Marlene & Rebecca - Part 52-2

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I just wish I would have had the courage to admit this to myself previously.
I'm afraid I can never make it right again.
Don't say that.
Subs late2knight, thanks to tegan's transcript.
I've deceived myself for so long.
And you.
And Tristan as well.
That figures.
It's not what you think.
That.. gets even better here.
Marlene was just being honest.
Well then, all is ..
.. then it's all cleared, right?
Tristan.. please ..
I simply only .. want to know one thing from you.
Did you... ever .. ever ...
- .. love me at all? - Yes ..
Yes..! Yes I did love you but ..
.. just not .. enough.
What the two of you did today ..
.. you will regret it.. I'll make sure you will.
I'm very grateful you took care of my brother.
But I believe we will manage just fine by ourselves now.
If you would like a taxi ..?
Thanks, I prefer to wait for Tristan.
I can imagine my brother would rather spend the evening with his family.
He can tell me himself shortly.
Perhaps he's too polite to?
Tristan ..
And? Come, let's go next door.
Leave it, I don't feel like talking.
Do me a favor and keep my family away from me. I just want to be alone, okay?
He really shouldn't be alone right now.
Best is if I join him.
Hello? But who are you? You weren't even introduced.
Bella. No worries, I'm not family.
I can't stand these eyes full of compassion.
Should I drive you to another place?
I'm exactly where I should be. Here,
I am supposed to party.
- Oh well.. - Everything is here...
Come, we celebrate the hottest marriage party ever.
My bride is rather indisposed, may I have this dance?
Sure. But not to this.
Much better, right?
What's up in there?
Tristan is back with this woman that drove off with him at the church.
What are they doing in there?
It couldn't have gone any worse.
He's hurting.
That's for sure.
But he also believes that from the start I ...
.. lied to him deliberately.
I need to talk to him.
That's why I came.
Do you .. do you want me to talk to him?
No, I don't think that's a good idea.
Most of all I want to hide out with you.
We'll get trough this together.
But please let me first eliminate the chaos I created.
All right.
I won't run away.
It will take a while.
But I will return.
And until then ..
Simply take this ..
Thank you.
I love you too.
Yeah, I would call this our song now.
The hymn of the cheated ones.
Can't imagine Olli to be your brother.
First, you look much better than him.
Second he only listens to this clean produced house crap.
If so, then we apparantly have grown up differently.
You look better still. {Knocking on door}
Private party.
Can we talk?
Please, I .. really am dying to explain everything to you.
You know, I really wanted to do this last night, but I ..
.. I couldn't.
I know how much I hurt you.
But you know, if I had said Yes today in church, then.. then ..
I would have made it even worse.
Get lost!
That's what you do best. Scram!
- Time to cut the wedding cake, don't you think? - Maybe better not.
Why not, the bride won't come any more.
Do you want a piece of cake?
Yes, I would like a piece.
Help yourself.
To .. to this very special memorable day.
To that it always continues somehow.
- What does that mean? One day we'll laugh about this? - That's not what I meant.
At least I've learned one insight.
At the end of the day you're all alone in this shitty world.
I know.
You wonder how this damned earth even continues to turn.
Nothing makes sense.
And you only feel this incredible pain inside you.
And one day the sun will shine again and the birds will twitter.
The pain becomes dull and .. a part of you, but ..
Gone is it never.
It's true, I know.
Did you ever love someone?
Someone you thought ..
.. he is the one that belongs to you?
Someone like that you can't look for.
.. he finds you and ..
..suddenly everything in life makes sense.
It's like ..
it simply feels complete ..
.. whole ..
Everything is suddenly somehow possible. Everything is open to you and ..
.. there is nothing that could stop you.
That is the most beautiful feeling there is.
Then it must be an even bigger shock to you that ..
.. Marlene completely out of the blue copped out.
There was ..
There was evidence ..
I simply ignored them, because I refused to believe it.
I am .. I ..
.. I am such a damned ..