Easy nail art : nail polish & liner

Uploaded by cutenails on 12.10.2012

Hi girls! In today’s video, I will show you how to do this nail art.
Done with the Color Club nail polish and with liner brushes.
I hope that you will like this tutorial and that it will give you some ideas.
First I’ve applied two base coats : beige & pink.
You choose according to your taste of course. I use these to hide the nail imperfections.
And to unify the colors of the plaque.
Then I make a French dramatic manicure.
To make a French dramatic, I start by making a basic French manicure.
Click on the annotated video to learn how to make a French dramatic.
Now I use a thin brush to make the curve.
It is important to do this type of curve.
Then I apply another coat of nail polish.
Now I use the art club liner brush to make the design.
To make the design, I press slightly on the brush and I remove it slowly to obtain a very thin line.
Then I add some other lines.
Do it according to the length of your nail.
For instance, I have long nails. I can make long lines.
You can also do it on short nails.
Just have a look at my blog to see some short nails pictures.
Now I complete the design with a golden liner.
For the pink nail, I have used a silver liner, for the change.
So I make a golden line with the white lines.
Then I apply a rhinestone where all the lines meet.
Because it didn’t look so good so I fill the empty area with a rhinestone.
And then, I apply the final top coat.
I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video. You’ve notice that it's very easy to do.
See you soon! Don’t forget to visit my Facebook page or my blog.