Dead or Alive 5 & Final Fantasy X HD Details - IGN Daily Fix 09.14.11

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Hey, guys! Naomi here with your Fix for Wednesday, September 14th.
Ok, Sony faithfuls, todayís your turn. Hereís what came out of TGS in Japan, late last night.
First and foremost, The PlayStation Vita has a release date in its home country. Japanese
gamers can pick up a Vita on December 17th of this year, so hopefully the rest of the
world wonít be left drooling for too much long. Although, I canít help but wonder how
many folks will import themÖhmm Anyways, the sexy handheld is also getting
some love from previously announced PS3 software. In addition to hitting the PS3, the Metal
Gear Solid HD Collection will also be coming to VitaÖ which is funny because the Vita
isnít HD. But whateveróitís also getting ports of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, and
likely even Ninja Gaiden: Sigma. According to a Famitsu scan, a Katamari Damacy
is also on the way, as is Dragonís Crown and many more. But thatís not all. A Final
Fantasy Ten HD remake and a Zone of the Enders Collection were both confirmed for Vita as
well as for PS3. As far as new games, Square Enix announced
an action-RPG called Lord of Apocalypse and something else called Army Corps of Hell.
We donít know what it is, but with a title like that you canít really go wrong. There
were some other Vita games announced yesterday like the new racer F1 2011, but by far the
biggest new game reveal was Dead or Alive 5.
The rhyming sequel is coming to Xbox 360 in addition to PlayStation 3 and is currently
in pre-alpha build. But what weíve seen so far already looks promising. Developer Team
Ninja said that strategically, thereís going to be a new emphasis on using the stage to
your advantage. For example, one fighter was shown being launched into the air by a bolt
of energy only to be hit by a flying car. Sounds good to us.
Thatís the main gist on TGS, but for all the details and even more announcements, be
sure to hit up our TGS index at the URL below. Thatís right here folksÖ.
And thatís your Fix foróOh wait! I almost forgot! The Minecraft 1.8 update is finally
ready for download today. So save Zelda for us wonítcha? And while youíre on your computer,
check out the new trailer for Max Payne 3. Donít bother googling it, just head over
to IGN to see it in HD. Arenít we sweet? And thatís REALLY your Fix for September
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