2011 BMW 5-Series - iDrive Navigation System

Uploaded by UnboundLegend on 14.10.2011

Your 5-Series is equipped with BMW's iDrive system.
It consists of the contol display, the controller, and menu button.
It conveninlty groups together a large number of vehicle funtions in one place.
Never attempt to use the iDrive controls or make entires unless traffic and road conditions allow.
The iDrive display shows a series of menus that are accessed through the controller and menu buttons.
To select a meni item, turn the controller unti the item is highlighted and then press down.
You can also access the CD, multimedia, telephone, and navigation menus by using these buttons above the controller.
One push takes you directly to that menu.
The back button takes you to the previous menu.
The menu button takes you to the main menu.
The buttons are inclined to help determine which button you are touching.
The option button takes you to the options menu, where you can change screen settings such as turn the display off.
You can also choose the split screen option which displays additional information on the right side of the screen.
This information remains visible even if you switch to another menu.
To change what information is displayed on the right split screen, first move your controller to the right screen.
Select split screen content, and then make you selections from the list.
The options menu also lets you select options for the particular menu you are in.
For instance, if you are in the radio menu, press the option button, and you can turn HD radio reception on or off.
Menus and submenus are diaplayed on a series of sliding panels.
These arrows poiting left and right indicate that there are additional panels that can be displayed.
To move between panels, just move the controller.
When a menu is opened, it usually opens in the panel that was last selected. To display the first panel, either move the controller repeatedly to the left,
...or press the menu button twice.
To adjust settings, turn the controller until the settings is where you want it. Push the controller down to confirm.
For example, here is how to set the clock in your vehicle.
Press the menu button, and the main menu button is displayed. Turn the contoller until settings is highlighted.
Then push down to select it. Turn the controller to select Time/Date. Select time, and then turn the controller to set the hours.
Press down to confirm, then do the same with minutes.
At the top of the control display, there is a status display. The current time and entertainment source is shown here.
Mobile phone and traffic information can also be displayed.