Baby Mama (5/11) Movie CLIP - Swallowing the Vitamin (2008) HD

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My job gives me access to the most nutritious,
chemical-free food in the world:
I don't want my kid born addicted to high-fructose corn syrup:
There is a thing calIed being too healthy: That's what kilIed Bruce Lee:
RealIy? Where did you read that? The Weekly World Dum-Dum?
AII right: This is your folic acid and this is your pre-natal vitamin:
You're serious about this?
I don't want my baby to have a pinhead:
I can't do it:
I got it: It's going:::
I can't swalIow it:
What is this?
It's horrible!
I need a::: No, I can't put it in your butt:
Angie, cats can do this: Come on:
It's in there: Just try:
Just relax:
CIose your eyes, open your mouth,
and do it! SwalIow it:
Take it: There you go! You did it:
Hey, I'm just Iike a Iot of you: