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Pottery Barn Party Planner Hurricane Centerpiece and Party Favors
Hi, I'm Nico De Swert, floral designer and expert stylist at pottery barn.
One of my favorite objects at pottery barn right now is this double walled hurricane.
I love it because of its versatility. I'm using it to decorate a seaside-inspired feast.
And what we're doing is we have this vase-filler also from pottery barn. We're just filling the outer rim with the sand.
Just as we've done here, just pour it in.
Pretty much the whole bag can go into this vase like that.
And then we're going to add some of the sea shells - it's also vase-filler from Pottery Barn.
It's called the mixed white sea shells.
And we're just going to put that on top of the sand.
Just a few like that. Beautiful.
And then we're going to add water in the
cylinder in the middle.
And in this one we're going to
float a candle.
And the other one we're going to finish with flowers also
of course first some water.
And then for flowers we have these beautiful white Queen Anne's Lace,
and of course beautiful white daisies.
They're very inexpensive
and very easy to get.
And how we're going to this is first we're going to place the Queen Anne's Lace into the cylinder.
And then we're going to finish it up
with the white Gerber daisies.
For the last one always remember forty five-degree angle,
cutting it, and then placing it in the vase.
Well I think it's finished it's very simple and beautiful.
To finish off our seaside-inspired theme, I'm going to create a small version of this centerpiece into this mason jar
as a party favor.
I'm going to fill it up with
a little bit of water.
Add some vase filler to it,
in this case,
the seashells, just to hold the stems together, Placing the
Queen Anne's Lace into the vessel, just very airy and light like that.
Adding, too,
for every day daisy, again,
cutting at a forty five-degree angle, one
and then a second one, too,
it's very simple,
there you go. A finished table, and when the party's done your guests can take it home, just like that.
Hurricane Centerpiece Pottery Barn Double Walled Hurricane
Pottery Barn Vase Filler, Shells, and Sand
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Queen Anne's Lace
White Gerber Daisies
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