Alejandro & Diego - 019 (English Subs)

Uploaded by AleRP01 on 20.02.2012

Look, Álex. The Guzman's are Chivas' fans. From the bottom of our hearts. Die hard.
The first thing I did when my little Nora was born, was buy her a red and white jersey.
And he took me thousands and thousands of pictures.
Dude, I haven't even been to Mexico, and I'm already 100% a Chivas' fan. Die hard.
Half-time. I'm going to make some snacks, kids. -What I like the most about soccer, are the players' legs.
Hey, and talking about players' legs. I can't stand Diego Barón anymore.
And what did he do to you? -He's unbearable,
He treats me really bad, and besides every time I look at him, he's staring at me like this...
It's as if, as if he was obsessed with me. Doing me harm, making fun of me.
Look Ale. Don't give in. He's full of hatred because he's forced to live in a close world. You get me?
Unlike you and I. We are free because our parents are hella tight!
Hey, you know what? Diego's dad forces him to be a soccer player. Same as Máximo's.
Do you understand? -It's true. Diego is a bully, because his dad does the same to him.
I believe that's why Mauricio broke his nose. -Wait what!?
Hey, it's supposed to be a secret, 'kay? Don't go around saying anything.
That's big! Diego was lying to us then. It wasn't a punch. -Shhhh
Of course. He was embarrassed to admit Mauricio had kicked his ass. I can't believe Mauricio the nerd has a such a violent side.
And he looks so normal. Don't you think?
Eli, look what time it is and Cassius hasn't arrived. I call him and he doesn't pick up.
Oh please. Maybe he's on another trip looking at flying elephants and listening to reggae.
Enough Eli. -Are you going to tell me you didn't notice it, Sof?
Cassius was drugged yesterday in JP class.