Folge 4138 .... Rebecca + Marlene

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Are these the designs for Marlene's wedding dress?
Looks like the big wedding dress casting is catching on. Anything worthwhile?
No idea. I've only just received the designs.
That's not really why I'm here. I wanted to ask you a small favour.
It's about your flat in the Upper East Side. It's vacant, right?
Yes. Why?
Can you imagine accepting me as your subtenant?
I want to go to New York with Marlene after the wedding.
Aha...for your honeymoon?
I can absolutely imagine staying a bit longer as well.
Morton Phelps is a very successful Broadway producer.
He saw Marlene here and almost engaged her right there and then.
Aha. And you think if Marlene goes to New York he'll immediately give her a part?
I'd arrange that in advance of course, as wedding present.
It was always her big dream to spend a season in Broadway.
A whole season?
It's no trouble for you, is it?
No, of course not.
That would be great for Marlene.
Well, this flat has become my second home, sort of...
I...have a lot of private stuff there
and if I want to go to New York again...
It was just a spontaneous idea. Give it some thought.
Maybe it would do you good too to create some distance.
You mean he wants to find out whether the thing between you and Marlene is really history.
Have you given him reason to be suspicious again?
No! We avoid each other the best we can. I haven't even designed her wedding dre--
There they are right now!
Turn Tristan down!
The bill please.
(Marlene) What was so important to discuss with Olli?
(Tristan) Lots. No Limits should soon be managed without us for some time.
(Christian) Hardly easy, hmm?
(Rebecca) Not easy at all.
Rebecca, look, I don't want to interfere, but...
Some distance will benefit you both.
Mhmm. Maybe.
Even if I wanted, I couldn't tell you anything right now.
Let's just say our travel arrangements aren't cut and dried yet.
[Cell phone beeps]
Although, I have just received a positive reply.
(Marlene) What...
Hands off!
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Have I missed something?
Yes, Rebecca just further advanced an essential step in my planning.
About what?
She will of course keep quiet about that.
I won't say anything. But Tristan came up with something very special for you.
Thanks to your help.
You're welcome.
You have to do without me for a few days.
I need to prepare things on-site.
And what does on-site mean again?
Ah, my memory!
Right, I've got to go. Maybe you can explain to her that waiting is worthwhile.
WITHOUT giving anything away. See you later.
I don't know what favour Tristan has asked of you
but I really hope he hasn't pressured you too much.
Everything's alright. Really.
I can also understand if you want to withdraw from all this wedding stuff.
It's really okay.
And about the wedding ceremony, please don't worry, even if Clarissa and Tanja create this whole media circus...
- Really...
Which of course doesn't mean I don't want to have you around. That was just--
I didn't think you don't. It's all good. I'm afraid I have to leave now.
So, see you around.
I wasn't expecting you here at all!
I've apparently come at an inconvenient time and it was probably a stupid idea anyway, but...
earlier I had the feeling you still feel uncomfortable in my presence.
Does it surprise you?
No, but I think it's a real shame if we couldn't be friends again
and therefore I thought we would try again with ..
With a girls' night in with ice cream and a DVD?
Apparently one of my...more stupid ideas.
I'de better...leave.
What kind of ice cream is that?
Walnut and caramel.
When you're already here...
[horror music]
[sigh] Hey that was spooky!
Ghost hour.
Yes, suits the movie.
The House of the Scary Mummy!
You know, I thought this time we watch a horror film.
The romantic comedy last time was perhaps...
A bit too inspiring.
Yeah, ahemm.
Don’t worry, I won't eat your ice cream.
That would be something completely new.
Well, now you don't need to crowd me either.
That was a joke.
Ah, yes. I know.
So let's watch the film then. The ice is already melting.
[woman screams]
[evil laughter]
[woman screaming]
What's up?
I've just had enough of this knockabout comedy.
You're right. The film's really gruesome.
I don't mean that.
And you know it too.
I mean us and this...this frantic friendship brouhaha.
But we ARE friends.
No! We're not JUST friends.
Not after what happened between us.
But we both agreed it was a one-off.
Maybe it was. For you. But we have to accept the consequences as well.
And...and...forget about this...this friendship thing.
I mean, whom are we trying to fool?
You're never going to be just a good friend to me.
And, since you'll be far away soon anyhow, we can end it right here and now.
Away? What do you mean by "away"?
That Tristan wants to go to New York with you.
While we play happy girls' night, he's on his way to turn my flat into your love nest.
For our honeymoon?
No, not just for your honeymoon.
For longer.
Who knows, maybe even for ever.
But for me it's NOT okay that Tristan and I, of all people, live in your flat.
That's YOUR second home, I'd always feel like an intruder and besides...
Besides what?
Besides everything there would remind me of you.
And that would be so horrible for you?
No, not at all. That would be...ahh...
That means absolutely nothing.
Please stop looking at me like that.
I'm marrying Tristan.
Leave me alone.
All right. I will leave you alone.
But only if you look into my eyes and tell me you feel nothing for me.
And don't give me this friendship nonsense.
Do you love me? Yes or no?
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