Victor Borge - 80th birthday - English subtitles available

Uploaded by stigekalder on 18.09.2009

How does it start ?
So you really have to use the bow ??
Could you please do that once more ?
You certainly are very nervous !?
Shaking your hand all the time
Please one more time
And you may shake, it's all right
Yeah, that's the one I require
Yes, exactly, that's quite right !
Does that key fits you ?
That's too bad
I really hate that key
It's so difficult
Does that mean I have to play everything again ??
I will make a short one
You chose it yourself !
All right, let's repeat from the last chord
No, really, it sounds brilliantly
That I certainly have to say
I'm really, really fond of this
...destroying my whole birthday
Let's try once more
Otherwise I may take the recorder away from you
Have you ever tried to play the cello ??
You should certainly stick to the recorder
A recorder is much needed when you play the gypsy waltz
That's how the music is...
Is there a doctor nearby ?
Does anybody have a glass of water ?
I do that every morning !