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In the alien beauty of the mountains there is no salvation for the world.
At least not for the world we still vaguely remember.
Our time is limited by the day or moment we live through.
And the mountains' eternity is outside this scheme.
We are the strangers to this world, and so is the music.
But Wee seems not to notice this contradiction.
For him these are just sounds he can use as a shield from the unstable reality.
He received his nickname not because he wet himself,
but because he pronounced the word 'we' as 'wee'
This early morning we are walking into the village.
The one walking next to me is called Lawyer. The fox tail on his helmet...
is his personal trophy and the reason of his incessant conflict with the command.
in the spring he shot the fox from 100 meters away.
Lawyer imagined himself to be a great marksman and bombarded headquarters
with pleas to make him a sniper. Ash predicted the result.
Nah, he won't get an optical sight. They don't like initiative in the army.
While talent is nature's initiative. So it is me who carries the rifle.
Fighting for justice and a sniper rifle
Lawyer got his nickname and 3 days of hole.
'For stuffy non-army like stubborness', according to our officer.
APC, where are you? Respond!
Sergeant's Boeing neck is bandaged because of yet another boil.
Good morning.
Only Lieutenant Boria and Officer Illyich know what we're doing in the village.
Everybody is a little bit nervous because of the uncertainty.
Even the cool-headed Stoner is chain-smoking.
Wee got hold of the cd player 3 months ago during the cleanup operation
There was only classical music in the car.
This abrupt introduction to high culture was bound to have sad consequences.
But Wee was a fine lad and maintained his natural simplicity and innocence.
Private Shilov, who is a soldier?
A soldier is a human being.
And what is a human being?
A human being is the cleverest ape.
The officer cracked and Wee, being the cleverest ape in the division,
scrubbed the floors in the barracks to the divine music of Mendel and Bach.
Gavrik Krutitski aka Rat carries on his shoulder our pet Ratty
Gavrik made a uniform for her, but she refused to wear anything but a cap.
Only our dog Castro is calm.
All of his short dog's life people were at war and he'd grown accustomed to it.
His name is not a tribute to the glorified hero of the Cuban people,
he got it because of the wound he sustained 3 years ago.
We are here because of the tip-off and we have to try not to burn the informer,
so we have to check a couple more houses.
Sergeant, let's go to this house. It is too hot to walk further.
No, let's go to that one, look at the nice orchard: apples, pears, -
suggests Freebie. He was caught pillaging on the very first operation.
- Soldier, what is this? - Lieutenant, sir, these are nappies, sir, freebie.
- 5 days in the guardhouse. - Why?! This is a freebie.
[All were pillaging but Freebie was caught] - No, it's too big.
- We don't have time. [When we ran out of toilet paper they were pretty handy.]
All right, me and Ash check those houses. Falin, Filippov!
The local world is inhabited only by women and children.
Kids are small and women's age is hard to tell.
Stop playing around in water, let's start working.
It seems they pay us no attention as if we didn't exist.
But we all feel that they are watching and following us closely.
Our house is the 5th one from the fork, got it? Start then.
What's wrong with him?
- Good morning. - Salam alaikum.
- Something's wrong? - Routine inspection.
- Inspection? Why was not I informed? - Well, they will inform you.
Is there anybody here? Could we get some water, please?
Well, no one expected us. The tables are empty and there's no sign of the hosts.
The boy was as surprised as we were that the mine didn't explode.
But he was a persistant local, wouldn't stop until he achieved what he wanted.
- Get out!.. Hey, where to? - Skeleton!
What is happening?
- Illya, Illya! Are you alive? - Oh, holy shit!
- Are you wounded? - We just entered and wanted to ask for water.
- Do you hear me? Skeleton, are you alive? - And there's that boy...
He hammered once, then again and again. He was hammering and smiling.
- Are you all right? - Shut up!
- Are you all right? - Yes? What?
Raise him! Send over an APC!
Back off! Back off!..
Back off! Back off!
Lie down!
She's got a rifle!
- Mount, quick! - Castro, come! Ash!
Stop, we forgot Boria!
Shit, what a hell.
Fucking aboriginals.
- Peter Rabbit, what is this? - Scraped by shrapnel.
How are you?
I am saying, two locals dead. We are fine, only a light concussion.
- Are you alive? - Yep, we're alive.
Freebie! Be cautious, it bites.
And who is Skeleton?
- You can unbutton. - Thanks.
- Kostik Filippov. - Is he skinny?
- Now he is. But when he just came to the bootcamp he was the fattest.
- Is it some kind of joke? - That's the joke.
- 'The one who shot at the woman was private first class Trukhnov'. - Yes.
- But he claims he did not shoot. - Well, maybe it was not him.
It seemed to me that Ash was shooting,
when he jumped on the woman and grabbed the rifle.
Maybe this is why it seemed to me that he was shooting.
Ok, rewrite it.
But without these nicknames. Boeing, We...
- Wee. - And no vulgar words, please.
What vulgar words?
This one for instance.
This is 'truck'.
This is just my handwriting, sorry about that.
Ok, just write.
Senior lieutenant, ma'am, excuse me, ma'am, but what's Wee' real name?
Mikhail Shilov.
- Ash, how many? - I'll trade two.
- I do not swap.
- Halt and freeze! - Where are those idiots?
- Major General, sir. - Belay!
So here you are, my dear Wilhelms Tells, fucking Robin Hood and his merry band!
The general, our dear father, fatherland, mother and grave,
is using only obscenities,
and after 'listing' all of our personal qualities for a good while
and mentioning all of our ancestors,
promises to change our sexual orientation.
Take away this pest!
We hear his gentle words grasping the beauty and melody of our mother tongue.
Then he follows with detailed threats. - Take this off!
And then Old man's imagination started to ebb.
- At ease. - At ease!
Well, he mentioned our ancestors only up to the 8th generation.
It ain't a good sign when Old man lacks words. Maybe that chick shamed him?
- Boeing, your turn now. - How was it? Why are you so red?
- Did you screw her? - Nah, she was the one that screwed him.
You should've told what you'd written. I wouldn't have said you shot the wench.
I described what had happened. I didn't shoot at her. Though I should have had.
And who was shooting then?
How is she, old friend? Can we stick one in?
I would pound her.
Well, tell her that you are at her service.
But how can I approach her?
Just look her in the eyes and say: Dear lady, may I have intercourse with you?.
You are not serious. How can I have intercourse with an officer?
What do you think we were doing there? Look at the Lawyer, he's all sweaty.
And now it's Boeing's turn. Have you seen the size of her?
Shilov! Your turn!
General, sir, we are not guilty. She is nuts.
Oh, shut up! You're in a big fucking trouble, so shut up!
- What happened there? - We couldn't act differently. She would've killed us all.
That's all for today.
We were sent away to the Northern checkpoint.
very far from the headquarters and close to dangerous places.
This will be our home for the next 45 days.
- Are there any people from the village? - Hey.
- Hi. - I asked if there are any people from the village?
- So how's going? - It's going.
Some sniper, fucker, shoots from near the grove in the evenings and mornings.
- Where to put this? - In the stores.
I've asked couple of time to bring some sacks.
We'd put them there, to fence us from the grove. And this way to the toilets.
- Well, will you take stock of this place? - Ah, cut it off.
They've stolen our kettle and a couple of gas tanks.
- Sergei, where should I put this cloth? - Go and work.
Needle! Where do I put our missiles?
Oh, stop being worried! I got it! I won't use water from the puddle.
Take water from the stream, not from the puddle, 'cause it's with the limestone.
If the roses wither, I'll come back and take care of you. Do you understand?
Well, show us your minefield.
Our mines are over there. Look.
And there the locals put their mines.
Do you have some kind of tub here?
Holy shit! Hey, soldier, be a friend, leave the babe.
I like to throw one-hand parties during these long summer evenings.
Well, sure, help yourself.
And what about the real ones? Are there any around?
Well, there's this little one, brings a deaf-mute with her. - Deaf-mute?
Wow, that is something! And how is she?
Ah, a peasant.
No, I mean how is she, well, you know?..
I'm telling you, a peasant. No tricks!
Well, gentlemen, what kind of tricks are you talking about?
Tricks are for Frenchmen or Germans. We need something simple and ample.
Well, good luck! And protect your bananas, use the rubbers.
This is Russia, it's your home This is home where you belong
Remember that my boy, Home to which I rush - Russia.
We'll come back there one day Parents, friends will be ok
And the lasses us await. Soldier, hope and you'll be saved.
Home to which I rush - Russia.
We will wipe our mother's eyes And with fathers drink all night.
We'll remember our friends. We will all survive, don't fret.
We'll go back to our home. Home to which I rush - Russia.
Russia, we will rush Russia, we will rush
Mount up!
Hey, move! Move!
Yes, we are on the spot. Over.
Stay safe!
Can I have a look?
- Take your finger off the trigger. - Sorry, sir.
Through the optical of Ash's rifle I behold the view.
There's a sea behind these mountains and a normal world with people holidaying.
The road is still good. It goes to the Muslim cemetery.
Our checkpoint is near it. We guard the road to the kingdom of the dead.
There were no big battles here. It is considered to be a quiet spot.
The pastoral serenity is ruined only by the sniper.
The essence of the danger is pretty simple. It does not let you live.
- The sniper killed Rat. - What do you mean?
- I am saying that Rat seems to be shot. - Shot or seems to be shot?
- What is happening? - Well, a rat got shot.
No, the small one. An animal. Our Ratty.
Where to? Take him away!
Well, maybe you will make a flag too, to cover her cofin?
- She died on a military mission, didn't she?
- I mean, according to the rules we have to play the anthem...
or at least sing it. Do you know how it goes?
And there is usually a salute. But I am afraid Illyich won't approve.
Today we say goodbye to our friend, that is our comrade in arms,
who shared with us all the hardships and privations of war.
She never complained about the long marches or many hours of duty.
With her body she shielded a friend from the enemy's bullet,
sent treacherously when the state flag was being raised.
Rest in piece, dear comrade... No, 'dear' is for civilians.
Rest in piece, comrade in arms. We will avenge you.
I personally swear to kill the nasty local guinea pigs like rats.
Get lost! All you want is to crack stupid jokes.
Come on, Gavrik, we understand.
You understand shit! Leave me alone.
Ash and sergeant Boeing ignore our nicknames and uses our real names.
This was the end of our first day.
How's it going?
Sergeant, sir, there were no incidents to report from my shift, sir.
Everything is solid: forests, fields, mountains and even the blue sky.
We only noticed 2 cowpats on the road, which were left there...
- Ok, get ready! Cover me. - We've taken the position.
- What about the cowpats? - Those too.
Egorov, if you take over, it's your task to get rid of them.
Everything should be clean and well-maintained, soldier.
- Yes sir. - Let's go.
Here we are.
Well, at least it's a freebie.
I like little cucumbers, prickly and blotchy,
with hard and sharp seeds.
These are the best. Pass me the bread.
Much obliged.
- Hey soldier. - Freeze!
Hold them!
Who are you? What do you want?
- I brought my sister with me. Fancy ploughing her? - Me?!
- Well, we made a deal, didn't we? So I brought her. - For me?!
- Well, sweetie, you made the deal with someone else. - Ah, you're the new ones.
Well, ok, do you want her? She's young, can't talk.
That's an attractive proposal. But I do not have any money on me,
only if it's a freebie.
Well, you can pay with your bullets.
20 for half an hour. 25 for an hour. 33 for both of you.
- What's your name? - You can call me Masha, it'll be easier for you.
- So? - Too expensive. 15 for an hour.
All right, for the newcomers and first clients I'll make it 20.
She's healthy and quite strong. I have a rubber.
- One more bullet. - That's expensive.
Feel her tits - how big and hot they are.
- So, have you decided? - All right, you talked me into it.
- And you? - Of course not.
- Why? - I don't like this.
- And what about you, are you for sale? - I have a fiance.
- Does she have a fiance? - She did once.
- Killed? - No, when your people perforated her, he copped out.
- Now no one wants her. - I see.
14, 15, 16, 17, 18... 20.
20, 20.
I am idling around here while back there I have hell lot of work.
We need sacks for the fence, a gas tank for the kitchen.
The next day Boria decided to shield us from the sniper with the sacks of sand.
From the morning we are realizing his plan: digging a trench to the toilet.
The APC's engine's not working properly. It started to boil while climbing.
Illyin will be for me. Illyin will be for me!
I will be back tomorrow morning or evening at the latest.
I bet 20 that he won't be back tomorrow.
100 that neither day after tomorrow.
Skeleton, let's go.
Take it easy.
That barren egg will tell on us. He'll tell them everything they want to hear.
Cheer up, the Old man will not turn us in, worse things had happened.
They shot a policeman with his rifle.
There's no way of telling whose rifle that was! All the bullets passed clear.
- I have a premonition they'll blame it all on us. - Ah, they'll investigate.
- Did you feed Castro?
- For the service in Caucasus. 1864.
It's in a good condition.
Sergeant, sir! Your lady is long gone.
Yes, we changed our location. Over.
- Damn it. - Throw further.
- Freeze or I will shoot! - Oh, will you, fuckwit?
- Have you gone mad, kamikaze? - You almost blew my head off!
- You were born under the lucky star. - Emanating a protective shield.
Oh, good hash. The guy didn't lie, hairy boogieman.
False alert. Yes, false alert. Over.
Quietly and calmly another day has passed by.
- What's happened? - False alert! Over!
Did you go to the village?
- Idiot, you strolled on the mine field! I've put trip wires everywhere
Don't worry, if I fall in a pile of shit, I come out with a suit on.
Oh, then there's a job for you: deepen the trench to the shit-house.
- What for? - Did you say something, soldier...
Yes sir.
I envy Ratty a little bit. Not every grave gets such moving attention.
There has been a thick fog from the very morning and nothing's happening.
One more day disappears quietly from our lives.
Get out from the car.
Your papers.
Hands on the hood.
- They are not in Russian. - Ask where are they going.
He said he's going to the cemetery, to visit his grandson's grave.
- Do we let them pass? - Check the car.
Hi kids! Any weapons or drugs?
It looks clean.
Get in and go.
I do not know much about medals,
but it seems to me that the old man had a Gallantry medal.
Let them pass.
Private Krutitski, you should understand that the main things in life
are to eat well, sleep sweetly and stick it in deeply. That's it.
You see, the world is simple. I mean, our world.
And you should treat it lightly, do not complicate it.
The moment you get into details, you've had it.
How long had she been with you?
- Who? - Ratty.
6 months.
That's one third of her rat's life. That ain't so bad.
Moreover, not every rat dies from the sniper's bullet.
You haven't lived through a quarter of your life yet,
and she managed to pull through the third of hers in combat conditions.
This is rare, I tell you!
Hello, checkpoint? Alert state!
And what should we do? I see. We stay seated.
We don't know who is being buried, but whoever it was on that stretcher,
for the locals we will be the sole source of their woes and grievances.
Who are those?
Sex service in the field conditions.
Have you changed your mind?
I'll give you a whole magazine for your service.
Service yourself.
The investigation still goes on, so we are definitely in trouble.
Good afternoon. Where can I get some privacy here?
- With whom? - For the interrogation.
It seems they decided to wear our balls for a necktie.
Private first class Trukhnov, follow me.
In the political games for this unsteady world we can be put down,
and no one will notice such a miniscule loss.
Hey, soldiers, take the water melons from APC.
Stoner, throw me my helmet.
- How do I know where you threw it? - There it is.
- Stoner, give me a drag. - Here.
- Ash, what's this all about? - Mikhail Shilov!
Soldiers, what are you doing here? Have you forgotten about the sniper.
To the checkpoint, double time, march!
The Sharia court is looming for us.
Lawyer's offensive gesture will not be understood.
The locals live according to their laws, which we don't get. This is not Europe.
- Get down! - Smoke! Boeing, throw some smoke!
Have you fallen asleep?
Idiot, let's get out from here!
I will get that bastard sniper. I tell you, I will destroy him.
- Boeing, smoke! - I swear to you.
Move quicker, you.
- What is it? Are you hurt? - No.
- That sniper, little shit... - Let's go. Get out from here.
You saw that? He aimed at the helmet, the bullet ricochetted and hit the badge.
- Come on! - He almost tore my ear off.
Run! Hurry!
We say farewell to yet another day.
Cards up?
I see, I see.
- Quads. - Damn it.
Unlucky at cards, lucky in love.
Do you mind, if I take your helmet?
So, my dear, you owe us 1213...
Can I take your armour vest?
Plus 415 dollars...
- Together it makes... - 1629.
Yep, 580 goes to Ash and the rest - for me and Skeleton.
Are you crazy, guys? Where will I get so much money?
This is not our problem.
All right, I'll go and perform a deed.
If I succeed, consider me a patriot, but if not - then not.
I don't see anything.
- Maybe he's on holiday today? - Maybe.
Ok, let's try. But carefully. Go!
- Hey, sailor boy, get lost! - Quiet, quiet.
- Fuck off from here! - Quiet, we lure out the sniper.
He'll think that there is someone in a shit-house.
Wait a moment! I am here!
I am not your bait! Piss off!
Wait another half a minute, will you? You'll come out in half a minute.
Go away! Look for another bait!
- Hey, Stoner, it worked out. - Holy crap.
- Have you located him? - No.
- Drop it! - I'll get him.
- Unless he gets you first.
- And? - Nothing.
Hey, soldier, do you see that path?
You walk along it without turning and you'll reach the village.
There go to the 2nd house on the left. Guy's name is Aiaz.
Tell him that I've sent you.
He'll give you hash and you come back.
- All clear? - Stoner, do not send him.
There's nothing to worry about. Go! Don't take your cannon with you.
Leave your pistol. Otherwise the locals will take it away.
Take one more grenade. 1 grenade is for 2 bottles and hash.
- And the second one? - To fight your way back.
But you better bluff and scare. Shout that you'll blow everything apart.
In general the exchange ratio is not so bad.
Stoner sent Wee to the contractual village, that is the one with which we
have a tacit agreement: they do not pester us, we try not to bother them.
Oh, this is good.
Hey! Do you want my sister?
Sure! Amazing service!
- 25. - All right.
- 30. - Let's go.
- Are you curious? - So you'll be silent just like that?
Who was it with you? The one with the nose?
Ah, that's Lawyer. His real name is Illyia.
Illyia... He's handsome.
- Who's handsome? Lawyer? - Yes.
Skeleton, hey, Skeleton! Give her 30.
What should I tell Illyia?
I'll tell him myself.
Why 2 grenades?
I did as you told, I bluffed. He told me he had n0 hash. But then he found some.
And he didn't want to drink vodka. I made him, pinched his nose and he swallowed.
- Have you brought some weed? - Yep.
Good job, youngster.
Hey, you shithead, what is this?
Well, I told him to give me some weed or I'd blow evertything. He gave me this.
I told him to give more of the stuff, to not be a tight arse.
These are some spices. It smells like pepper.
My platoon is smaller than a squad, what do you call it?
Filippov, pass me a towel.
I know, your regiment is smaller than a squadron, but it brings me no relief.
To hell with you! I said, over!
What did they tell you?
None of your bussiness.
- I saw her. - Who?
- Masha. - And?
She told me that you're handsome.
She's right. I have the same opinion.
White autumn fluff is in the air. If you look to the sky, it seems to be snowing.
It's snowing.
I thought I didn't say it aloud.
Castro, don't fret. Those are wolves.
Be afraid of people, those are mere wolves.
Misha, Shilov, wake up.
Filippov, Kostia, rise and shine!
I have only slept for 40 minutes.
Get ahead. Look at Taras, he's sick.
You are 3 minutes late.
- Post taken over. - Go to hell.
- I left you some coffee. Drink it to stay awake. - Ok, start your service.
All is quite and transparent.
The fog fenced us from the reality, it felt as if we were in our previous,
half forgotten life at home.
What are you listening to?
How would I know? Some music.
There, 50 meters closer to us, see that dry black grass?
The first one is there.
And to the left of it, see that red bush, there is a second one near it.
Yes, I got it. I'm quick.
Do you want some?
No, thanks. I feel itchy because of it.
Yes?.. Come out.
Wow, where does this luxury come from?
- Alisa brought this. - Who's Alisa?
The investigator. Senior lieutenant.
Oh, so you and her ?..
She's very nice. See, she brought some sausage.
And a chocolate bar, but a small one. I've already eaten it.
I have only 2 sandwiches left.
- Where's your left hand? - Here.
Oh, no, here.
What did Stoner tell you? Which way to go to the village?
He was facing me and showed to the left with his right hand.
So if facing the village I would have gone that way.
Idiot, you went the wrong way! The wrong direction, do you understand?
What's wrong? He'll keep quiet, he is a weakling.
Have you calmed down?
- Don't fret them! We'll squash them like cockroaches. - Let me go, you fool!
They can only cry and attack in a group. They'll not prevail when face to face.
And we are numerous. We will fence them in. Got it?
Skeleton! We've got water.
Go, go, go, go.
- Take a rest. I'll stay on guard. - Fuck off.
Wee is eager to fence in anyone, who's slightly different.
Everything is clear for him. The world is black and white.
Even this strange war makes sense to him.
To sleep and to forget another day.
Positive. And blood group?
- The third, 'B'. - Good.
- Here, have it.
- What are these numbers? - Where? These?
- How much sugar you have in your piss. - Why do you need this?
Well, in case you get shot, so that they didn't give you insulin.
- Hey, somebody is walking there. - Where?
In the forest. That must be the sniper.
Ash, give me a rifle. I'll be so happy to get that guy.
Well, this may be some local or an animal, a useful one.
Do you think I can't tell an animal from a sniper? This is a sniper.
Ash, give me a rod. I can feel him with my guts.
Sure, if with your guts... Kostia, give my rifle to this soldier of fortune.
- Stop shooting! - I got him. At least I think so
Haven't you had enough of war, rookie?
What's that? Is it ready?
- Wait another 5 minutes. - Come on, give me some food.
- And? - Shit, as always.
I think I got him.
Well, if you think you got him, go and have a look. We're curious what you hit.
Why so spicy?
I've put some weed into it, the one Stoner tried to smoke.
Castro! Castro!
Eat, my dear, eat.
- Who was shooting? - Me.
There was someone in the grove, a sniper probably. Now he won't walk anymore.
It was Illyich, you fuckheads.
You should warn us about your operational plans, sergeant, sir.
Stop! Stop! There's a trip wire there!
Be careful.
- Is it serious? - It's nothing, just a scratch.
- Who put a trip wire there? - Your mum.
- It was you who shot? - Yes, me.
- I'll have a word so that you get a rifle with an optical. - Thanks.
You're welcome.
- How are you? - We're fine, alive.
What is happening?
They threw something on the road. It looks like a box.
They threw some kind of a box on the road.
- Could it be a mine? - A set-up, more likely.
Ok sit still. This is probably a set-up for the sniper.
What do you want?
- Are you ok? - Ok..
And 3 on the top of that
I pass.
I add 3. And 5 more on the top.
- 5 on credit and 2 more on the top. - Ok, and 2 more.
- Yes, don't worry. We're leaving. - And 2 more.
- Yes, I have the exact time. - Ok, and 2 more for me.
Fillipov and Falin, go to the post.
- Cards up? - Ok.
- 3 plus 2.... Oh well.
I do not think that the locals planted a mine. But why take risks?
We have a lot of time and Lawyer has even more patience.
- Is this yours? - No, it was planted.
Careful, that might be a mine!
This is from a dog.
Is this a sign that they think of us as dogs?
I don't understand.
Good afternoon! The weather is nice today, isn't it?
Do you want her?
You can have her for free.
Well, if you want to be alone together, just go, I'll stay on duty.
No, we must not, we are on the battle post.
This is a breach of the rules. But in the evening...
Ok, I'll come in the evening.
She looks like my cousin.
Freeze! Your hands!
Boeing is violating a tacit rule: not to check women and kids.
- Should I take my knickers off? - Go.
Well, he can be excused. This is a strange couple.
Mmm, julienne with profitroles.
If to boil bullets for more than 1 hour, they turn into harmless lead pieces.
Freebie plans to pay with them for a presumed sister.
Illyia, are you here?
Good evening. This is for you.
Nobody gave me flowers before. This is beautiful.
You're kind... and handsome.
You too.
A long begone youth In the far away mountains I've caught at last.
Kostik, if you compose a haiku, than follow the classical pattern:
2 verses with 5 syllabi and 1 verse with 7 syllabi inbetween.
How about this: Shadow of a bird, Froze on the white snow, It's in no hurry.
If you are so smart, what are you doing in the army?
Move, Japanophiles.
Stoner, were you coughing to get out of duties?
Aiaz! Aiaz!
- Come in. - Good evening.
- We have a request. - Take a seat.
We are here to raise objections concerning your sniper.
He has no holidays and there's no normal life at our checkpoint.
So we came here to talk, to strike a deal.
You understand it well yourself, all of us want peace... to remain alive.
And your sniper keeps us underground all day long,
saying nothing of the fact that we can't go to the shit-house safely.
- Speak lower. - Aha.
So that's why we're here - to talk about your damn sniper.
Why is he shooting all the time, as if there's no tomorrow.
We all want to live. You are warriors, we are soldiers as well.
We have to serve, even though we don't like this.
Speak for yourself.
Ah, yes, and a couple of days ago one of your people gave us some pepper
instead of weed and Stoner smoked it... He nearly died.
- Aiaz... - And we only wanted some weed.
Weed grows near the checkpoint, but Stoner prefers not to risk
gathering it in the mine field,
where the mines have been put there by all and everyone for many years.
Well, let's drink to warriors.
Stoner, stop, wait.
Stoner, wait.
- I can't anymore, my hand is stiff. - Holy shit.
- Have you been there with it the whole evening? - Well, yeah, almost.
Where's the ring?
I think I left it in the house, somewhere on the floor.
Don't shit your pants, let it go.
Go now.
Stoner puts a hand-made trip wire on the path,
violating a tacit agreement with the locals.
A little revenge for the shame and fear in Aiaz's house.
No, no, everyone is safe! It's ok.
Nothing more happened that day.
That wouldn't be too pleasant to get this one.
Kremlin, Kremlin...
This is Eights.
Kremlin, respond to the Eights.
- Call. - The same.
- I accept. - Are we turning over?
- 2 knaves. - Jacks, not knaves.
- Trait. - Straight, not trait, gamblers.
- Well, you're really out of luck. - Flash.
Finally! This is Eights. Yes, Eights!
I am disturbing you on the account of food. The noodles got all moldy.
The noodles are moldy.
What? What calibre are you talking about? Shit.
No, this is not a cyphered message! The chronograph on my HT went dead!
Boeing, ask how 'Rotor' performed in the championship.
- What? - Ask how 'Rotor' performed.
Fuck, they're moldy, rotting!
- Ask how team 'Rotor' performed. - Hello! Do you hear me?
Kremlin, do you know how 'Rotor' performed?
What? No, not a military patrol, a football team.
They called a military patrol 'Rotor'. Why wouldn't they call it 'Arsenal'?
What? And you're a mule. An ass with the ears, got it?
Hey, you better learn how to speak Russian, you halfwit.
Do you hear what's happening in the air?
Like in Las-Vegas, maybe even cooler.
Ok, so if you give us cash we'll offer you a 20% discount.
I pass. I'll go and talk to my shrink.
I can forgive your debt to me... if you go to the post in your birthday costume.
You can have your vest and rifle.
- That's all - What about 'Rotor'?.
Oh, yes. What about 'Rotor'?
Ok, I got it. That's it. In brief, bring us some chow.
Yes. Over.
So? Did they win?
Ah, you're asking about 'Rotor'? No idea! He's a 'Torpedo' fan.
Hey, what was it about the mule? I didn't quite get it.
Ah, that was the aboriginals, messing about on our frequencies.
35, 36...
Egorov, Egorov.
- Freebie! - Me!
- Egorov, where's the toilet here? - What are you talking about?
- Gent's toilet. - There.
- And where do you relieve yourself? - It's not me, it's Castro.
Castro? What are you talking about? It's Freebie, that son of a bitch!
He marked all the corners. It's impossible, the stench is horrendous.
Ok, Egorov, next time you'll have to lick everything with your tongue.
Yes sir!
Yes, I see. Why are you in army boots?
- The asphalt is hot! - Ok, I don't mind, let him be in the boots.
Motherfuckers! A pile of crepes with cat's poo. Sergeant!
Get lost! Get fucking lost.
General, sir, there were no incidents at the checkpoint.
- Private Krutitskii! - What is this?
Ladies and gentlemen, please, get into the vehicles!
Let's proceed.
I'll remeber this, you thin-fleshed Heracles!
Skeleton, do you know how you say in French:
'We are fine, but we lack meat and fruit'?
Why do you need this?
Well, this is a humanitarian mission. We can come across some fruits. Freebie!
Trukhanov, to your post! Get clean up!
Speak English. That's Eurostandard, they should be able to understand.
Good morning, general, sir! Is everything in order?
Well, with me yes. And who's that Narcissus over there?
Ah, that one. He washed his uniform and we don't have spares.
We can participate in the combat operations, er...
Help the civilians, disarm the bandits.
Our food is very well, but there's not enough vitamins, fruits.
- Hey, listen, why was that soldier naked? - Oh... You must understand.
6 days ago his girlfriend died. Her name was Ratty. She's buried over there.
- She was shot by the sniper. - Why did you burry her here, not at home?
Well, we decided to make an exception. She was from here.
What do you know about the incident in the village?
- The one where the locals were killed? - Oh my...
It's our duty, the full investigation of that sad conflict, necessary
for all guilty to be punished. They're punished.
We are sorry for the incident, but they starting shooting first.
A woman, a local one, she started to shoot.
- Understand? - That's not an information we heard.
Soldier, you're not the one to decide who is guilty.
Stay here. Let's go.
Here, this is our flag.
These are not bullets, it was in storage and Mickey Mouse ate bits of it.
These are gunports... Guys usually shoot here, but I do not like it.
What's happening? What has been decided about my guys?
I do not turn in my soldiers.
How do you like it? 'Military watercloset'.
Move! Quickly! Get away from there!
General, sir, take this goddamn excursion away from here.
Flocking here - there's hardly any better panorama for the sniper.
Yeah, you're right. High time to wind this screw down.
- Do you listen to some folk music? - Yeah, sure, folk music. Follow me.
- A slick soldier, that one! - Oh sure.
Well, good luck!
If you're ever in Canada, give me a call.
OK, I'll be there for sure.
Bon voyage.
Well, a citizen of the world, going to Canada, are we?
But first scrub the shit-house together with that nudist.
- Did you blow up a grenade? - The blast was from the old road.
Take a couple of soldiers and go check it out.
Hey, Freebie, what did they do on my grave?
They shed a couple of tears over the body of the deceased,
sentimental bourgeois.
Ok, let's go, you've been detached to the shithouse.
Calm him down!
Two rams tripped on Stoner's grenade. I started to feel better.
The local put it here. Amateurs. Copper wire!
Skeleton, come here!
- Give me some painkillers. - I've run out.
Shilov, give me a syringe!
We ran out of ephedrine and painkillers a long time ago.
We have water in our vials.
I exchanged my painkillers with Stoner for cigarettes.
Take it, you can have it on your right arm. We don't need other people's stuff.
Give me some painkillers!
Ok? Can you walk on your own? Will you be able to walk on your own?
- He'll get help. See, the locals are running. - Ok, let's retreat. Move!
Truknov, we're retreating!
- Leave it. - Why?
Soldier, I told you to leave it.
Why did we inject that guy with painkillers? I remembered him.
He gave me that shit instead of weed.
But maybe it wasn't him. They all look alike.
One local lost his hand.
He received immediate medical attention.
Yes, the explosive was home-made, copper wire proves that.
No, we are not idiots, we do not use copper.
Of course they will blame us, that's clear.
No, you listen...
Skeleton, how does one spell 'syringe'?
Spell it how you want, that's not a Russian word.
We'll submit letters of explanation. You give us an APC, we give you letters.
Is it all? Yes, convey all of it. We're waiting.
- What do they say? - I give you three guesses.
Locals claim that we put this trip wire there to kill their sheep
- and get some meat. - Well done, A+!
This is bullshit! Listen to the sheppard! Ask him!
Well, precisely... He's the one who says that.
- Excuse me. - What do you want?
Well, here's my letter of explanation.
- 'Seerynj'. - May I go?
- Yes, go, private Sheelov. - Yes sir!
Shit, this is a madhouse.
Oh wide and level field
My horse cannot run
from your side to the other.
It can't cross you, bring me home,
to the house that is standing
on the other side of the wide field.
The house where my dear mother and young wife
wait for me and cry their eyes out.
But the field is too wide
for my horse and for me,
I am old and grey,
while the field is level but too wide.
According to the old slavic belief the bareback horse is a symbol of death.
The day has come to an end. Another day.
Krutitski, let's go.
Unzip him.
- Shhhh, quiet! - Quiet, don't wake him up! Sleep, my baby.
Sleep my little soldier and don't piss where we told ya!
'ause there'll come an angry squad and they'll colour your little pod.
Rat, go on post.
Yes, I see.
Attention! All on your marks!
Egorov, open!
Back off, I said!
Back off, back off. Freeze!
Hey, stop it! What the hell is this?
Stop, I told you to stop! No lynching!
We didn't come for that. No lynching!
Everything will be ok.
You've gone crazy there, all of you. What are you talking about?
There's an order to convey private Krutitski
to the local police station.
I will not give them my soldier. They can interrogate him here.
They need him for a crime re-enactment.
The local prosecutor's office and special services insist on it.
Crime re-enactment? What the hell are you talking about?
If we give him to them, we'll never see the guy!
I will convey him. I came here specially for that.
The order is signed by the unit commander. You must obey.
This is a joint investigation, together with the local prosecutor's office.
- Are you with them? - You forget who you are, Warrant Officer.
If anything happens to this guy, I'll get you, bastards.
What? Because of the fools like you there's still a war going on here.
Shut up.
Excuse me, Senior Lieutenant, ma'am, but I do not take my words back.
- I'll inform command about your behaviour. - This is your right.
And chip on your shoulder.
Our general, the Old man, betrayed us.
He betrayed Warrant Officer Illich, with whom he'd served for 15 years.
Arrested because of the ram...
Stoner says this just to check if I keep quiet.
Rat was accused not only of making that trip wire,
but also of shooting that woman in the village.
Go now.
- Egorov! Bring it! - What?
Don't screw with me! Time is wasting!
Good job. You're free now.
He won't shoot anymore. It's getting dark.
Ok, then go for a walk and we'll see if he shoots.
Come out.
- How's Illich? - He hasn't calmed down yet.
Forgive me. Forgive us all, dear God.
Forgive me, forgive my weakness.
Dear God, forgive my weakness.
I knew that I can't turn him in, but I did. I turned him in!
Oh God, what comes next?
What are we doing? What are we perpetrating?
Have we really finished? It's our turn!
To arms! Alert!
We will never give them anyone else. I promise!
- They will pay for it dearly! - Oh my God.
- Sir! Let's start a war against all of them tomorrow in the morning! - What?
- Well, we'll wake up tomorrow composed and will go. - Shut up!
Andrei, calm down. Let's go.
What are we doing here?
The guys are tired and there is no reason to worry.
No reason to worry, but there's a reason to shout at the top of your voice!
Explain to me, what are these boys doing here? And you? And me?
- Me, old fool, what am I doing here? - Let's go. Calm down.
Everyone asks this question, but I don't know anyone who'd be able to answer it.
I'd forgotten that it could be so serene...
and nice.
Me too.
How long will you stay here?
31 days. A lot.
31? That's so little.
31 days is a long, long stretch of time.
It's a very short one for me.
But that's a lot for us.
Because of the rain I can't hear well, but Lawyer is wrong.
We'll have to live here for another 32 days.
Boeing gave me one day off. I will get that son of a bitch today.
I will be in the open field, near the ditch,
I had my eyes on that place already, it's 200 meters from the forest.
The main thing would be to wait patiently and to disguise myself well.
When he begins to shoot, just localize him.
Can I borrow your helmet?
- I bolted on the tail firmly, I'm too lazy to take it of. - Take it, sure.
And you can see that tail from afar. It ruins a disguise.
We've begun our duty.
It's all right.
Skeleton, you keep a bead on the people in the truck.
- I will cover the gasoline tank. - Yep.
- What did they throw? Something soft. - Go and check.
Cover me.
That's a skin. Dirty.
- Lawyer, what's in there? - Something heavy.
But soft.
That's Rat. Kostik, that's Rat in there!
I didn't get it in the beginning, then I saw his ear.
Jesus, how could he fit there? It is so small.
That is, not too big.
In the optical sight soldiers' figures were small and looked like toys.
To shoot at them wasn't that horrible.
Her name was Manimat. Being just 14 years old...
she had no idea of type of rifle and treated it
as a good true friend that never let her down and served its function
perfectly, the function that was created by people themselves.
- No!
- No!