ATO Graduate Development Program testimonial - Steve Curran - Information technology graduate

Uploaded by AusTaxOffice on 17.12.2012

Well I chose the ATO after a recommendation through a colleague. I did a little bit of
research myself and found it was one of the top five grad programs out there and I was
hoping to get into a bit of a leadership role and I knew that the advancement that this
would give me was going to be more than what I'd get in the private sector.
The support that I received was kind of phenomenal. I wasn't expecting them to be ringing me up
and stepping me through every bit of the way but it was really good.
I had to relocate from Sydney so it made all the difference getting down here and since
then they have been quite good at keeping in contact and making sure that we're doing
our tasks and that we're happy.
The IT stream highlights that I've had have been working with the analytics department
and also with IT security. You get to see the ATO from a much different perspective
than what you would from the outside world. There's a lot that goes on to protecting the
public information and also improving the workflow to give back to the community
The training and development that I've received so far this year has seen me go through some
project management and risk management also some general skilling like presentation work
it all adds up to help me become an effective leader and that's what I've been aiming to