THE SUB (Krogzilla #8)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 19.07.2012

Well, then, git 'er done!
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Born at the edge of the world, Product of science, a fire-breathing giant,
At war with the folly of man And man nearly destroyed him,
The change unemployed him, He's KROGZILLA: the monster who got down-sized.
My name is Mr. Krogzilla and I'll be your substitute teacher for Geography today.
I can tell by the looks on your faces that A. you've never had a sea monster
for a teacher or B. you are amazed at the low standards set by your school system.
I was surprised too.
We're gonna learn something today. About...
And the biggest city is--?
Which is only because of the Eiffel Tower. I mean sure, you put that up and everybody
wants to climb it. Or tear it down.
I'm sorry, who is climbing the Eiffel Tower?
Well in the 70's, everyone. Klaxitar, Mega-Bee, Mantasaurus. But if you're a deep-sea creature,
Paris is a serious HIKE from the water, you know? Better to hit Canne, Marseille - just hit 'em!
What do you mean, hit?
Visit. I mean visit. And really, if you can get into the
Mediterranean Sea here, you've got a buffet table on all sides -- Italy, Greece, the Middle
And by buffet, I mean... feast for the eyes.
Hey, you can't smoke in here.
Sorry. It happens when I drink too much coffee.
You must be Krogzilla. Hope the kids are taking it easy on you.
They're a little intimidating.
I started with kindergartners. Try to imagine tiny people running around your legs all day.
Actually I can.
Especially now.
Am I making you uncomfortable?
No. Why?
I've just... stepped on a lot of you guys.
You guys?
Hey, we're all thinking it. Japan was one of my old stomping grounds. And by that I
mean... I stomped on it a lot.
This is awkward.
How 'bout let me break the tension. You got any Ibuprofen around here?
I could check the nurse's office.
Great. This chitter-chatter all day is giving me a headache.
That's ironic Jeff, since you living on the side of my head gives ME a headache.
Bwa-ha. Would you like a rim shot with that joke?
I'll get those pills.
Domo arigato!
You guys know I'm from Tulsa, right?
Then git 'er done!
On second thought, can you see if the nurse can just lance this thing?
Who's Lance?
Jeff -
Jeff Lance?
Mr. Krogzilla, we need to discuss your... curriculum.
Ooooo! "Discussing your curriculum!"ť
She means what I'm teaching, genius. Which means some parents made phone calls and...
I'm done here, correct?
Oh, it doesn't mean you can't teach anymore, no. Just not today. Or here. Or in this school
Man. And today was pizza day.