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bjbjD Email marketing Script If you can write and send an email you can do sophisticated
email marketing with Performance Desk. Click on the marketing icon to open the marketing
menu Here you will find tools to create your message, build your list from contacts in
Performance Desk, Schedule your campaign and view reports. In Performance Desk it s up
to you whether you want to create your email message first or start with the list of people
you want to send the mail to. For this demonstration let s begin with our list. Click on email
list management on the menu When the Manage contact lists window opens, click create new
list Name your list, and write a brief description of what the list content will be used for.
From the contact type drop down menu select what type of contact your mailing list will
be built from. For this mailing we re going to choose our sales contacts. If you want
to send this email to the entire sales contact list you re done. If you would like to filter
out particular types of contacts you can do that with these tools. For this list we re
going to only select sales contacts in California. From the contact fields we will select State.
Our filter will be to include the value of California. In the gray area you will see
a preview of the filtered list to double check that you re filter selections have given you
the list you want. When you re ready click done and you will see the new list added to
your contact lists.
Next we re going to build a message for our campaign. Click on create and manage email
messages. When the email content window opens, click on create new email Select an email
template, For this demonstration we re going to choose a newsletter template. Title your
email. Give it a subject line that will compel your recipients to open your mail. Choose
the name that you want to have the email come from, typically this will be your company
name but you may want to do something more personal. The from address is the address
your recipients will see as the sender of the email, and the reply to email can be the
same or something different if you have a specific address that you wish responses and
bounces to go to.
To edit a template simply click into the text area and replace it with your own content.
To replace a picture double click on it and browse to your new image.
When your email is ready, click save and it will be added to your list of existing emails.
If you want to create an email from scratch, click on the blank template. Click in the
content area and start typing.
If you want to personalize your email it s easy using a field.
You can either choose to type in the field for example [firstname] in brackets or you
can select them from the fields drop down to make sure you re typing exactly the field
name in your contact list. re going to personalize this email to the recipient s first name and
their city name.
If you want to include graphics in your email click the choose file button next to the words
add image Your images will appear at the bottom of your email. Click and drag them to the
position within your layout that you want them to appear in your sent email. You can
even resize them to customize your layout. Place a qualified web address next to offer
URL and any graphic in your email will take the recipient to that location on the web
when clicked. To set styles on your text highlight the text and choose the modification on the
tool bar here. If you wish, you can click on the code view and type html to further
customize your email. When you re happy with your email click save and it will be part
of your template list for broadcast emails or available anywhere in the program that
an email icon appears to send as a pre-designed email to your contact. Now that we have an
email and a list we can create a campaign. Click email campaign scheduling. When the email scheduling window opens click
create new schedule
When the create new campaign schedule window opens give your new campaign a title. Select
the date you want the campaign to broadcast on Select the time of day Choose the email
template you wish to use form the email message drop down menu Choose the filtered list from
the list drop down menu Write a brief description for later reference The current time will
be displayed here for your reference. Before sending the campaign, test it to an email
of your choice here by typing in the email address and clicking send. This is an excellent
way to preview how your email will look in various email readers such as Gmail, yahoo
or outlook. When you re ready click submit and your campaign is scheduled. If you wish
to make changes before its broadcast you can edit anything within the campaign. Once your campaign has been launched, open
the campaign again to watch the results. Click on the reports tab here to see real time reporting
on who has opened your email, who has clicked on an offer and who has asked to be unsubscribed
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