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day everybody his brentwood let producao matches here to do but boxing slash
review of the year masonic and or fire
solution he the boxes they came in the mail directly uh... so quick note if
your finance in this as a gift to somebody make sure you get a different
because it will clearly state what's in the box
to pretty much
we're going to open this
there it is
looks like we have here some documentation
so that i use it
i turn it on
product information
cut the special
can the candle fire
that and will stay until you hear
like just a usb
used three charger for the law
okay while i'm at it i also ordered the uh...
mar where
scandal fire
deliciously just came unglued
basic what's kind like the ipod case
from incase
feels really nice
smooth flight
throughout the candle fighter
must in turn it on
that we are home screen here
i was wrong close
yes i setup screens here Kindle Fire Review
fuck who'll test to detect a life up in the first things asking for is the wifi
password from my networks when they detect that and
not just with us at the time zone soon
starting on pacific time
so says the move latest scandal software being downloaded
once it's complete going to chemistry certifies
threatening and pause here and we'll come back when the system
taylor about ninety percent done and while i was awaiting uh... actually just
in email
canot subscriptions tell me about my substantially canteen maxim magazine
eventually signed up for the magazines i wanted to see how they magazines look on
the cable fire in full color
that's another candles restarting
terrifying update package
sore awaiting
they will look at the uh...
connections and everything here
bottoming out of the uh... micro usb port
headphone jack
that appears to be carbon
two speakers
sir data reverie feel to it with kendall
dent in that
amazon will do Kindle Fire Review
nothing on the sides
campbell has started
it is already has said it's up to the right time
pagano panetta
your ego
splits but we are welcome page talks pop navigation bar at the top
certainly will be able to get
everything we need a new stamp books music videos documents aps
school here
secured tutorial right now
need to go through all these
brandeis but this man has only said that it works directly out of the box
kidnapped installing software did not to do any other
sinking in a moment that so that is exactly true
uh... my downloads of three books including in dictionary it so it looks
like the other two rather
where the welcomed out of the uses gatwick candle fire this looks like a
sort that out to vote
little note from the c_e_o_ of amazon
everything went smoothly
worn runs really fast
got a couple of default apts here i am t_b_ face book polls amazon of course
screen show the internet here go to the web
scott amazon dot com
internet itself is not bad though browser
multi-touch zoom
goodall adobe dot com and set up the uh... foreskin of the lease
taxes the ah... one major complaint
of all have had in my phone uses the lack of flash
twin rotate this
watched studio
and yes i'm calling swelled flash player
so it was killed
right go back to the home solo went right up there
maximizing you know it was waiting to see that
you download the first issue
we'll come back when that's done Kindle Fire Review
i signed up for a fourteen day trial as magazine just cuz i when i was case to
see what a full color magazine looks like if you look in the candle star and
now this magazine is only available for the fire circles that's going to be full
color and most likely functional with the internet and
whatever special features and i want to add
so it's going to love that absolutely got
man actually start in the cupboard
when scrolling
ksl clip looks like you have all the same basic ad that you would find them
any maxim magazine
and that we have a table of contents
doesn't look like those are functional where you can click on them
jazz tap through it
make a full screen
zemin's you now
them down here we have uh...
the scroller serene go to any page in the magazine
that is the full magazine from cover to cover
with all ads in the images and everything page by page
i was a quick look at what magazines look like a mccann the fire
alright salutes revealed the operating system a little bit bristol's very
fluent moves very smoothly very quick
uh... almost to a fault
i've noticed a few times when i've tried to uh... open
and uh... booker something it actually wants to school to the next item so
that my just takes getting used to put it is very
very touching
even to try to land on one item
yet to go very slowly
but as you can see
super fast
i want to go to a really quick is the setting when you look at the side
but ops
bottom there's no
volume rocker like theirs on the icon personal sites which cycle of the u_s_
walking of the screen
which uh...
kind of a drag if you use that one yet that i'm a former outside on our cities
are things that i was looking for to get to the settings of that stuff you go out
too little gear icon at the top here Kindle Fire Review
signature that erica
and this brings up
the different settings that you can change so right now it's on volume so
you can take this and you can adjust the volume of course
uh... you can do the same the brightness
so that's the lowest brightness
you get that
uh... wifi
policy allows you to
connects different networks
and then there's a real democracy notation
they wanna accelerated onion when you drop down the settings here at the top
give your standard volume brightness wifi your sink option
manure more
more allows you to look at your help and feedback change account settings for
adjust the sound settings the display of security
publications daytime wireless network
candle keyboard rights on our our unlike the candle fire from what i've seen so
well strieber column as my pet killer i ste certainly don't believe it's my pet
killer but it's definitely competitor the person that would actually want to
buy something like this is someone who's looking for team leader
that has extra features like the what replications the color screen all the
apts you can get through the enjoyed store
and uh... where by that's
the fire has definitely where they go
however if you're looking
and i've had because you need three g service
well because you everything else you have as apple on you like the sinking of
ayala lasso device all that became the old is going to be the then issued for
that particular use sonam how do you like this device Kindle Fire Review