ESWC 2011: Na`Vi dancing stars

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Oct 21, 2011

- it’s rock! It’s heavy metal!
- something hard-ass will be now.
- Do you think so?
- It’ll be something like Michael Jackson.
- He’s master of sports in ballroom dances!
- Come on, that’s the one who is master
in ballroom dances. You can win a car for dancing.
- Is it Tavria-car?
- Green-yellow?
- Green-yellow Tavria!
- Yozhik, don’t wave off! Don’t slap me! Don’t weave!
- Dima, let’s go!
- It won’t work!
- Come on!
- That’s what the real dance is!
- Take Dendi with you!
- No!