Dostana (2008) *BluRay* w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 8

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I didn't know that you were married.
I was. Not anymore. She left us.
I'm really sorry, Abhi. I didn't realise.. I had no idea.
I didn't mean that she passed away
She left me for somebody else. - Oh!
After Nisha left, I had to ask my mom to stay with us.
At that point of time, I needed her more than Veer.
But even she left us a few months back.
For whom?
It's okay. - I'm sorry.
Hello! - Sam! - Hello!
Sam, guess what! I've been given a big project to shoot. - Wow!
I know. I've to got go to Philadelphia for the shoot today.
I'll be back tomorrow.
I'll be back tomorrow. - You're leaving,
Don't go. - Sam, the food is in the fridge, tell Neha also.
Ok. I'll miss you, my jiggereypoo. - Bye, Sam. - Bye.
Ya hi! Neha Melwani, please.
Its a surprise, Neha. Wait for two minutes.
Oh! But you can surprise me without all this too, you know Sam.
Right here. - Okay.
Ready? - Yes, please.
Well, it's all yours.
I want to give you something. So that when you're 90 years old..
..and you've lost your memory, you can't see clearly..'re hard of hearing and basically.. alone then..
..then this will be extremely useful to you.
Do you know why? - Why?
Because it contains every moment, every second..
..that I've spent with my dearest friend.
I call it my Sam and Neha diary.
The first time you cooked for me..
..I enjoyed eating it. And then I ate something else..
Digestive pills.
The first time we went for a walk. - I remember that.
We gazed at the sunset and then at the moonlit night.
By the way, you were looking very pretty that night.
Our first moments of joy, moments of laughter..
And then our first time in the rain.
You know what? This is the most beautiful moment.. Sam and Neha's diary.
But here.. - Smile.
Sam, it's perfect.
Thank you.
Okay, let's go through the book. Okay.
Co-chief editor, congrats.
This should've happened long back.
Have they just given you a promotion..
..or will they increase your pay as well? - Of course.
Here's your size, sir.
Thank you. Guys, I'm just coming.
Hey! I really like that. Think I should try it on?
Yes. - Ok.
Neha! - Sam!
Neha, I want to tell you something.
It's just that..
I've been feeling Differently towards you for the last few days.
Just let me speak, okay? Just one minute..
Whenever I'm with you, I feel something different.
I know. I know you're going to say that I'm gay.
But just suppose.. suppose I wasn't gay. Then..
What would you have said?
What'd you have said other than my name, Neha?
Sam. - Neha.
Sam. - Neha.
Sam! What's wrong with you?!
You love Neha? - Yes, so?
No, you can't. - Why?
Because I love Neha.
Guys, what are you doing?
You guys are getting out of here right now.
This is so embarrassing, you know?
One minute.
Since when have you been in love with Neha?
What do you mean since when? Is there a time limit to it?
Yes, offer open only till stocks last.
Exactly. And Neha is single now. So the sale is on!
Hey! This isn't a 'buy one and get one free' scheme.
I came here before you, so I'll tell her first.
That's it. That's it.
Disgusting! Disgusting behaviour!
No, no. Saw that? She hates you.
Yes? And if she'd heard what you had to say..
..then she'd have hated you even more and more than that..
..she'll throw us out of the house.
So what, man?! Let her throw us out. I don't care.
If I worry about that then I'll never be able to tell her that..
..I love her.
No you can't because no house equals no Neha.
You got it?
What do we do now?
Hey Sam, it's Neha's birthday tomorrow.
I'm planning something special for her.
I know a new place, its really cool
After work I'll pick her up and bring her there.
Meet us there by 9 sharp.
Enough is enough, Kunal. Tell me, where are we going?
Nothing special. Just dinner and a movie.
Where is Sam? - Sam had some important work.
Kunal! Neha!