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S: How're things back here? J: Yeah, good, thanks. Finally got Bobby's present sorted.
A: From us. J: Thanks.
A: Seen much of Masood?
J: A bit. A: How is he?
J: Putting on a brave face. It's not easy for him, Kamil being whisked away.
S: It's not like he's being kidnapped and dad can see him whenever he likes.
A: And I'm sure you'll relish the peace and quiet - just the two of you.
J: Funny, I hadn't thought about it like that. Guess I don't believe in using children.
S: I'm sure Amira would agree with you. We want what's best for our daughter, that's why we set up the business in the first place.
A: Which is why we'll be moving into Zainab's when she's gone.
S: The factories there are incredible. We found this one managed by this guy who's agreed to manufacture all our stock.
A: And I'm overseeing the final designs this week. Y: Sounds like you're really going places.
S: Well, I wouldn't say Alan Sugar's got anything to worry about just yet. Mo Harris, maybe...
A: Oh don't! He's been winding me up all week. S: Amira never imagined she'd end up flogging tat. A: Nor did you!
S: True. But it's exciting though, isn't it? Starting out like this. A: And we really love Karachi, don't we, Sy?
S: Yeah, it's beautiful. I can't wait for us all to be out there.
Bit quiet, Mum.
Z: I'm delighted for you.
S: You honestly don't mind us looking after this place while you're away? It's just that living with Jane, it's a just a bit...
A: ..Tense. Z: No of course. That is, if you don't mind?
Y: Absolutely - makes perfect sense.
A: Sy, we'd better go - got a meeting with Janine in ten, and then back-to-back meetings after that.
S: (DISTANT) What time did you say this meeting was? A: I told you about it this morning. S: Which one?
S: It wouldn't feel right! A: What, like I'm trying to entice you into my web or something?
S: No, no, it's not that. A: I'm kidding. Look, you have to admit, it's the right image - solid, reliable...
S: You really think the investors are that traditional? A: Trust me, I've done my research - they're as old school as they come.
S: I don't know, it feels a bit weird. A: They think we're married already. It just stops any awkward questions.
S: OK, but as soon as the meeting's over... A: The rings are off.
J: Hiya, it's only me.
I just wondered if you fancied keeping me company this Christmas.