YouTube Marketing Trick: Add Text/Images to Your Videos

Uploaded by jameswedmore on 16.06.2012

Huh, Text on my screen!
Hey guys, James Wedmore here with and I keep getting ask to a question. Hey!
James how do you get that all cool text Images on that all videos? Oh hey will I'm
glad you ask because on this video I'm gonna give you the answer!.
So if you Wanna exclusive your videos with a little Fancy Text and Sexy Graphics here
is the video to show you exactly how, you ready? Outsources it, yup that's it just
have someone else do it’s ok? Cut that’s a wrap are we done guys?
No! Seriously the quickies and easiest way to make Fancy little videos with text and
images on them, is to simply Outsources it, head over
to site like and find a inexpensive video editor who Specializes in Adobe after
effects or Motion and can easily add the text and graphics for your
it's save's you time and they can probably do a better job than you can. But for you
do it your self’s first out there, I'm gonna show you some
Quick, Simple and Easy tricks that you can use to add a Fancy Graphics for all your future
Videos. To get started all you gonna need is a Camera,
your Editing Software, a solid colored backdrop, some basic lightning equipment and a mug coffee
to get you through the desk. First set up your backdrop and position your
light properly so, you like a super star. Next record your seen and say what you gonna
say but make sure? to leave enough room your shot to add your
text or your graphics. Transfer your footage to your computer and import it in your Editing
Software, I’m on the Mac, ScreenFlow simple fast and
only cost about a hundred of bucks. Once you have the footage edited and how you want it,
it's time to add some extra text and those graphics. Inside
ScreenFlow there option that simple text to any shot, you can adjust the font size the
color or you gonna have the border here's a tip, for great font
choices head over on choose from a million of cool fonts and if you have a
graphics you can use any images you already have but it must
be a transparent PNG image. If you’re not a graphics designer have no clue what a transparent
PNG images is that's ok. Head on over the
every one of their images are transparent PNG images which means they won’t have that
awkward wild background behind them, import the images Into your editing
software and placed it where you like. If you want image to move in another shot that's
easy too, in ScreenFlow you can create a video action
that allows you to move or resize the image as a video plays. Now this might be a little
tricky in first time around But play around with it until
you get it in just the way you like it. Well there you have it a simple and wonderful way
to add text and graphics to All of your future videos. If
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are only gonna get better and If you didn't find that video tutorial helpful
you can go hug yourself. What's I said hug; say ya'll gonna go hug yourself.