Alejandro & Diego - Part 35

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They discovered a defect with the car Armando had driven?
Yes, that's right. We're opening an investigation.
How strange. Armando was a quiet man. He didn't have any enemies.
Here is a copy of his death certificate.
If the accident turns out to be intentional, then I assume you'd be looking for a killer.
"That's what you get for getting in my way, Armando."
Excuse me, dad.
Excuse me.
I'm here if you have any questions to ask.
Diego, this is terrible. I started thinking about my dad, alone in Mexico.
Something could happen to him and he could die. - There, there. Calm down.
How could this tragedy happen?
I don't know. It was a strange accident. My dad is inside talking to the police.
But no one really knows what actually happened.
Wow, this is definitely a small world!
Same place, same time.
You know who's there? That pregnant girl you saw at the clinic ...
Shut up! What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry ... you're all so sensitive. It's not my fault you're all so mysterious!
Who was she referring to?
Of course. You said Miranda was at that clinic.
Did I not say it. She's pregnant!
Aren't doctors and nurses supposed to have some sort of code and be discrete?
Why are you telling the world that my girlfriend is pregnant?
She didn't want an abortion, so I thought it wasn't a secret.
You said it in front of my boss and that is going to cause us problems.
Who else did you tell?
That girl who also was at the clinic, the one with a pony tail.
I understand.
I'm paying you to do two things.
First, so you forget my girlfriend is pregnant.
Second, I want to know why Nora was at the clinic?
Is she also pregnant?
She's not pregnant.
It's just that she and her mother are illegals.
You know, these people go to the clinic because immigrants have no papers.
You know how it is. - Yes.
What did that nurse tell you about Miranda?
I don't know what you're talking about, Mr JP.
You weren't talking to her?
What did she say about Miranda?
She simply told me about her pregancy, but I didn't ask.
You're illegal.
And your mother is too.
You want me to report you to Immigration?
How do you know?
That isn't important.
Mr JP, you don't need to threaten me.
That nurse told me about Miranda's pregnancy, but I didn't ask. - Listen carefully.
After all that's happened to Miranda ...
we don't want any gossip about her pregnancy.
I don't want her in the eye of the storm because it will directly affect my child. Understand?
You are the father?
Of course, who else? I'm her boyfriend.
Look ... you have two options.
You can respect my girlfriend and child with your silence, and we'll all be happy.
Otherwise, I'll have to speak with a relative of mine who's in the Immigration
to have you and your mother deported.
Do you understand?
My love.
I got your message. What happened?
I can't talk now, Diego.
Julia just walked by.
You too? That woman's crazy!
Look, when I was in Mr Madrazo's room no one knew I was there because I was in the restroom.
When I stepped out, I heard her talking to Mr Madrazo's dead body with a lot of anger.
Nora. Are you listening to me?
I don't care how crazy Julia is. It's not that.
JP found out that I'm an illegal.
And ... he threatened to report me.
But ... why did he?
Do you know something about him?
Diego, I don't know if I should take what JP said as a threat or just a warning.
What did he tell you?
I'll tell you ... but swear to me you won't tell anyone.
Fine. I swear. What do you know about him?
Miranda is pregnant.
I told you. I knew it! Didn't I tell you.
No, Diego! Be quiet for heaven's sake!
Can't you see I don't want this to blow up.
Mr JP told me not to say a single word.
Yeah, but whose baby is it? Mr JP or Mauricio?
Why were you talking about me?
And you've been staring at Miranda and I all day.
What's going on?
Mau, it's that ....
Since what happened to Miranda ... and she got arrested. We were talking about that.
Yeah, you know she was in jail because of that stuff with you, but ...
But don't worry. We were just curious. We're cool, right?
Curiosity? I just want to prevent rumors, please.
Let me clear something out.
Between Miranda and I, there was nothing now or ever.
Is that okay?
Diego! That was exactly what I was trying to avoid. It's all out now!
Well, tell me the rest.
The baby is Mauricio's?
No. Mr JP said that the baby is his.
I assume he is right because no man would claim another man's baby.
Can you imagine how scandalous it would be if Ms Miranda cheated on Mr JP
and the baby is her student's and not her boyfriend's.
Diego, you are such a gossiper!
Nora ... it's good to see you!
Tell me something ...
Would you like to marry a future doctor?
Yes ... but I know you're too young to think about marrying, but ...
I'm sure Diego will be a good catch when he graduates from medical school ...
Like me and like his grandfather.
Look, don't let a good catch get away.