LUMINA Webisode 6: Windows (HD, Closed Captions, Web Series)

Uploaded by luminaseries on 01.09.2009

You've never talked to this guy in person?
You've only talked on the phone?
I know this is going to sound crazy,
but we talk through windows.
You mean online?
You met him in a chatroom!
Sort of.
OK, and he told you he was a prince...
Well, he didn't really tell me that...
I just heard someone call him "Your Highness"
so I guess I assumed...?
Lumina, alot of people lie about who they are,
especially online.
But in your case
are you sure it wasn't just an honest mistake?
Why didn't he just tell me that?
Maybe he tried.
Look, I know this whole thing with
Johnston getting married has been hard on you
He said that he didn't want to get married.
And what he really meant
is that he didn't want to marry me.
You can not let the bad experiences with one man
scare you from being honest with someone new.
Yeah you're right.
On that note, we're going to go out
we're going to have a drink
and we're going to party!
And we're going to find some of those men, okay?
Sounds good!
(knocks) Ryder?
(startled cry)
♪ "LUMINA Intro Theme" by Ben Robinson ♪
I understand that you're close with Lord de Ling.
If you could grant me a short audience?
Lord de Ling doesn't have time to deal
with people like you - amateur.
Believe me. He'll want to hear about this.
That's a legend. A fairy tale.
And fairy tales are clearly the province of children
and fanciful women. Like his foolish wife.
And you.
So you know what?
Do yourself a little favor.
Give up.
Just give up, you little, little amateur.
I wanted to tell you that before, that -
I am not a prince.
But you seemed to like the idea so much.
I just wanted you to like me.
So who are you really?
My name really is Ryder.
And your mirrorspy friend is right, I am a thief.
I have been apprenticed to Yuri the Thief Master for 3 years now.
He's like a father to me.
But why did that man call you "Your Highness" the first day we met?
I was on a mission for Yuri.
I was pretending to be the Prince.
But then I saw you.
I saw you in the mirror by the Prince's desk.
You captured me, Lumina.
I stole the mirror so I could be close to you.
I really want to believe you.
(rattling noises)
I'm sorry, Lumina. For everything.
What I feel for you is real.
Please, please believe that.
(rattling door noises get louder)
It's not polite to stare.
Apologies, Lady Han.
Apology accepted.
Now do you mind telling me
why you are lurking, uninvited, in my mirror?
I have a proposal for you.
It involves a certain legendary object.
An object thought to be lost to the people of Corwaith.
I am listening.
♪ "LoveSong Sing It" by Anton Wong ♪