CGRundertow THE LAST DRIVER for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 04.09.2012

Well, it’s finally happened. Again. The world has been taken over by zombies, only
this time...zombies and aliens. And dinosaurs. Buildings are falling, cars are exploding,
fires are burning, boulders’s a world full of danger! Danger and endless
runners. Or endless drivers.
No gas station? It’s cool. We’re just going to blow up, anyway.
It’s The Last Driver. Hope you got insurance!
A new App Store release from Chillingo, The Last Driver is a driving game with an apocalyptic
theme. The world is pretty much ending, so obviously, you do what we would all do in
that situation. You drive around recklessly.
The idea is to drive as far as you can and rack up as many points as possible. Earn points
by adding distance, killing zombies, you get the idea. It’s a really simple game and
there’s obviously not much to it...but it is pretty addictive.
I’re running over zombies. That’s awesome.
The problem is...your car flat out sucks at first. I mean, you can’t even steer the
damn thing, so the game does start slow. But eventually, you earn enough coins to upgrade
your car, and I’d highly recommend fixing the steering first., this
is a tremendous pain in the ass.
The nice thing is that, as you collect more coins, there are actually quite a few things
you can upgrade. Your car’s handling, of course, but also your armor, the ammunition,
the jumping...what starts as a pretty weak ride is eventually effective, but it does
take some time.
And patience.
And of course, part of the reason for that is...this is a freemium game. So the game
obviously wants to encourage you to drop a dollar or two on coins. But it’s fun, there
are plenty of coin-earning objectives to strive for...and it does have that addictive quality
that makes you say, “Ah, just one more round, and I’ll get it this time.”
The Last Driver takes a little while to get rolling, but once it does, it’s a fun endless
racer...thing. It’s solid, it’s addictive, it’s’s The Last Driver for the iPhone.