How to Find Delivery Work with Orangutrans

Uploaded by orangutransTV on 12.11.2012

Orangutrans is a service that helps you find new jobs to complement your existing work
and existing routes.
In fact, Orangutrans can become your main source of work.
From motorcycles to horses,
Cars to boats,
Furniture to freight,
Caravans to diggers,
Pallets to pets.
Hundreds of customers post all kind of shipment requests on the site,
Orangutrans helps you find the jobs that best fit around your plans.
Whether it's a simple circle, Or a carefully defined zone.
Local, or not so local.
Orangutrans, lets you narrow your search by dates, by category, or by distance.
And search for shipments along your planned route.
Or look for shipments that start in one area, and end in another.
Save your search to look it up again at any time.
We'll even email you as often as you like to notify you of any new jobs that appear.
Found a job you're interested in? Ask questions,
And then send quotes to the customer.
All quotes are shown openly and under an alias or nickname - so your real identity always
remains invisible to competitors.
As you may be competing with others for the same job.
You can also choose to improve your quote, in some way, in order to win the deal.
If your quote is accepted, you've won the job and you formally win a new contract.
You need to confirm this booking by making a small payment via our secure payment system.
A booking confirmation is sent to the customer along with our contact details.
Only that customer then gets to know your real identity.
There's no minimum contract, No subscription,
No 'per view' charges, No catches.
It's just PAYG (Pay as you Go). Orangutrans believe if you don't get business,
then we shouldn't either.
Ready? Registering online is quick and easy.
Do it now and let Orangutrans help you find the jobs that fit around you.