliant TV show.
I've seen this somewhere.

All right, do we have everybody?

TYLER HANSON: Ladies and gentlemen, are
you still with us?
Are you still here?
Are you still at South by Southwest and watching LEGOs?
My God, the stamina.
The race.
OK, so we have coming up, looking very hot, Team Z, I
Fix It, live streaming to themselves.

OK, you guys all programmed up?
I love your guys' branding, great job on the branding, and
great job on the flair.
OK, what are we missing?
What do you need?
Trevor, what do you think of these guys?
TREVOR JOHNS: Well, like I said earlier, I really love
the camera on there that's giving us live streaming from
that one robot.
But as far as technical ability, I think either one of
them could actually make the race.
They're both pretty evenly matched as far as I can tell.
Can we get a close-up on those bots?
So the one on the left there, we can see they have two large
wheels, a couple small wheels in the back.
So the big thing for them is trying to avoid tipping over
whenever they go over any of those obstacles.
TYLER HANSON: A little top heavy, yes.
TREVOR JOHNS: But I don't really see anything to go and
keep their balance when they go over them on the back, so
it'll be interesting to see whether or not
they flip or not.
MALE SPEAKER: I Fix It [INAUDIBLE] custom control
TYLER HANSON: Now, the track system is very interesting.
You guys went old school with the military tank, it's almost
like a [? Sherman. ?]
TREVOR JOHNS: Those treads are going to be really good at
getting over the obstacles if they can get enough clearance
to get the obstacles underneath them.
TYLER HANSON: Absolutely, it's all about the chassis.
TREVOR JOHNS: So the really interesting thing to see there
is whether or not they'll even be able to get enough momentum
to get up and over.
Once they get part of the way up, they should be clear the
rest of the way.
And in their case, too, they are pretty top heavy, so it'll
be interesting to see whether or not they can keep their
stability throughout the entire race as well, too.
So I think we've got two really good robots here.
Both stand a really good chance.
I think that the extra weight from that phone is going to
slow the treads down.
You're also going to see those treads are a bit slower, too.
Usually when you have a wheel, you can get a little bit more
momentum there.
And on top of that, you have a little bit more room for
creativity as far as the drive train's concerned.
let's do this.
All right, stopwatch, pretty girl.
Ladies and gentlemen, are you guys ready for this?
Start your batteries, on your marks, pick one, pick two, go!
And they're coming out of the gate.
Ah, with the tank move, look at that moveability.
OK, Team Z, having tough problem getting out of the
Tank Man, coming all the way through.
I fix anything, slowly.
Look at the patience carrying through.
OK, you've got to navigate this little wall.
Over the death field of mouse, mouses--
oh, mice.

Whoa, going for the triple whammy, that's an old World
War II trick.
Looking heavy.
Team Z, still trying to get out of the gate.
Looking tough.
TREVOR JOHNS: So you'll notice how even though the first
robot there is tough, they're using that arm in the back to
keep themselves from tipping over.
But on the front, they have the same problem, and they've
got another wheel to go and keep them steady there, too.
Now they're going to lose a little bit of control when
those treads come off the ground.
But once they drive forward, it gives the robot a chance to
right itself and get that stability back.

Now you'll also notice how those treads are making the
robot go a little bit slower, but the team's using it to an
advantage in this case.
They're using it to make sure they have more control.
The second robot is definitely faster, but it's running into
the walls, which is [INAUDIBLE].
TYLER HANSON: Unbelievable balance.
I think the phone on top is actually given a great
counterbalance, it's like a tightrope walker.
Back over here, we have Team Z, who's
having a tough problem.
He's still trying to get over the death cords of mice.
Slowly but surely, I fix anything.
You've got a straight shot there, it looks good.
Once you're past the pink one, it's home free.
Unbelievable technical abilities.
All right.
Technical skill, live streaming abilities, and a
great pointing technique.
I don't know if you guys see the pointing.

[INAUDIBLE] in record time.
MALE SPEAKER: One minute 50.
TYLER HANSON: One minute, 50 seconds, I Fix It, with the
tank and the [? iStream. ?]

Team Z?
You're still-- you know?
But it looks good doing it.

Trevor, it went to them, the tank.
OK, let's move them along.
TREVOR JOHNS: This was definitely a case of slow and
steady winning the race here.
TREVOR JOHNS: Even though the second bot there was a lot
faster, the first one had just a little bit more control,
which gave it the edge.

TYLER HANSON: All right, good questions.
Coming up next, on bat Who we got?
We got both of you?
You guys C?
We have good questions and Punching Muffins and the
Unlimited Sandwiches.
Wait, so--
TREVOR JOHNS: So actually, we have Kyle from I Fix It here
in the studio, who's going to go ahead and give us a quick
rundown of what they did with some custom control software
to make all this work.
So Kyle?
KYLE: So we took one of the off the shelf, open source
Android apps, and modified it to make the control more
Because the initial apps are just too jittery.
There's one based on accelerometer, and it's not
consistent enough.
So we were able to download the SDK and get it going.
Started about one o'clock, and by six o'clock, we had a
custom app.
So if you're interested in I Fix It, we have instructions
on how to fix any Android device, including these guys.
TYLER HANSON:, coming in with the big win.

OK, all you people out there in magic internet land.
How about you people in the bar?
You guys having a good time watching the big screen TV?
You sound like a rowdy bunch.

In case you're wondering, you're watching grown adults
play with LEGOs, and this is South by Southwest, the most
innovative, creative spot on the planet.

And who doesn't love LEGOs?
TYLER HANSON: You guys, how are you looking?
Which one's which?
OK, Good Idea?
Good Question, that's a good question.

Punching Muffins, the Unlimited Sandwiches.
I can't do it enough here.
OK, Trev, what do you think about these guys, real quick?

Side panel analysis.
TREVOR JOHNS: Hey, sorry about that.
Yes, so we've got two robots here who both have a similar
strategy, neither of which has very much in the way of front
obstacle avoidance.
So the one in the front does have that wheel, which is
going to go ahead and make sure that it
doesn't fall forward.
It gives it a little bit of a counterbalance.
The other one just has a flat plane.
But in both cases, neither of them look like they really
have much of a way to go and push
themselves over obstacles.
So it's going to be just pure speed here.
How fast can they go ahead and launch
themselves over all of that?
TYLER HANSON: Excellent.
Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for another race?
From the bar.
I need to hear you from the bar.
Are you guys still drinking with me?

Do I have my clock?
He's here.
Pretty lady?
You guys ready for this?
OK, uno, dos, tres!

Coming out of the back, [INAUDIBLE].
Unbelievable [INAUDIBLE].
Good Question, looking tough.
You are awesome.
OK, looks for the ride.
Oh, sneaks in behind.
Oh, look at [INAUDIBLE]
That's good, [INAUDIBLE].
Yeah go ahead, start them over.

Punching Muffins and Unlimited Sandwiches is doing amazingly.
Right around the corner, looking at the wall of death.
This is the green monster, coming from behind is a very
good question.
Oh, unbalancing.
Yes, no.
You've got to spin around.
OK, technically, we call this a bottleneck.
This is when the bots are making love.
They like each other.

Oh, that's called a [INAUDIBLE].
I'm going to say this is the female, that's the male.
OK, coming around the corner.
Yes, looking good.
OK, you got-- yes, all right.
Power bleep through it, he says.
Trevor, what do you think about this capability on the
green wall?

Oh, here we come.

Oh, man.

I don't know what to say.
TREVOR JOHNS: So in this case, that robot is probably a
little bit too back heavy.
It's not able to get enough traction on those front wheels
to go and get itself up that ramp.
Now it might have some more success if it actually tried
to get up it backwards, but I'm not sure if that robot
will have enough control to actually do that.
So it'll be interesting to see what their strategy is to try
and get over this ramp.
TYLER HANSON: Yeah, I think their strategy is praying.
They got a lot of pointing, they've got a
little technical there?
OK, They went for the lean, slim machine, but it looks
like you've really got to have weight here.
TREVOR JOHNS: I also hear a lot of clicking over here,
which means that they're actually trying to put too
much torque on those motors.
These motors, they're only good for a little bit of
thrust, and if you want to do more, you actually have to go
and use a gear box, essentially, to go and try and
get a little bit more power out of those.
You're trading speed for power.
Right now, they're trying all for speed, and when you do
that, you just don't get enough power to go and push
you up these inclines, especially if
your robot's heavy.
TYLER HANSON: I think they call it oomph.
Yeah, you just can't get the oomph.

The suspense is killing me!

Smart comment, coming up next.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to thank our
sponsors, the bar.

Oh, now they're mating.

What happens if neither one can get over the wall?

I'll let them leave it there.

Absolutely not.
The crowdsourced rules.
All right, you know there's rules in
this thing for a reason.
I don't want to have a violent altercation.
Yeah that's right, back where you started.

Do we have a time limit?
10 minutes is our time limit.
If you can't get over here in five minutes, we're going to
have to put you in--

All right, you've got one minute to get past this.
If you guys work together, you might be able to do it.

TREVOR JOHNS: Now their best bet to get over this ramp
would have been just draw speed, try and take a direct
shot right at that ramp and try and get enough momentum to
push themselves over it.
But because of the pile of mice right in front of it,
there really is no direct approach to that ramp.
They're going to have to steer around it, and they're going
to lose their speed and they're going to lose their
power because of that.
TYLER HANSON: Yeah this hill, it must be like in ant terms,
this is like a 5,000 foot incline.

30 seconds.
30 seconds if the two of you can't get past this line,
whoever's the farthest wins.
Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

It's still a win.
All right, Punching Muffins and the Unbelievable Sandwich.

Unbelievable Sandwich.

That was not amazing.

TYLER HANSON: I don't have much to say, do you?
TREVOR JOHNS: Yeah, I think they both had a chance if they
just could have gotten a little bit more momentum or a
little bit more power, either one.
And both robots were lacking in both of those.
If that pile of mice wasn't there, or they had just
designed their drive train a little bit differently so they
could get that little bit of oomph to go and get
them over that ramp.
It was close.
They both had a good chance.

So now that's you guys, that's Buckeye?
OK, Buckeye LEGO bot and Team--
oh, Great Britain.
I get it!
All right, ladies and gentlemen.

MALE SPEAKER: Follow us on Twitter, BuckeyeLegoBot.
TYLER HANSON: BuckeyeLegoBot.
Come on, let's try and get these guys one million
followers now.
You know what the street value of that Twitter feed would be?

Get into technical position, pit crews.
OK, Trevor, you want to give a quick-- we got
another track in.

Trevor, have a look.
TREVOR JOHNS: So I just I got a picture of this bot here.
Could you zoom in a little bit, though, so I can see what
they're doing here?
OK, so actually, this is a really interesting design.
I actually don't know what to think of this.
It looks like they built some sort of forklift on the front
that's going to go and try and push them over the obstacles.
It'll be interesting to see how this works.
It's definitely a unique design.
I really don't know what to make of this one.
It'll be interesting to see it in the field.

TYLER HANSON: All right.
All the way from Great Britain, we are replacing a
battery pack, technical difficulties.
Pit crew?
TREVOR JOHNS: All right, and as for the second robot here.
First off, I love how they're going and being creative about
actually getting it to fit in the box there.
It's definitely a longer robot.
Now they've got that scoop on the front, which is going to
go and try and push them over the obstacles.
It doesn't look like it's mechanical, so they're going
to need to rely on speed there to go and try to
push them over it.
Now, they do have that wheel in the back that you've se a
few times already, and that's going to go and give them that
extra bit of stability.
So even though they're going to go and intentionally try
and capsize the robot, it'll hold them steady, allow them
to drive over it, and right themselves back when they've
gotten to the other side.
So I think this design is actually pretty solid.
It'll be interesting to see whether or not to the extra
length is going to give them enough clearance to navigate
the course.
I think they might have a little bit of trouble when
they get to the end, trying to navigate those last few
obstacles, just because of the extra size, but I think this
robot stands an excellent chance.

How close are we on our battery?
How close are we on the battery change?
OK, we're good.
Coming all the way from across the pond.
Come on, give it up.
This is tough work.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, you ready to do
this again?

Beautiful lady?
OK, you guys good?
OK, you checking your text?
It's OK.

And they're off!
Coming out!
Tank with its superpowers is looking tough.
We had a mating.
This is cross-pollinating.

They are sharing data.
Oh, Team GB, looking tough, falling on the other side.
Now, we're seeing a lot of problems here.
The wall of death!
Oooh, almost!

Oh, and the tank just doesn't have enough weight.
You've going to have to do a shimmy-shammy.
I don't know what you call that in England, but in
America we call it the shimmy-shammy.

OK, through the mines.

Coming out of the [INAUDIBLE].

You're still good, man, you can cruise
right in upside down.

I don't care how you win.
Nobody said the British were good looking.

The flippy floppy.
So Trevor, it seems that the bots that are very condensed
and don't have a lot of whoopee outside, do the best.
TREVOR JOHNS: Yeah, the smaller bots definitely seem
to have bit of an advantage in this course, just because the
clearance between everything is so small.

Again, you also see how good the design treads are.
TYLER HANSON: One minute!
TREVOR JOHNS: Even though the bot was pretty much out, it
was able to get that last little bit of control there
from those threads and keep moving even though it
shouldn't have. And that first bot, even though it looked
like it had a great chance to go and win because of the
design to go and launch itself over the obstacles, it gave it
a little bit more instability, where the smaller bot just was
able to go and keep moving.
I also loved how they made use of those three sticks in the
back, the extra poles.
So there were a few times when it looked like the bot was
almost ready to go and flip backwards, it kept itself
righted, and that was a very simple design that proved to
be very effective.

TYLER HANSON: I totally concur, Trevor.
Team GB, all the way from Great Britain, nice job.
Buckeyes, better luck next time.
OK, now we're missing.
Do we have an Allegy?
Are we missing a team?
We're forfeiting you, moving you forward.

OK, Geek Droid?
Where's my Geek Dad at?
Geek Droid?
Geek Dad?
Geek Mom?
Where did they go?
What are they doing?
Messing with the flux capacitor?
There we go, look at this, very nice.

Yeah, you're back on.
Add a team.
I just want you to know, I have equal
support for both of you.
I care, I really do.
And the sooner that we can get done with this.
Trevor, tell me what you see.
So now we have two winners here.
One was a technical forfeit winner, but it all counts.
A win's a win.
We have another team from England, and we have Geek Dad
again, of course.
First up, we haven't seen the-- we have another track.
Trevor, let them have it.
TREVOR JOHNS: All right, let's take a look at those robots
there, see what we've got.
Have we got a camera that we can zoom in here?
All right.
So that first robot, very simple design.
I love the sunglasses.
Again, you see the combination of treads with the wheel for a
little bit of stability, in this case in the front.
So it'll be interesting to see whether or not they'll
actually be able to go and again push themselves over
those obstacles.
Now, I think that wheel might actually be on a motor there,
so they're actually going to be able to lift it up and give
themselves a little bit of a hop.
So in the case that the treads aren't enough, it might push
them into position.
So that could be a winning design right there.
All right, let's take a look at the other robot.
All right, looks like another larger design here.
Now, they do seem to have an actuator arm in front.
And so again, they could use that to go and push
But I think in this case, the bigger wheels are going to
give them enough on its own.
Now you will notice this team put a second set of smaller
wheels inside, with the hopes that if the larger wheels lose
contact, those smaller wheels might keep them on the ground
and keep them moving.
So it'll be interesting to see how well that works compared
to the other design, which is going to more actively try and
push themself into position.

TYLER HANSON: Thank you, Trevor.

Now, you've got to reboot twice?
OK, we're doing a little reboot, technical
I would like to thank our sponsors, the bar, Google,
LEGO, Droid.

Really, we're brought to you by Google Developers.
And so all those wacky things that come to you are coming
from the minds of this.
This is how they learn.
This is technically actually what Google's campus looks
like day in and day out.
You've heard stories, right?
OK, how are we looking?

Does anybody have the boot sign?
What is the song?
Well, all you people out there in internet land, we'd like to
thank you for watching us.

I hope you have another thing programmed for afterwards,
maybe a Netflix movie, maybe I don't even know.

We have technical difficulties.
I love the close-up cam.
Can we get a slow motion replay of that?
We're loaded.

We have a watch, we have a flag, we have
races, we're ready.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a tiger by the toe!

And they're off!
Coming out, Geek Dad looking tough, coming
into a pile of mice.
Hopefully he doesn't get wrapped up in the [INAUDIBLE].
TREVOR JOHNS: A lot of teams, they have this decision right
off the bat whether or not they're going to try and drive
around that pile of mice or go right over it.
And it's definitely one of the more challenging obstacles in
the course, just because of that mass of cables there.
But on the other hand, you do lose some speed by
going around it.
So in this case, going over it was definitely the right
approach for this team.
And the other one, they had treads.
They probably could have gone over it.
So I'm curious to know why that team decided that driving
around was the better option there.
TYLER HANSON: They're looking good.
They do have the weight.
But now look here.
Geek Dad, now he already [INAUDIBLE] the first one, and
he does have the fastest course already, so he knows
this track really well.
Unbelievable, this is the closest race we've ever had.
Ladies and gentlemen, this could come down to the wire.
TREVOR JOHNS: So it looks like the wheel on that second robot
there occasionally gets in the way.
It would probably be nice to see if they can modify their
control software to give them a little bit more flexibility,
so they can decide whether or not it's up or down.
Whereas right now, it looks like it's just on a cycle.
When they hit the button, it'll cycle, give the robot a
bit of a hop, and keep going.
Technicality, anybody?
I think we're OK.
Geek Dad, you won.
Geek Dad again, round two.
What's the time on that?
Didn't beat your first round, but you had the two fastest
qualifying times.

The track system.
Trevor, you want to talk about--
this is the first track system that we
didn't see win, actually.
TREVOR JOHNS: Like I said, I think the robot with treads
had a pretty good chance, but that wheel got in the way just
a couple times.
Also, their treads weren't quite as powerful as they
could have been.
This is another case where it would have been nice to see
them use a gearbox to try and get a little bit more power.
I mean, they've already lost a bit of speed
by going with treads.
They probably could have lost a little bit more in exchange
for more clearing ability on those obstacles.
Again, both great designs.
We've see both designs succeed in this course.
But in this case, that little extra bit of speed combined
with just a great physical design to go and clear those
obstacles seemed to be a winning combination.

Well, I've got to give it up for you guys.
You did a hell of a race, and it was a great time.
Geek Dad, all the way to the top.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have our next [INAUDIBLE].
Pelagonians, which is different than
Patagonia, and I Fix It.
Where are you guys at?
TYLER HANSON: Yeah, you're here.

TYLER HANSON: All right, where's my Patagonians at?
All the way from Santa Barbara.
Colson and Beau, what's up?
Colson and Beau, this is to say hello to you.
So hi, guys.
I know you're watching in Santa Barbara.
I just got paid to do that.
That was a paid endorsement.
All right.
We have two other winners here now, bonafide winners.

I Fix It coming in strong, all the way.
Are you guys still streaming?
You're from SLO?
And from Santa Barbara?
Oh my God, this is like a real rivalry.
This is like bona fide rivals.

Oh my God.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have just had an amazing California
These people are actually real rivals.
We have a Santa Barbara team and a San Louis Obispo, aka
SLO, coming in.
Trevor, so we've see both of these win now.
What do you think about the state flower and WALL-E here?
TREVOR JOHNS: They're both powerful designs.
We've seen them both perform stunningly
throughout the last round.
So I'm honestly not sure which is going to win.
Now, I do think those treads combined with the extra
weight, which actually gives it a little bit more ability
to go and pop over those obstacles for the robot on the
left there might actually be an advantage, but it could go
either way.
I have no idea which way this race is going to go.
It's going to be exciting.

TYLER HANSON: All right ladies and gentlemen, are we ready?
People, are you still with us?
Start your engines.
We now have a pretty fly guy.
On your marks, get set, drive!

And they're coming out the gate.
It's looking tough.
Now of course, Pelagonian had a tough problem here with
their tough thing.
He's going to start over right away.
Good move.
I Fix It, coming through.
Looking tough.
[INAUDIBLE] streaming all the way from Austin, Texas.
We have another track system.
Looking tough.

Technical skills are unbelievable here.
I don't know if you can notice how diverse they are moving.
This is unbelievable.
Now with the weight, as we've seen, we've seen a lot of
tracking not being able to work here.
But because of the phone, it weighs a lot,
so it actually helps.
These guys are actually now helping more.

Pelagonians are coming on inside.
OK, it's still uncertain.

Oh man, guys.
You should have swapped out.

Oh no.
Santa Barbara.

I don't know what happened here.
You guys made it over the course.
Have you been drinking?

Has the robot been drinking?

Pelagonians, coming in [INAUDIBLE].
It's a very technical challenging course, obviously.

We might have had a low battery
here with fuel warnings.
I don't know if they can do a pit stop and swap out.

Start them over.

OK, so you got a ramp over here, he says.
Pit crew?

For those of you who are still paying attention to this,
without the phone, I don't think you have enough weight.

But I lied.
There we go, tank.
OK, you've done this before, Santa Barbara.
You know how to do this.

OK, watch your hands now, watch your hands.
Even playing field, OK?
And remember this way is opposite in TV land.
All right, you're looking good.

OK, very technical aspect.
I Fix It coming on around.
Navigating, this is where it gets easy, but
you've got a tough one!
Here comes [INAUDIBLE]!
Oh my god!
What could happen?
Beat down.
All right, you've got it, you've got it!
You know how to do this.
You've got to get to that gate before.
Oh my god, they're sweating.
The concentration unbelievable.

Such a close race, unbelievable.
That's the closest race we've had.
TREVOR JOHNS: I think either of them easily
could have won there.
So I've got Stephen [? Canvan ?]
with me here from LEGO.
This is the second year we've been doing this, the first
year we've been live streaming it.
So Stephen, tell me a little bit about what it's like to be
back here, the atmosphere.
What do you think of this event?
Well Trevor, last year, it was cool and awesome, but this
time, we are really lifting the bar.
This is the best event at South By, really.
That's what we said last year, but this time, it's even true.
There's a lot of excitement in the air.
I think I agree.
This is by far the best event.
TYLER HANSON: I'm sweating.
Punching Muffins and Team GB.
Where's my Great Britain boys at?
Founding fathers?
Oh boy, they clearly have been drinking.
They're going to break out into soccer songs here soon.

All right, how are we looking, guys?
Pick your course, pick your lane.

OK, again, we have two different styles, one with a
track system and one with the wheels.
Now, Punching Muffins didn't navigate fairly well,
and you fixed it.
And Team GB, coming in with the old Sherman Tank.
Are you guys ready?
We're going to keep this thing rolling.

Thumbs up?
Ready to go?
Start your engines.
On your marks, get set, ride!
TREVOR JOHNS: So two very, very simple designs here, both
of them proven, both of them much simpler than what we saw
in the last round.
So I think in this case, we're going to see very similar
performance here from both of them.
Really, though, it's going to come down to
treads versus wheels.
My money's on treads, just because of its ability to go
and clear obstacles so well.
The really interesting thing will be to see whoever wins
this round pitted up against the winners of next round.
So we'll see a very simple design against a much more
elaborate design, and see who comes out of this.
But in this case, really it's just treads versus wheels and
see how that goes.
powering through.
I agree Trevor, whoever's going to win this one is going
to go into the top qualifier.
GB's coming out of the gate.

Oh, does the same trick again!
I don't know what they call it in Britain but in America, I
can't say that on TV.
TREVOR JOHNS: Exact same obstacle that flipped them
over last time.
Unless that other bot's able to clear in the next few
minutes, or the next few moments, rather, I think we're
going to see another victory for the treads.

TYLER HANSON: Yeah, the way that they're going to navigate
this and come in in style, clearly, Team Great Britain is
just too much for the Americans.

Yes, you can do it.

For the Queen!
For the Queen.
One minute 30, unbelievable time, boys.
Technical skills knocking them out.

I Fix It and Geek Dad.
Yeah, you are.
I Fix It and Geek Dad, we are down to the final three teams
for this competition.

I was just told that we now have one million people
watching this on YouTube.
MALE SPEAKER: Only one million?
TYLER HANSON: Only one million.

We got batteries, we got batteries.
Go, step into the pit stop.

MALE SPEAKER: John, how are you?

TYLER HANSON: Absolutely.
Back at the studio, we are rebuilding the whole studio
and thinking about some things.
Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are still
with us, I just want to say I'm really proud that you are
still with us.
It takes a lot of stamina to watch people--
let me rephrase that.
Grown adults watch grown adults play with LEGOs.
You know, I don't know what you guys wanted to be when I
grew up, but never did I think that it would be a LEGO

I would like to thank our sponsors, beer and alcohol.

But really, none of this could happen without the great
wonders of the Danish minds of LEGO and Google.

In case you're wondering, YouTube is part of Google,
thus we have such great placement on
the page right now.
Back in the day, I used to have to pay for that.

Ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who are just
getting here, this really is a LEGO race.
This is all happening right now.
This isn't a figment of your imagination.

These are all individual, unique snowflakes.
How's that battery change coming?

TREVOR JOHNS: So we are using rechargeable battery packs,
and we have a supply of them for all the racers.
So in theory, these changes should be pretty quick.
But the problem is, when you go build your robot around
these control bricks, and the battery's located underneath
the control brick.
So by the time your robot is finished, you might not have
access to the battery pack anymore, and that's what we're
seeing right here.
So they'll definitely get it in a moment, but they do have
to partially take their robot apart just to get to the
bottom of that control pack and swap that battery out.
So I'm sure they'll be back in action in just a moment here.

TYLER HANSON: All right, I Fix It, how are we looking?
What do we got?
You feel solid?
OK, they're back!
So for those of you who just showed up,
this is how we roll.
OK, we got a sign, we got meters, we got
lights, we got radar?
OK, on your marks.
Geek Dad, you ready?
I Fix It, pay attention.
On your mark, get set, ride!
And they're coming out of the gate!
Geek Dad, always fresh out of the gate, never having a
problem with that.
I Fix It, falling down.
Geek Dad, navigating everything.

You guys can't see, but Geek Mom is furiously giving the
oomph to Geek Dad.
Unbelievable, coming over the course.
You know, they have just figured out this whole thing.
I mean, they are like the Michael Jordan of LEGOs.
He blew out a droid, that's two points.
You got this, it's Geek Dad.
One minute 27.
27 seconds.
He can't count.
You have now broken all of your own records.

OK, stay there.
Let's pass the holy--
final round, ladies and gentlemen!
The moment I have been waiting for.
GB, you got it?
Holy Grail, coming in, watch yourself, watch yourself.

A super prize there, very nice bot.
You know, Trevor, I just picked up Geek Dad's bot, and
you can really feel the girth of it.

I'll give you a moment to check your stuff.
Pump your tires, check your oil.
Is your RAM OK?
Battery power?

You want to get out of here?
OK, this is it.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have spent 12 hours trying to get
to this place.
So it comes down to these two.
All the way across the pond, Team GB, aka
the Green Bay Packers.
Sorry, Great Britain, just for a joke.
And all the way from the internet, Geek
Dad and Geek Mom.
Are you guys ready?
OK, this is it, folks, you're not going to get to watch
another race after this, except for the loser round.
On your marks, get set, Droid!

All right, the Sherman Tank against the Green Goblin!
Geek Dad, navigating the way, steady but always on!
Geek Dad, over the mountain, going
through the green mountain.

GB's taking [INAUDIBLE] tough one, slowly but surely!
Geek Dad, battling it out, [INAUDIBLE].

The pressure is on, he's looking tough.
GB, back to his own, the full monty, he does the
Oh, but it doesn't matter, you've got to get over this.
Come on, Geek Dad, we know you can do this.
You've done it a million times.
You've done it three if you've done it twice.
Here it comes, but he still has to navigate through.
You've done this check--

Geek Dad, you got it.
There we go.
All right, presses on, get out of the way, plowing through.
Geek Dad, coming from behind.
Can you believe the suspense?

Oh, there we go.
Geek Dad, you [INAUDIBLE].
Take your time, be patient.

All the way from the pond, it's still
trying to move around.

OK, so post-analysis, cut to Trevor.
Holy cow, I had no idea that Great Britain would
pull that one out?
You know, very, very different design philosophies
from both of robots.
You had Geek Dad and Geek Mom, which built a very large,
heavy robot with a lot of speed.
And on top of that, they combined
it with great traction.
They will clear right over that first obstacle, over the
mice, and make a straight line across.
If they hadn't gotten stuck, I think they had a great chance
of winning.
On the other hand, the other robot just kept going.
You could not stop it.
You flip that robot, it was on its side, and
it just kept driving.
So really just a testament to the
perseverance of that design.
I think either of these guys could have won, it was just
bad luck that Geek Dad and Geek Mom got stuck on that
second obstacle there on the ramp.
All right, back to you, Tyler.
TYLER HANSON: Unbelievable.
I am completely blown away by what has happened here.
We are now onto our way where we're going to give away our
actual style award.

Ladies and gentlemen, [INAUDIBLE]?
Where's my Pelagonians?

Nice job.

We still have two more awards to give away, OK?

All right, everybody here can help me out here, because what
we're going to do is give a show of hands, show of hands
for actually who's going to win this little style award.
Now who am I missing?
I got Nantes.
Where's my other guys?

Where's Curious Creatures?

Curious Creatures?

And then we're missing one more.
Pelagonians, where's my Santa Barbara?
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara?

Ah, that's WALL-E. He's hiding.

Santa Barbara, where are you at?
Yes, WALL-E, come on in.
OK, there we go.
You guys could still win for style.
All right, put it down Nice there.
Very proper.
Look at this beautiful collection of industrial
design and manufacturing in America.
Who says we don't make anything anymore in America?
We're going to only take one.

OK, hold tight.
I want you guys to vote with your minds, though, OK?

That's a good shout out.
OK, I'm going to start here.

OK you are my voting board, everybody here.
If you're drinking and not paying attention to me, I want
you to go into the bar, OK?
I'll throw you out of here.
This is serious business.
For style, you guys are going to rate.
I'm going to call out, and I want you just to raise your
hand, I'm going to take a show.
For WALL-E--
no whoo-ees, no whoo-whoos.
OK, a few handfuls not bad.
For Team Curious Creatures, what do we got?

Anybody else?
Anybody else?
OK, for this guy?
I'm going to give it all the way to France, Nantes.
And you guys were here the first, so thanks for coming
and playing.
You win.
Winning style.

For those of you who don't know, they couldn't make it
out of the starting gate.
So style does not equal functionality.

Oh man, but it looks good.

OK, go ahead and pull this guy.
Santa Barbara, I'm so proud of you.
Go ahead and take your bot back.
You've got to take it.
There you go.
Nantes, go ahead and take it.
Clear the runway.
Ladies and gentlemen, not only was this one stylish, but it
also gets the award for being the most technically advanced
in the LEGO competition.

Technically, it didn't really work, so I don't think they
should get anything technical.

Now, we have one more race to do.
We have these two guys, who are the [INAUDIBLE].
So we're going to come down to the number two winner, which
I'm going to put a lot of money on Geek Dad.

OK, in case you were wondering, we're still going.
This is it.
This is the final is that I'm going to announce for the rest
of my life for LEGOs this year.
OK, you guys looking good?
This is just a straight fight to the finish.
First man across, that's all he gets.

And go!
Coming out of the gate, Buckeyes, looking tough,
holding strong.
Geek Dad, going over the mountain.
That's just an illusion.

OK, we'll start over.
It's all right, drag it out.
This is called beating a dead horse.

I would like to thank all of you for being so patient.
I would like to thank all of you for playing with little
LEGOs when you were children.

I'm getting very--

that's unbelievable.
Geek Dad's coming on, though.
Look out!

That's called a do over.
You still have time, you still have time.

You drive like you're from Ohio.
Did we lose the Droid?
Come on, Geek Dad.

There we go.
You're home free.
The Droid died.
There we are, you're back on it.
You still have time.

The suspense is killing me.
This is unbelievable.
Never in the history of LEGO bot racing have we had a race
quite like this.
Geek Dad, I think you've got to parallel park that thing.
Come on, get in there.
That's a victory lap.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am so proud of all of you for
watching grown adults watch grown adults play with LEGOs
at South by Southwest. We're coming to do all they way from
the Google Developer House here in Googlelandia at the
Google Village.
I'd like to thank LEGO.
Thanks, LEGO.
I'd like to thank Google.
Thanks, Google.
I'd like to thank all of you for drinking and watching
people play with LEGOs.
Do I need anything else?
Oh, NewTek!
NewTek, for doing all this streaming.
Thank you guys for making me look good.
My name is Tyler Hanson, I don't care if you care about
that, but that's what I do.
Give it up for everybody.
You're done!
It's over!
MALE SPEAKER: We're here in Austin, Texas, where teams
have gathered from all over the world to test their skills
at conquering a custom built obstacle courses using nothing
but a LEGO Mindstorms kid and an
Android-powered phone or tablet.

Live from the Google Developers' House at South by
Southwest, this is Google Developers
LEGO Mindstorms Rumble.