Rod Roddenberry Extended Interview from Zombie Dice, Get Bit!, and Tsuro TableTop Ep3

Uploaded by geekandsundry on May 4, 2012


My name's Rod Roddenberry.
People know me through my father, Gene Roddenberry, the
creator of Star Trek.
I'm doing everything I can to continue the
vision that he created.
And we are doing this through our many entertainment
projects at
And the one I cherish most is through the Roddenberry
Foundation, where we're working very hard to see his
dream realized and make it a reality.
Our underlying philosophy, our goal, is to work with
innovative, cutting-edge organizations and companies
out there that are looking to solve
humanity's long-term problems.
We're not looking to put any Band-Aids on things.
The things that we're trying to involve ourselves in, or
contribute to, are things that will hopefully see the light
of day in 10, 20, 30, maybe even 100 years down the road.
Obviously, we want it to happen sooner.
But we really believe in that future where humanity works
together for the greater good and we benefit each other.
I took up scuba diving back in 1993.
And for me, it's sort of real-life exploration.
I can get pretty corny and say, you know, I'm boldly
going where very few have gone before, and I'm really seeing
alien life.
And it is such an amazing magical experience to go
underneath the water.
As corny as it sounds, I really think people should
explore their planet.
So many of us are sort of waiting for that better future
to come or waiting to have these new experiences.
I really want people to go out and have them.
So whether it's diving or just doing something new and
different, I really encourage that.
You know, I don't consider myself a gamer.
I'm not very good at games.
However, I fell in love with one game many years ago, and I
think a lot us did--
I would play Halo-- and I actually still play Halo--
beginning to end, nonstop, every incarnation of it.
And I got to say, I love the game so much that I
named my dog Halo.
I fell in love with the story.
After I played the first Halo all the way through, I thought
it was a fantastic story.
And I was hoping someone would do a movie.
I know there was rumor, but I think it fell through.
But I just love the story, and I felt
immersed in the gameplay.
I did grow up playing some tabletop games, but they were
the traditional ones--
Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land.
Wow, I can't even believe I remember that.
Gaming is an opportunity to expand the creativity inside
you and explore different realms
and different realities.
And I think it's something that all people should
incorporate into their lives as much as possible.