Importing Text Files from PubMed (EndNote X3)

Uploaded by EndNoteTraining on 22.04.2010

Importing from PubMed
In your browser, go to the URL
This is the location of the PubMed database at the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
Type in your search query.
Then select the Search button to perform the search.
Mark the references you wish to keep on each page.
Use the Send to menu to save those references to the Clipboard by selecting the Clipboard option.
Then the Add to Clipboard button.
When you have finished sending your selected references to the Clipboard, select the Clipboard button.
On the Clipboard page, select File from the Send to menu.
Select the MEDLINE format.
Then select the Create File button.
Save the file on your desktop.
The steps for doing this may vary with the Internet browser you are using.

In EndNote, select Import from the File menu.
You will be presented with a window showing four options.
The first option selects the text file to be imported.
Select the Choose File button to locate and select the file you saved from online.
Note that EndNote may not go to the desktop, so you must remember where you saved the file.
The Import Options line allows you to select the matching EndNote filter.
At the top of the drop-down list are filters for importing data from other EndNote libraries
or other bibliographic software programs.
To see the filters for online databases, select Other Filters near the bottom of the list.
Select the PubMed filter from the list.
Next you must select what EndNote will do with duplicates.
You can import all references, even if some of them are duplicates;
you can discard duplicates, which will filter out all duplicates;
or you can put the duplicates in a separate duplicates library.
EndNote will compare the authors, title, year, and reference type to decide if a reference
is a duplicate of one already in your library.
For PubMed, select No Translation as the Text Translation option.
Select the Import button to import the references.
The new references will appear in the temporary Imported References group.