Markeloff Summer Secrets - Episode 1, part 2 (with Eng subtitles)

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- Yegor, CS 1.6. is almost dead.
Will CS:GO replace it or will CS die out completely?
- CS is immortal. It's like DOTA 1.
People will play it no matter what.
It's like Starcraft 1.
But the problem is that there will be no tournaments
and no professional teams.
Nobody will pay his own money for it.
So professional gamers will either
play other games like Point Blank or CS:GO
if they get good money for it.
- What are you going to do?
- I have no desire to play any other game.
We have Na`Vi team. CS is over.
We had a discussion and one of the solutions
we found was to switch to another game.
It's a good idea on one hand like...
like doters... if they play HoN, they will
overcome any top team of the world.
Our doters gathered mix with some people
entered the game and became the top 1 of the world.
Both DOTA and CS bring you that you can't buy
or get to know in one day, one week or even one month.
I mean understanding, relations, teamplay.
We have a very good background as
we've been playing for many years together.
We can get used to the new game quickly
and our teamplay is a huge bonus.
But I'd like to add that I have no desire to do it.
- Really? So what will you do
if you quit from gaming?
- There are several options. I won't tell you
as I don't want to endanger the success.
If I decide to put it into life,
I'll work it over a little bit, to learn a bit.
I have such an option and my chances are high.
- So you go on with other field of work?
- Yes.
- Do you feel sorry to have put so much time into gaming?
- Not at all.
- What did gaming give to you except for emotions and new cities?
Maybe smith personal? A lot of people play...
- What did it give to me? It's easy. Taste of victory.
This feeling when you win the World Championship
or any big tournament, this feeling of victory,
of being the best is priceless.
It's worth of 8 years of my struggling.
- Do you feel this feeling in the real life?
You have the new ideas and new occupation.
- This sense of victory lasts for one moment.
You realize that you are a champion in one second.
In 5 min you smoke and you've already cooled down.
It's different feeling. Yes, you are glad
to realize that you're the champion, but it's not
the same as just the very moment after you’ve won.
I don't know how to transform this moment into work,
but I gained some communication skills.
I participated in the exhibitions, I was on business
in Dubai all alone. I've seen many people
and the way they live. It'll definitely
help me in any job I choose. I didn't waste my time.
- You are a professional in CS. Are there any
other occupations you can do easily?
- Did you work anywhere before? Loader? Plumber? Engineer?
- I can judge from my experience that
I'm good at organizing things.
My mom has been running model business for a long time.
She also conducts such events as Miss Dnepropetrovsk
and Missis Ukraine. I helped her many times.
One of my first experiences was long time ago.
It was before Na`Vi and professional CS.
Mom gave me a task to select models and call them.
- To look them over...
- Yes, I was just sitting and looking at them.
I was not selecting them.
Other people selected them.
Then I had to call designers and ask about their rider.
Mom let me doing all this stuff.
It took me 3 weeks. I went to office every day.
During the contest I was running with a radio set
and screaming "Hey girls, it's time for cat-walk!"
Everybody, even famous designers respected me,
even if I was just a small boy.
I was very pleased.
There were funny moments when I told
every model that it was her turn for cat-walk.
You know, not all the models were intelligent.
It was one of my first big salaries.
I hear very often that people in my age
have never tried to work.
- How old were you?
- I was in the 8th or 9th grade.
- You were lucky to hang out with models
in such a young age.
- It was a job. And I remember my first job.
I was 8 or 7 years old. I participated in
commercial shooting for petrol station and dry-cleaner.
It was shown on national TV. Some people
even recognized me. They still ask if that was really me.
So when I was 7 years I was paid $100. Feast of feasts!
- You are the most bright and emotional guy
among all the players I know.
- Would you like to connect your life with
- I'll never be a comedian.
- Actor?
- No. I performed on the stage. I was into dancing.
I attended acrobatics classes. It was in the 7th grade.
- I attended it for 4 years. Then they combined it
with dancing lessons. So I had to dance
as I loved somersets and all this acrobatics stuff.
I attended dancing for a year and then I quitted.
I still can't dance. Once I had
an experience on the stage. Here in Dnepropetrovsk.
Almost like TODES. I'm not afraid of the stage, but
I don't think I can be a good comedian.
- Judging by your photos in social networks,
you are quite a social boy. Do you like to hang out?
Dancing on bar a counter, maybe?
- I like hanging out. Spending time with my friends and parents
is what I adore. I've always done it and will do
as much as my health allows me.
I've never limited the amount of alcohol...
and I have no limits at all.
- Five black-haired and one blonde?
- Do you have time for hanging out?
- More then I need. If I have no practice
and championships, I'm free. I do nothing
except for CS. I can help mom or dad and that's all.
- Did you get acquainted with your best friends
in childhood or in adult life?
- There’s a friend from childhood,
but I haven't seen him for ages.
We have different interests.
I found my best friend due to gaming.
The majority of my friends are connected with CS.
I'm glad to have found all of them. They are so funny
and easygoing. There are also school friends.
They have no attitude to CS, but we are joined at the hip.
- Do you have time for private life?
Do you have any relationships? Or did you have?
- The last relationships were long time ago.
It was before Na`Vi. I was too serious about gaming.
I had no long relations.
- One-night stand?
- In the current situation
when there are less and less tournaments
I have more time. Earlier it was like this -
the tournament is over, one week of rest
and practice again. Many people can combine,
but I can't. Starix lives with his girlfriend and
other gyus have long-lasting relations. They can combine,
but I can't.
- Would you like to have relations?
- Yes, I would. Well, both yes and no.
- She'll disturb you
by walking naked here in this room.
It's a new mem.
Wait a sec.
- And if speaking seriously?
- Yes, I'd like to have relations.
- So I'm here for a reason.
- Failed the exam? It doesn't matter. Health is the main.
Here's my school. It's refectory.
I hope when we go to the dean's office,
there'll be no sign with my name will be crossed.