Remember The Milk for iPhone 3.0

Uploaded by rememberthemilk on 14.05.2012

Hi, this is Andrew at Remember The Milk.
I'd like to tell you a little bit about the latest version of our iPhone app;
this is a significant update.
You'll see the changes as soon as you open the app.
For those of you familiar with our iPad app, you'll recognize the card stack for
interacting with your tasks and notes.
The first view you'll see is "This Week",
which allows you to see your week at a glance or to select a specific day
to see what's going on.
You can also scroll through the entire week.
The card stack allows you to swipe your way through your tasks and notes
with gestures
for a natural, fun way to manage your tasks.
And if you swipe along the top,
you can quickly go all the way back.
It's still just as easy to add a task --
in any list, tag, or location, you can tap on the "Add Task" bar at the top.
After typing your task's name, you can choose any other properties you wish to
add to your task.
By tapping on a task you can view its details.
Each detail will be listed under the task's name.
Under that you'll see any notes you have associated with the task.
At the top right, you'll see the task's actions: complete, postpone, and delete.
And tapping the "Edit" button
will allow you to edit any of the task's properties.
From the list, you can quickly complete or postpone a task:
just tap and hold on it
and you'll see the "Complete" button appear;
slide up to switch to the "Postpone" button.
Another update is the ability to edit multiple tasks.
Just as before, you can select multiple tasks by tapping the "Edit" button in a list.
However, now in addition to completing or postponing multiple tasks,
you can also edit their due date,
priority, list
or tags.
The rest of your favorite features remain:
Smart Lists, tags, locations,
push syncing,
and push notification reminders.
We hope you enjoy the updated app!
Thanks for watching.