Christmas Spectacular Opening Night - Garden of Dreams Foundation

Uploaded by DanceOn on 21.11.2011


JILL MARTIN: Well, tonight we're honoring the Garden of
Dreams Foundation, and so you'll see very deserving
children performing with a very hot rapper to
kick off the show.

DARRYL MCDANIELS: Yeah, this is a special,
historic event tonight.
It's the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
And we will be opening the show, DMC with a bunch of
kids, and we will be doing Run DMC's legendary Christmas
Carol, "Christmas In Hollis."
It's just beautiful, because you think about, some of these
kids, they live in New York City and some of their lives,
whether it's homeless, foster care, or if their parents have
problems with drugs.
They ride past all these legendary venues, Radio City
Music Hall, and they'll probably think, oh, I'm not
worthy to even go in there.
So I had to wait until I was a grown up to
come in here and play.
These kids get the chance of a lifetime.
They get to perform at Radio City Music Hall.
It's a dream come true.
The Garden of Dreams Foundation literally makes
dreams come true for these kids.
They will be able to talk about this for the rest of
their lives, and they'll be able to rub it in everybody
else's face.
You never played at Radio City.
I'm going to come out, when I first come out and the record
drops I'm trying to do a kick and almost pulled my back out.
So I'll leave all the kicking and dancing in the show, the
show stopping moves, let's leave it to the Rockettes.
I'm just gonna come, grab the mic, and rap.