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Hi my name is chucks and this is a Google document. I know this seems strange yet if
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But a bit of fair warning
Because I am going to share some secret information with you for FREE and because I may end up
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I donÕt know how much longer this video will be available
So before this video gets taken down and while itÕs still available for FREE, I recommend
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Now you may be tempted to think that you know all there is when it comes to holiday resorts,
yet I can guarantee that you have not seen or heard what I am going to reveal
Okay, so earlier I said this might be the most important video you watch and hereÕs
I have connected with top experts in the field and I have arranged for them to reveal everything
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Believe me there ARE things you should know, shocking tips and secrets that the vast majority
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Well our interviews are scheduled soon and I want to make sure I donÕt leave anything
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I want to hear what you really need to know right now about holiday resorts; Exactly what
challenges you are facing and what information would be most valuable to you
HereÕs the deal: Remember that Google document I was talking about? If you give me a few
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a special written report and a transcript of the interviews
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IÕll give you a FREE copy, no strings attached; itÕs my way of saying thanks for contributing
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IÕll bet you have never seen this stuff anywhere before; and because you are helping me out
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All I need to know is: what do you want to know most about holiday resorts; It could
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Many of the questions are simple and easy; ask me whatever question will help you the
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But a fair warning
I will only send the interviews, special report and transcripts to the first 100 people who
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