ImpressPages CMS tutorials 01 - content management

Uploaded by impresspages on 13.01.2011

Hi. I’m Audrius. I am co-developer of the ImpressPages CMS.
In this lesson you will learn how to manage the content of your website with ImpressPages CMS.
I will use this website as an example.
To log in to administration panel I need to type “admin.php” at the end of my website url.
Insert your name and password
After logging in I will see the same website that I came from.
As an administrator I can browse my page like any other visitor.
All links are clickable. Navigation, texts, images can be viewed as it is.
The only difference, at the top of my website I have all the tools I could need for website administration.
Now I will show how to add new content to any page.
To add new content, I will simply drag required widget from toolbar to desired place.
As an example, I will take a “text widget” and place it on the page. The red line shows where the widget will be placed.
Text editor pops up and I can insert any text I would like.
To preview inserted information I need to click “confirm”.
In the same way I can add any other content.
I can add text with title, text or title separately, text with photo, big photo, photo gallery, logo gallery, separator, F.A.Q. block or even table.
And that’s not all.
On the second row I have blocks for rich text editing, file, video, contact form or block to embed the HTML code
like a map from Google or feed from any social network
Let’s try to add a photo gallery.
To do that, I need to drag photo gallery widget from tools bar to a desired place.
To upload new photo I simply have to browse for a file from my computer and press "upload"
I can add as many photos as I like.
When it’s done I will confirm it.
If I need to edit some part or block of the content,
I will have to roll over the mouse on it and press first icon (edit icon).
Then appropriate editor pops up.
The order of blocks could be changed by pressing arrows that show up when I move the mouse over the block.
I can hide some part of the content from visitors by clicking an eye icon or permanently delete a block with trash icon.
All changes that I’ve made will not be visible for website visitors until I press “save” button.
If I need to change page title in the menu,
I will have to go to that page and type new title in "button title" field at top left of the screen.
To save changes I have to press “save”.
Now you know how to manage the content of your website
When you’ve done, press “logout” button.
I’m Audrius, co-developer of the ImpressPages CMS.
Thanks for watching.